Bootlegger cocktail bar

3481 St Laurent Blvd 2eme Etage, Montreal
(438) 383-2226

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Soheui Park

Their kitchen never close and selections are whiskeys are very wide. Definitely coming back to try out all the selections they have!!

Philippe T.

This place is a freaking dream!Stepping in feels like you've gone back in time to the 1920s. The ambiance is cozy, dim lighting, moody atmosphere, and the drinks are epic.I personally go for the whiskey and am never dissapointed. They have a really solid list of whiskies from all over and offer a phenomenal flight of nicely paired whiskies for tasting.Friends have tried their drinks and have had only compliments to give. There is a particularly popular smokey one that makes everyone's heads turn when it is brought to a table.All in all, my favourite speakeasy type bar in Montreal... If not my favourite bar hands down

Brad Burns

The wife and I went there last night for a comedy show - one of the first real events we've been to since moving back to Montreal. We had a great night! The MC was really funny and even the door guy was cool. And our server, Cassania (spelling?) was super nice and awesome. (Tip your servers, people!) The décor and atmosphere of the place was exceptionally done and very comfortable. And of course I have to mention all of the comics which were super-funny and interactive! :D Loved them. For the two of us, including tickets and drinks, we had a great night for *under* $80. Definitely worth checking out - we'll be going back again for sure!

Carlos Denner

This is a very cool place, with a great and deserved reputation in the Montreal night life. However, it does not make any sense at all to have live music only on Sundays. To start at 21:00 on a Sunday is sort of interesting though, as I can put baby to bed and hit the road to a beautiful week to come ;)

Candja cristina

The place specializes in whiskey and absinthe. Great whiskey tasting menu

Jerome Simon

Stumbled on this spot on my last trip to Montreal. Amazing experience. The bartender's whiskey/scotch knowledge was top notch. Great show serving drinks and the selection was awe inspiring. Loved every minute.

Penghui Carrie Sun

What a cool fun bar! So many unique whiskeys. I am so glad we found it early and got in because man it was BUMPING later in the evening. Highly recommend.

Mizz Monsta

Fun cocktail bar and lounge. Whisky flights available too. Great music.


We came to Bootlegger on a Friday night. Walking in, all the staff were so amazing!! Big big shoutout to Ksenia. She was so awesome and so sweet all night! Christ and Jericho were also amazing! Christ made us some really good shots and drinks! Overall, very good vibes from everyone there, they were all so sweet and welcoming. We had such a fun night and will definitely be back!! ❤️❤️

Miranda Xiao

Foods and wines are excellent, taste of cocktails is unique, but the waiting time is super time, you need to be patient

Blaze McCullough

This is by far the best bar in Montreal!! Ksenia and Jericho are amazing as ever, oh and Christ made the best old fashioned ever

Angelica A

Unfortunately I have to give this place 1 star, simply because we weren't able to be seated at all despite having a reservation. 2 groups ahead of us decided to leave after waiting over half an hour. The host let us know that only tables of 2s were available and let couples in before groups who have been waiting and were willing to wait that long only because it's impossible to get a table anywhere else on short notice these days. Which is why took the time to make reservations at all! I had hoped they would consolidate all the tables of 2s, then they would have been able to accomodate a larger group.

Zhe Feng

Don't expect to obtain a seat at this place even if you reserved online prior. We had made a reservation for 10pm and it seemed like everybody else in the line we talked too did as well who all left in the end. The host who was working on Saturday told us that he had no idea how long it would take for us to get our table and was extremely rude by asking if we were not Quebecers (which by the way we've all been living here all our life). I'm not even sure why this question is relevant because busy restaurants in Montreal would typically hold your table for 2 hours and you would have to make space for the next table who reserved after. This is standard folks! If you don't give a table to people who reserved on time, then don't let people reserve at all!! I don't recommend this place at all!


This place was amazing. The ambience was sophisticated, perfect for Scotch tasting and a glass of wine for the lady. Have give a hats off to Tony. He went 110% with being a great source of knowledge with scotch related questions. Definitely going to recommend this place.


Bootlegger is one of my favorite bars! Between their whisky selection and the gorgeous decor, I never want to leave

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