Broue Pub Brouhaha

5860 Lorimier Ave, Montreal
(514) 271-7571

Recent Reviews

Stephen Smith

Great brews on tap. Neighborhood vibe. Good food.

Ugo Marceau

The food is great, the beer is obviously very good, and they have outdoor seating.

Marie-Helene Renaud

Good beers, ok food for snacking but not that good

Jill Rickey

Some of the best saisons anywhere!

Matt Carlson

Had a great time with a small group. Service was quick and of quality, despite it being packed. A great place to try new beers and grab a snack

Theory. Neutral

The staff was so friendly. The beer is obviously among the best in Montreal. Makes me wish I lived in MTL.

Simon Robillard

Super Staff, Super Bières!! Et Très Bonne Pizza!! Lâchez pas!! Bon 11e!!

Ramy Nasr

Nice. Friendly service. Delicious poutine. Always good to find a place where you can sit outside.

Jason Smithson

Loved this place. The staff were bilingual, the beer was great, the fries were fantastic!

Patrick Labrie

Had a birthday party, beer selection are great, their gose was perfectly sour. Try the poutines, delicious! Had a small one and it was perfect for a meal with a beer or 2 of course.

Jonathan Gauthier

Heteroclyte crowd. Among the best selection of beer on tap in town. Responsive service. Hard enough to reach for hipsters and tourist, yet still crowdy.


Pretty good, service was a little slow but it was Friday night

Arseni Kritchever

Excellent service, good beer selection, relaxed atmosphere. Wasn't super happy with what I ordered but everything else looked delicious. Reasonable prices.

Marc Andre Busque

Great place to discover craft beers. Exceptional staff and good pub food. Totally recommend it!

Matei Dan

Great bar. Very good variety craft beer and decent food. Our waitress was absolutely fantastic, top 5 waitresses I've ever had.

Sébastien Bergeron

Excellente sélection de bières, staff super sympathique et connaisseur, bouffe très abordable.

Jonathan Jacobs

Great selection of in house and collaboration beers. Friendly service, a lot of TVs to watch sports events and the brasserie is huge with a at least 2 more adjoining rooms as far as I could tell from my table. Has a bit of dive bar feel but that adds to the character more than anything else. It is a great place to meet friends for a micro brewed beer at reasonable prices!

Caroline Kwong

Great pub. The food is very good and reasonably priced. My friend and I shared the smoked ribs with side poutine and a Macaroni and cheese pizza. Highly recommended the Macaroni and cheese pizza. I don't drink beer but my friends all.enjoyef their beers.

Brent Crooks

Always great service and awesome choice of beers. Unfortunately the kitchen is lacking choices and variety! Otherwise a perfect place to relax and unwind with friends.

Alain Bergeron

Vraiment tout, les côtes levées, le effilochés, les poutines

Pierre Rogué

Tout est bon.

Sylvain P.

Nice microbrewerie With good choice of home made beers. My Poutine was excellent but service was just ok. Nice place to relax in Rosemond. Excellente microbrasserie avec un bon choix de bières maison, la Poutine était excellente et bien que service était moyen. Bon endroit à Rosemont pour relaxer.

Lauren C.

My friends and I came here because of how close it was to our Airbnb, but it is worth a trip no matter where you are staying! They have a wide selection of house brewed beers. They offer a "tasting size" (4 oz) so you can sample a few of them! My favorite was the Blanche Soleil, a witbier. The service was also excellent. When we asked if they had an English menu, the waiter told us they didn't, but then he proceeded to translate the entire menu for us!

Régis Lemire

Bel ambiance et bonne bière. Qu'est-ce que l'on veut de plus?

F G.

