Bistro Japonais Furusato

2137 Rue de Bleury, Montréal
(514) 849-3438

Recent Reviews

Stéfanie Jolin

Very good place. The food was delicious and the service was great for our group of 8 people. Maybe not the best if you're vegetarian though.


Can't go wrong at this place. Always great and there fries are in my top 3. Waitress are on the ball and always pleasant. Place would need a little bit of an up-date on decor.

Pierre Marty

Very good Japanase food. Fish flown from Vancouver, Hawaii or Japan. Sushis and tempura executed as they should. No frills service and decor. I definitely will be back.

Elly Koopman

We ate the best sushi esterday in this restaurant. Looks not as a restaurant from the outside but inside is good and clean. And the sushi is so good.

Sam Todd

Very nice place to get together with your friends. The sushi and sashimi is one of the best in Montreal. I highly recommend people try their Tan-don with shrimp and Yaki-tori. Unagi don is also quite nice but usually you have to wait for 15-20 minutes since they need to grill it. You have to wait for the sashimi and sushi as well.

Philippe-Aubert Gauthier

Great food, simple and calm ambiance.

D. Green

Best authentic Japanese restaurant in Montreal!

kelsey deer

Such an amazing find! Don’t walk too fast or you’ll pass this hole in the wall. The food is delicious and the service is good. The place is very clean and cute.

Michael Schäffer

Outstanding food and service. I have never been disappointed. The simple and modest interior conveys a traditional authentic spirit of Japan.

Adron Nguyen

This is the real deal. Real Japanese sushi made by Japanese people. They are attentive to details and they never mess up my order. On top of that, I accidentally left my headphones the last time I came here. When I came back the following month, they recognized me and immediately gave it back to me. Not only is the food excellent, but they actually care and remember their customers.

YM Lee

This used to be my favourite place for maki, I used to prefer coming here over Jun I and Park. But their maki has changed since last year. Sometimes there would be too much rice, sometimes not enough sauce, or too much sauce on the other maki of the same ingredient. Seaweed is no longer roasted so nicely but rather too chewy and old. The rice seasoning no longer consistent. I'm sad that I must search for a good place to go for maki again...

Audran Guerard

By far my favorite sushi for lunch place. Affordable and great staff.

Arthe Mether

Very good Japanese restaurant. A little expensive but it's worth it

Tobias Paice

A hidden gem. Always great and fresh tasting sushi. I love to get the chefs sashimi and sushi plates to taste a variety of things. The place feels very homely and I've had wonderful service each time I've been.

Gabriel Beauséjour

Best sushi on the island! Staff is very pleasant and truly passionate. Been going weekly for 4 years and I never left disappointed! Strongly recommend.

kai tai so

Maki had loads of rice. Sushi/sashimi was decent. Price was a bit on the $$ side, but it is sushi. Service was not too good, not enough staff, it was pretty busy. Would I come again? Probably not. Quite impossible to find a good sushi place with a good price in Montreal. So sad.

Peter Huang

Been here for dinner. Tiny restaurant and so tables fills up quickly as most people booked a table in advance. Overall food quality was not good, especially for the price they charge. The quality of sushi is nothing like the authentic sushi one would find in Japan. Japanese sushi emphasize on the actual seafood, but the sushi served at this restaurant are extremely small portion and also a huge amount of rice is placed within sushi rolls. This restaurant will disappoint you if you are looking for authentic sushi experience. Ordered a supposedly shrimp roll, had a hard time locating the shrimp... (further investigation reveal it was extremely small and buried inside the huge amount of rice and eggs inside the roll - see red circle) Service was ok but food takes a while before arriving. Strongly suggest looking for other sushi restaurants for higher quality sushi.

Jenny Wong

I go there often. It is a little restaurant own by a Japanese family. The food is good and everything is fresh. The price, well expect to pay high due to its location but also the freshness. Some days, the service can be slow, it s since there's not a lot of chef. I believe only one Sushi chef and the second is a helper.

Amy Mailloux

A little hole in the wall, food is fine but sushis are too big, too much rice and nothing really original. Service is very slow and not very friendly

Huan-Wen Liu

The best Japanese food in Montreal, amazing sushi. Great customer service. Strongly recommend

Daniela Fiorentino

This is my favourite restaurant in Montreal! It's like travelling to authentic Japan. The chef is the best ever. Everything is so fresh and tasty. Everyone is so nice. It's like feeling home...

