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Healthy Pizza Choices at Restaurants

Everyone loves pizza, but sometimes it's not the healthiest choice when you're going out to eat. Still, sometimes it's a good reward to treat yourself to. But if you don't want to undo all the hard work you have accomplished at the gym, try ordering these healthy pizza choices instead.

Thin crust cheese

By getting a thinner crust, you're saving more calories without compromising on flavor. Any pizza on thin crust is going to be a healthier option.

Spinach and broccoli

A pizza topped with these powerhouse vegetables delivers more than just good taste. It's also packed with plenty of vitamins and fiber. It will fill you up faster with the good stuff instead of dough. Make it even healthier by having it on the thin crust.

Whole wheat crust

Another option many restaurants present is whole wheat crust. This is a much healthier option than regular pizza dough. When you load it up with plenty of vegetables, it becomes an even better for you choice.

Lean meats

If you can't go without meat on your pizza, choose a pizza restaurant that offers leaner meat options. Canadian bacon, shrimp, and chicken breast are just some of the options you can explore for healthier protein toppings.