(VF plus bas) The selection and revolving-door craft beer varieties can be quite interesting: their brewmasters' creations and invited drafts would be the principal reason to visit. By itself, that would be a 5. The food is decent, albeit in keeping with certain pricing trends best described as "a wee bit expensive for what it is", a 3.5, served in a classic but rather dark, gloomy tavern setting. Sought out / loud come game time, However, be advised: unless a quasi neighbor regular, the owners and/or managers seem to deride slightly older people, be it BOOMERS or Gen X, and of course, while co-owners are millennials themselves, the older millennials may also begin to feel out of place. In such cases, best skip and spend your money elsewhere. That implies -2. Ever concerned with fairness and an objective stance, in contrast, the staff has, for the most part, always been pleasant and affable. The few outdoor seats in summertime are hardly worth mentioning. Not to offend, but the clientele is more of the bearded and tattooed variety, which had never previously been a concern nor a care. But hardly a hangout for the young aspiring professional. As a passing note, I wanted to compare the menus from the nearby Rosemont where the fare is (imho) better, more sophisticated, the terrasse real (in season), and the crowd less tattooed, but the Brouhaha website does not show prices. For a date, unless the lady has an affinity for beer, the Rosemont is likely a better choice, brighter, more comfortable, an extensive wine list, a good selection and (partial) rotation of brews, some craft or micro, some not, and attaching no stigma to generational gaps. _ _ La force du Brouhaha demeure sa sélection d'excellentes bières maison sans cesse renouvelée, ce qui serait un 5. On obtiendra sur demande un petit échantillon, ce qui est bien pcq 1/2L de qqc qu' on n' aime pas trop, c'est beaucoup. Pour échantillon, éviter de demander pendant un "rush" . La bouffe est correcte, mais comme c'est souvent le cas, on en mange pcq on est venu boire, et que changer d'endroit est ennuyeux. Pas mauvais pour une cuisine "Pub", mais relativement cher pour ce que c'est. Un 3.5. Le site, ancienne taverne, est un peu obscur, et particulièrement bruyant les soirs de parties du Canadien. Les 2-3 tables extérieures d'été constituent une terrasse peu digne du nom. Là ou un caveat sera utile pour certains, c'est l'apparente discrimination ou manque de tolérance envers les moins jeunes, faisant exception des quasi voisins qui y sont réguliers. Boomers et Gen X devraient aller dépenser leurs $$$ ailleurs. Du moins, c'est l'impression qui se dégage de la part d'un des co-proprios ou gérant. Les plus vieux Gén Y se trouveront possiblement aussi déplacés. Notons que le personnel, lui, a toujours semblé affable et sympathique. Que la majorité y soit tatouée ou barbue ne me dérange en rien. Mais l'endroit ne convient pas nécessairement aux jeunes professionnels. On trouvera à proximité des endroits plus adaptés au rdv galant sans ostracisme générationnel.


Mmmm la poutine :)

Corinne Paquette

Try their “Colonel Hathi's Poutine” for #LaPoutineWeek (v. 2017).

Pema J.

great pub food and beer selection. Smart staff with good service. Busy and lively but big enough to be able to get a table. Dark and noisy but laid back and comfortable got the pizza and fries, tried poutines and salad and all delicious. not the most healthy choices but you're probably not looking for that there. top marks

Stéphane Guillaud

Bonnes bières artisanales. La poutiflette est un incontournable

Mark P.

Came in a group of 5, unreal food, unreal service, bunch of local beers, had the poutinflette, it was phenomenal. Tried the porter iroquois, as recommended and it was a solid choice. Cant go wrong here. Great atmosphere, great beer, great music and great food. YOU GOTTA COME HERE

Vince S.

It's in a rather residential area but if you get off Rosemont metro station then there's a bus that'll take you right around the corner of this pub. Saison & Belgian ales dominates the menu but that's to be expected. The staffs are some of the nicest I've met. I can't speak French to save my life and the staffs speak minimal English but it worked out fine. I didn't have the food but a few servings of Quebecois saisons would suffice.

Meng Z.

They have an absolutely amazing poutine made with duck based gravy that is the reason behind me coming back again and again. The atmosphere is great, large room, small patio, more of a local crowd. Beers on rotation.

Jevin Ramjattan

amazing selection of beer!! awesome poutine!

Jean Philippe Bouchard

Great beer selection, each served at the right temperature! Go for a poutine, worth it.

Emeline V.

Now this is what I'm talking about, an actual neighborhood pub! Things are getting fancy left and right, and I'm pleased to say this place is really not. The staff is denim-clad, they yell at each other from across rooms, the name that appears on your receipt is puny. No pseudo English decor here, this place is dark, with both folding chairs and massive wood tables. The menu is hardy, and their beer selection immense. For extra charm, they project Habs games onto the side wall.

Jason H.

Friendly staff, great beer, quiet location. Have not had the food but it's a four star purely based on the beer, I highly recommend this place for fresh unique brews.

Audrey Pâquette

Tortillons et poutiflette!

Bruno Cruz

Very extense beer list!

Patrick Gagnon-Renaud

Nice place, awesome beer and great pub food!

Vanessa W.

Plenty of places to sit, lots of tables/ small bar. Waitress never offered a food menu and couldn't make an old fashioned even though it seemed the only available liquor was bourbon. Paid quick attention to my empty glass but overall an unfriendly vibe.