Bootlegger cocktail bar & cuisine

3481 St Laurent Blvd 2eme Etage, Montreal
(438) 383-2226

Recent Reviews

Larry C.

Pedro was our drinks guy, and he went out of his way to explain the mixology behind the Smoking Lisa cocktail, which we both enjoyed. Great place, 1 dollar oysters for Happy Hour and the food was good too

Jeanette M.

Lisa was a very good server, and the food was great!! This included special attention for gluten free requirements. Loved it and will be back

Emily G.

I give this place 5 stars for the cocktails, because they are DELICIOUS just as much as they are beautiful. I love how the cocktail section is categorized in the flavor profiles of the cocktails (like Herbal, Smoke, Sweet). It makes it much easier to choose a cocktail if you're someone like me who has no clue on certain ingredients and has no preference in the liquor used, but just wants to have a good time and likes something more sweet or fruity :D Also our server was SO nice!! he gave helpful recommendations with both drinks and food, and checked in on us often. He was very friendly too. I got the Flamingo No. 3, under the "Sweet" category, and it was so good. The vibes of Bootlegger is definitely one that puts you in a party mood. The dim lighting with the red lights and decor that adds to the theme of Bootlegging times is very fun. There are table lamps at each table too if you prefer to have more light. The food is just okay and for what it is, it's pricey, so I recommend coming here for the drinks, (whether it's a stop before or after dinner!) We tried the truffle bread, which was good but was only two pieces so we ate that up quickly. Definitely come here and try the cocktails! there's something for everyone!

Jackson S.

Overall a good experience. Great selection of cocktails with really interesting ideas. That said, the execution wasn't quite there compared to the descriptions. Enjoyable overall.

Phillip C.

This is a great place for someone looking for a unique, essay night out. There are so many unique spirits here. If you like spirits, especially whisky, this is your place.

L W.

I came here for my spring break and plus, I never been to Montreal. I tried the Donkey Kong drink since I'm a Mario Kart 8 gamer and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. One of the most infusion cocktails that I had. Service was okay and enjoyed the live band while enjoying my drink.

Joe J.

Amazing selection of drinks and cocktails, served with the wisdom that inspired the staff to go that extra mile to ensure that you are having a great time.

Jan W.

Figalicious was delicious! Took awhile for me to figure out which drink to try since there's so many options but the categories helped

hannah a.

Visiting from the USA. Vibe was immaculate. Food was great, drinks were incredible and service by the best of all time Tao!!!! What a charming guy.

Sun C.

Super chic place with awesome drinks. Antoine took very good care of us and even made our drinks! Would def come back and recommend.

Amit R.

My favorite cocktail bar in Montreal - hands down! Super cool speakeasy vibe...I felt like I was in a James Bond movie. Dimly lit, DJ was spinning some tunes...the vibe was perfect! After a short wait, our hostess got us a seat at the bar. IF you can sit at the bar, do it! Watching the bartenders make their drinks is very entertaining. Our bartender (I think his name is Arnold) was awesome to hang out with. He was engaging, very helpful and simply a master of his craft.The menu is very big...lots of options for whiskey flights as well as a TON of mixed drinks. The bartenders will also make you whatever you're in the mood for.I can't wait to go back!!

Paul V.

Wow! This place is the absolute dog's bollocks (that is irish for 'really, really good'). Decor is cool - kinda speak east with a chill and old fashioned fusion to it. I don't care if you like whiskey or not. Personally I'm not a huge fan. But if you are into unbelievably professionally constructed cocktails made right in front of you by the ultimate in mixologists, then this is a place for you. Forget about how amazing the drinks are (and they are!). It's the sheer skill of the mixology that will blow your mind. These guys are pros and very humble and shy about their skill it took a lot for them to pose for this pick for me. Come here with a friend of two or on your own as I did. Make sure you are seated at the bar and watch the show. It's phenomenal.

Kevin R.

I am visiting from New York and came across this bar by chance. I thought the drink and food menu seemed really intriguing so I went inside and OMG I am so glad that I did. This place is simply spectacular. The bartenders are so knowledgeable about drinks and just watching them create drinks and put their artistry on display was a pleasure. The DJ that they had spinning was also great, a lot of favorite songs from the 90s and early 2000s which made me really feel at home. You really can't go wrong with this place. I had an awesome time here!

Claudia Ibrahim

I would give this place 0 stars if i could Very rude! Mediocre , bad service We had a reservation for 2, and host was busy discussing tables with a party of 7 who didn’t have a reservation. We asked

Amber J.

This place is something special! We were able to make a reservation online which made everything so easy! I love a good cocktail and this place exceeded my expectations!!! I ordered a Wabee and a Gold crush both EXCELLENT! Being able to watch the drinks being made was so fun too! We also ordered nachos which were good and enough for the 2 of us. But stars of the show the drinks... I wish I could have tried one of each... delicious combinations so balanced!! Best cocktails of my life!!! Ambiance was neat as well they had a dj we will be back! These pictures don't do the drinks justice... again the combinations and how they taste

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