Flavors of Kerala

4961-D Queen Mary Rd, Montreal
(514) 731-5277

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Simen Reynolds von der Lippe

UberEats order.Absolutely amazing customer service! Absolutely amazing food! We had multiple allergies, and not only did they adapt, they even called up to make sure they got the allergies completely right, and we were aware of exactly what was in what.Cannot recommend this place enough!

Amal Devasia

The worst food I have ever tasted in my whole life,Instead of beef curry they served me onion curry with uncooked beef ??This is my reply for all your concernsWe requested to open a store in kingston before we ate your food. Now I regret for that.Coming to the parcel, we paid for it and its our absolute right to throw it in wastebasket or take it home. I respect food and is completely against my ethics to throw food just because it’s not tasty. Another thing, is this the way you respond to your customer?? Review is an opportunity for the customer to say their opinion, it’s not a place to show your arrogance. It’s always good to know the importance of hospitality and responsibilities of a business owner. And I know you won’t be dare enough to say the same if I was Canadian. Thank you for showing your real face.


Had one of the best porotta and beef curry in a long time !

Robert Abrams

I am not familiar with the different regional cuisines of India. At a very basic level, I find that Indian food, when good, is the best in the world. So many different flavors. So many different aromas. Does this place qualify as among the best food in the world? I think that would be a little presumptuous of me, but I can tell you that the food is excellent. Spicier than I am used to in Indian food in Montréal, but not burn away my mouth spicy. The spice melds so well with the other flavors.I picked up my food to go, because I live a fair distance from Montréal and there are no Indian restaurants in my area. So I had to reheat what I had picked up. Even reheated, the food was delicious. I can’t imagine what it would be like fresh from the kitchen.I highly recommend this place. I will certainly be returning, and I will try to learn a little about the differences between the Kerala cuisine, which apparently is their specialty, and other types of Indian cuisine. I will report back. In the meantime, I strongly suggest that you give this place a try.

Jerry M. Joseph

For South Indians (mainly keralites) of Montreal, this place must be heaven. We order Porotta, beef roast, Biryani, Kappa Biryani, desserts, snacks regularly (once a month, at least) from here and never disappointed. Once tried fish pollichathu which wasn't that up to the mark, but no hard feelings since the duck roast from the same day was excellent. Ambience is of a typical Indian restaurant with gaudy colors and familiar layout. Nothing fancy. But to be fair, we never had a meal in their dining room. Take out was always the option for us and it worked without any hitch. No delays or no order mix up. 10/10 overall satisfaction

Midhun S

Love the taste of kerala.. Especially Biriyani???

Vishnu Vijayan

Good place for trying out Kerala style food.Don't miss the thalaserri Biriyani. They have some nice snacks and drinks option too.


Our favourite Indian Restaurant in Montreal ?We won't hesitate to go all the way from Downtown to Snowdon just to enjoy their food. Our favourite are lamb biryani (kerala), butter chicken and chicken tandoori

Mathew fenil

It’s a great experience. The ambiance is very welcoming and charming. Amazing indian food and service. Staff are extremely knowledgeable and make great recommendations

Deepak Vishnu D

Yesterday, I visited this restaurant. I came here all the way from Boisbriand. Very clean restaurant. Food was tasty and for this reason I'm giving five star. But I've a couple of requests to the owner. Please reduce price of items and also the oil in chicken curry.

Arjun A Bhaskaran

We ordered food from the restaurant a couple of times.1. Taste is great!2.Quantity of food: very poor. Portion size should improve (at least give people the amount food that they pay for). Eg: beef fry, fish curry etc.3.We ordered fish curry and shrimp curry etc. So shocked to see the layer of oil on the top of each curry!!!4. Chicken biriyani is nice.5.To the owner, instead of just reading through the comments (see the same complaints in the past), try to rectify the issues. Good for the restaurant.

Anandhu Lal

A restaurant with untutored staffs and the amount of food was too less. We use to had take away from them, expected the same quantity. Got a little rice with two giant chicken pieces. Also, the pancakes (Appam) were too small and felt like they made those in the last winter.Newly Added : I would like to know what is the meaning of teamwork? We four came together and had food, got the same experience. We put the suggestions as review. Although, We didn’t complained about the food.


First experience for dine in went bad. Best suggestion to get more quantity in Chicken Biriyani is UBER✌?.Just went through the whole reviews and the main highlights are time lags and that's true. I expect the recurrence for the same.

Alwin Tom

Food was fine and tasty but, they only serve foods like appam and porotta in compo, and if you want have one more you are forced to order only compo. Pancake seemed really small and food are overpriced

paul sabu

Food is absolutely horrible as compared to other indian restaurants in montreal . Quantity is very very less when dining in , but fine for ordering in uber or doordash. Palappams are like little cupcakes also overpriced.

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