Le Sainte-Élisabeth

1412 Rue Sainte Élisabeth, Montréal
(514) 286-4302

Recent Reviews

Toshik Anand

Awesome dive bar!! Great staff. Too much fun!

Gerry Y

What great patio. Ivy growing two/three stories up the walls. Place was packed starting early in the afternoon.


Real pub feel with the hipsterish vibe going as well. Low key and divey. Cool place.

Paul Menard

The terrace is amazing. Prices are pretty good too.

Amanda V

Nice atmosphere, good music, good beer, a bit loud for chatting though

Remo De Francesch

Good vibe pub. Mostly younger crowd. Enough 40 and up interspersed with the clientele to feel welcoming to all. Excellent ambiance and employees are super friendly and service is quick. Courtyard is a strong selling point.

Zaphod thedog

Nice if you want a beer garden. but just a pub. younger crowd. wine selection had 4 choices. and the red was chilled. The beer was good.

Mat Barrot

Great terasse. I would give 5 stars but they don't fill their pints properly.

Kevin Hinse

La plus belle terrasse et le meilleur staff en ville

Mohammad Tari

Best chicks in town are inda this house.

Jasmine G

Drinks are watered down. Terrace is nice, but staff rush you out the door. Be warned!

Kimberly Paddyaker

Don't let the front fool you, there is an amazing deck in the back.

María Paulina Yépez

A beutiful terrase at the interior of the place. Nice music. Always crowdy so you have to wait or make a line.

Jean-Pierre Leduc

Great place, wonderful staff

Rock Star Today

One of my favourite Terrasse hot spots. The vines reach to the sky giving a very cool vibe for an evening out with friends.

Christina Ly

I recently went there (last time was in 2009 - there are just too many bars in Montreal) and again, I really liked the place ! Cozy. Spacious. The service was a bit slow and the menu not very extensive, but the impressive vine and atmosphere would make me want to go back again real soon !

Tatiana Pustovetova

Really nice patio out the back. Drinks are amazing and not too expensive as well. A must go when in Montreal.

Nicolas Pandelidis

Great place for a drink and friends. Carl the manager is great and servers are kind.

Theo Nh

They have weekday specials. Nice in summer when the terrace is open. They accept food from outside which is kinda rare.

Michael Fernandes

Awesome staff, Amazing Terrasse, one of the hidden gem pubs of Downtown Montreal!

Matt Carlson

Nice place, but our waiter, Kevin, spent more time adjusting the lights than serving tables.

Guy Madore

Awesome terrasse, great staff, typical pseudo Irish pub 😁😁

Mld Diaz

great place great people

Trang B.

Came here for the tall ivy wall in the patio, it was a mistake coming during the summer - tons of bugs everywhere. Decent selection of beer, service was poor.

Sean Teed

Great beer selection and great prices. We came for an appetizer and drink before heading dinner. You order from another restaurant and its delivered. Was it a fan or the food but the drinks and service were fantastic. Will come back again for beers.

Yasir Mustafa

Only negative thing one would say about the place is that they don't accept debit. It's 2019. come on! other than that, great price for beer and very good vibe as well.

Andrew Rohm

lots of different spaces to gather, even in the winter when the patio is closed.

Sue Ket

Great vibe. Real fire going in the fireplace. Great service. Cozy and comfy. Pretty good beer selection ... and friendly service. What more could you ask for?

James D. Croston

great place and good times

Eric C.

Grab a friend and soak up the beauty of this patio while enjoying a wide variety of tasty cocktails. The terrace is enclosed with tall walls that are covered with English Ivy providing a relaxing, serene backyard setting. A perfect location for day drinking!

Aline Ura

Good place and prices are ok ($6,50 for the pint) but the service should be better...

So L.

Blond waitress denied me water in the patio area. Told me it would cost me money and it would have to be bottled, yet all around people had glasses of water. She said she was being nice to some people. I need to switch between water and alcohol or it makes me sick. This is ridiculous and I've been here for years. Hmm maybe it's because I'm ethnic. Damn racist waitress. I should have made sure I puked my face off and let them deal with the mess.

Elaine K.

What a fantastic spot for a drink in the summer. We originally sat inside, which is your standard cozy Irish pub. Dark wood and tables kind of close together. We went upstairs and sat in a sort of solarium room for a bit until we noticed the patio empty out a bit. The patio is what makes this spot great. It's a magical spot squeezed inside four tall brick walls covered in vines. There's a big tree in the corner. Servers come out with amazing regularity and serve drinks on a cash and carry basis. The prices are pretty good, too, considering the location.

Sarah T.

Hidden gem in the heart of Place des Arts, with a wonderful terrasse that is always packed. With a good selection of drinks that are reasonably priced, its a great place to go chill after hanging out at some of the many festivals downtown.

Michel C.

A friend and I were there a few times for a drink. Because of the cool weather we sat inside and really enjoyed the atmosphere and decor. This time we met friend on a Friday for a 5 - 7. We were sitting on the patio. What a well guarded secret. The place was very crowded and as people left, more just kept coming in. Service was fair and I found the crowd to be fairly young. This is probably due to the proximity to UQAM (university).

Samir Nazir

cool terrace and they have beer flights!

Annie D.

What a hidden gem of a place. If I hadn't seen the pictures beforehand, I would have been even more taken aback when going into their beautiful terrace. You can't image such as place when you look at the front of the bar which basically looks like a hole in the wall. You are transported into another world with the most lush greenery cascading down tall walls. Aside from the spectacular surroundings, the beer was cheap. The service was great considering how crowded the place was. A must visit if you are in Montreal.

Daniel Roy

Great spot for a beer. The secret terrasse is a classic.

Nathan Wright

Relaxed little pub with a fun atmosphere. I stopped in here on my last night in Montreal. I enjoyed the outdoor terrace and beer selection. Tucked away and somewhat hidden, but worth finding.

Nathan W.

Relaxed little pub with a fun atmosphere. I stopped in here on my last night in Montreal. I enjoyed the outdoor terrace and beer selection. Tucked away and somewhat hidden, but worth finding.