Mon Petit Poulet

2343 Rosemont Blvd, Montreal
(514) 543-4828

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Antoine Régis

J'adore ce petit restaurant en plein coeur de mon quartier. Staff trÚs amical et attentioné, le club de sandwich est de loin le meilleur en ville, classique revisité trÚs réussi. Le poulet y est délicieux aussi, sauce trÚs unique aux saveurs du monde. Fortement recommandé pour une rage de poulet.

Mario Calitri

Super tasty poulet frit. Excellent coleslaw, friendly staff.

Michel Touzin

They have the best fried chicken I've ever tried! Seriously good food and the sauce is also really good. Everything is super tasty.


Fried chicken is one of my weakness. In a day off I decided to go in a bike ride across the city to better know it’s beauty and decided to stop by here for lunch. Arrived hungry and thirsty, couldn’t have arrived to a better place and in a better time! The welcoming was as warm and friendly as the temperature outside (full summer), the dining room was lovely and comfy and the air conditioning wasn’t too cold! All that was a great introduction of what was to follow, a beautifully presented, swiftly served and, lastly, deliiiiiiicious fried chicken and fries. Surpassed all my expectations and left with a full belly, rested for the led back and with a huge smile in my face. Will definitely go back.

Randy Em

Had a fried chicken craving and Mon Petit Poulet was the ticket. I ordered a fried chicken burger which was basically fried (boneless) chicken in a burger. SO AMAZING, YALL. Coleslaw was also super on-point. Quit going to PFK and go here instead. Staff is also very cool and helpful.

Martin Dubé

TrĂšs belle premiĂšre expĂ©rience! Le poulet frit est de loin le meilleur que j’ai mangĂ©! Super service Ă©galement! Bref, il y aura trĂšs certainement d’autres visites de notre part, et je recommande fortement ce restaurant!

Pier Inoni

Plus que déçu: poulet pas cuit, frites ignobles, vraiment pas acceptable.

Tina D'Ettorre

Great little spot, the food was incredible. Tje platter is a great choice if you wanna try everything. We were 6 people and it was perfect.

Zanna Raya

What a fantastic little place . Cozy , cute and most of all the food is Awesome. The staff is exceptional and friendly . Their fired chicken is simply the best I had so far .

Dahlia Attia

Everything about this place is amazing! As you walk in you’re greeted by a friendly staff and a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. The entire menu is delicious and please try all their home made sauces! It’s the perfect spot to hand out with friends over perfectly executed comfort food that won’t leave you feeling guilty!

Nore Viewz

Fried chicken is very good. Nice take on classics such as hot chicken sandwich to rejuvenate and make appealing again. Salad dressing had allspice which added nice flavor but seemed to taste a little off after first few bites.

Olivier Gdn

Quelle chance d'habiter à cÎté ! Outre le personnel toujours trÚs sympa, la bouffe est excellente, que ce soit le poulet frit ou le poulet rÎti, sans parler des desserts décadents ! Bref si vous ne connaissez pas déjà, courrez-y !

Maxime Paquet

A new place in Rosemont, that replaced a failing rotisserie.

1200 expert

Great experience and awesome food. Last time switched it up with a burger and corona. Popcorn chicken is a must. Next time im trying the club

Justine Slater Grenon

Le poulet est tendre et juteux. La sauce est trÚs bonne et goûteuse. Les frites sont bonnes. Le tout arrive chaud. La mousse choco-framboise est juste délicieuse et bien riche. Rapport qualité prix excellent. Les quantités sont bien généreuses. Le personnel est accueillant. Un resto que je recommande pour manger un bon poulet frit.

Donovan Ponce st-martin

As soon as I stepped in the restaurant, I was greeted with a smile and a wonderful odor of roasted chicken. At this very moment I knew I was at the good place for my Friday after work craving. The waitress came to me with what seems to be lupine bean coated with a very flavorful spice mix. The ambiance is relax and fit for either a date or a moment with your family, or even yourself I knew what I was coming to get, a burger and some fried chicken. The fried chicken as a very crispy skin which conquered my palate instantly. The burger was simply gorgeous and well balance. An overall wonderful experience.

Charles T. Deslauriers

Mon Petit Poulet is just the best Chicken Joint in Montreal. You have to try their Crispy Chicken. It will blow your mind. Try their healthy and unique salads as well. On top of all this David, Sue the chef and their crew are amazing and very welcoming people!

Layal Zok

We tried the fried chicken(excellent) and the chicken thigh (good). We enjoyed both. The atmosphere is very welcoming, the interior decor is very homey. The service was excellent. The beer too. Loved it. Will go again to try the burger and the chicken bun

Yevgen Zolotarov

The fried chicken is absolutely delicious. The roasted chicken breast is tender, juicy and flavourful. The service is a bit slow due to the popularity and people coming for take out all the time.

Léa Bernier Coffineau

Awesome spot! Une vraie merveille de poulet! Les marinades maison de Chef Sue et les desserts OMG! La rĂŽtisserie du futur je vous dis

Mon Petit Poulet

2343 Rosemont Blvd, Montreal, QC H2G 1T8