Martin A

Go for #1 or #3

Martin A

Make a reservation if you go for lunch

Rodrigo Degani

Nice sushi platter, for those who like fresh fish and a more traditional sushi!

Lo-Anne C

Absolutely amazing! Definitely authentic Japanese. A lot of Japanese patrons who enjoyed their meals. Our don and sushi were delicious. I've been told to try the sashimi.

Anita Yueming

Best japanese food. Honest & humble, fresh & delicious. Make sure to reserve!


Authentic Japanese bistro with reasonable price. Love this place anf their staff are great!

Chris A.

Really high quality fish. Some of the best sushi I've had in a long time.

Charles Koch

Although service is a little bit slow, the quality of the food more than makes up for it. When considering your order, note that the maki rolls are huge!

Annie Cote

Authentic Japanese food :)

Francois Hoang

Tried for the first time today and it was incredible! Very authentic and lovely staff, I truly think that's the best Sushi of Montreal. Enjoy the shot!

Jesús Dugarte

Best sashimi I've ever had! But the best of all was that when I told the waitress that I loved the meal, she was genuinely happy, and even celebrated it with the cook. Awesome!

Dane R.

Furusato is simple, well-done, authentic Japanese food (which is what my Japanese language school told me as well about this place). Don't expect any fancy presentation à la "Jun I" or other high end Japanese restaurants, but expect quality ingredients full of flavor, prepared expertly. The beef teriyaki, as pedestrian as it sounds, is superb - just the right balance between sweet and savory, full of beefy goodness, and perfectly cooked - Japanese comfort food really, and the teriyaki sauce is definitely not from a jar. The Japanese salad with seaweed and octopus is a great small dish to start with, and the Yuzu mixed with rice vinegar and soy sauce was a fantastic dressing I was even tempted to drink (thank god I had plenty of sake instead). The Yellowfin collar was perfectly cooked and something you won't find elsewhere. We also had eggplant in a nice tangy broth, and an array of some of the best sushi I've had in Montreal, included the tuna hand roll, and the melt in your mouth unagi and ikura. The service is efficient and very friendly, and this more than makes up for the slightly depressing, dilapidated interior. They should move the dish washing station away from the sushi bar, move the fridge to the kitchen, and have the sushi bar be more of a centerpiece. Still, other than Kazu (which reigns supreme), this is the best place for authentic Japanese I've found in Montreal. Itadakimasu - bon appetit!

Ali I

Service is extremely slow. Go there if you're not very hungry. The dishes are very tasty though. The atmosphere is very cozy, too.

Pamplemousse S.

our hotel was right around the block, and we wanted to go out for Japanese. Wow was this a surprise. We are huge sushi fans, and like our sashimi very much. The cut of the fish was superb, the quality superb, the food overall SUPERB! I know this is a bit of a shock to say, but this meal was one of the best sushi dinners we have ever had. It is right up there with some of the best of NYC. The building itself is hard to miss. At night, look for the eave that has a japanese flair to it. The restaurant itself is a bit nested in under a building. We were very lucky to be seated, because almost every table had a reserved sign on it. We got the last free table! So reservations are highly recommended. The atmosphere inside is a bistro style, so don't expect fancy decor or expedited service. The service was a bit slow, but for food of this caliber I'm willing to wait!!! We were extremely impressed. We wanted to go again before we left Montreal but didn't have time, but we're actually considering a second trip to Montreal so we can go again! (it was THAT good).

Margo Serebrianaya

Adore the place! Sushi is really tasty. This place is so cozy as well

Muriel IDE

Les aubergines sautées en entrée un délice qui va vous réconcilier avec le légume à la peau coriace.

Anja Rajao

Try the grilled whole squid!!

Sacha K.

My husband and I were visiting Montreal and looking for excellent sushi. We were drawn to the simplicity of Furusato, hoping for a satisfying meal of quality, "no-frills" sushi. The restaurant itself is cozy, well-lit and clean and the service is extremely friendly. However, we did wait nearly 1.5 hours from being seated to actually being served our sushi. The fish itself is good, but the rolls were made with a disproportionately thick rim of rice. This seems like a nice neighborhood fixture, but not necessarily a place you'd go out of your way to visit.

iamquitting 4sq

Best nabeyaki udon.