1220 St Catherine St E, Montreal
(514) 845-2014

Recent Reviews

Érik Desjardins

One of my favorite venues for metal shows. The floor is so old you feel it's going to crumble under your feet, but the sound is amazing. If you arrive early, you can usually rest your elbows on the stage and take it all in.

Giselle Celio-Bédard

Great room and concerts sound amazing

Carolynn Peace

great place we can drink while watching the show. Sound lighting effects are nice. I recommend this place for any show

Emile Chapdelaine

Went and watched Patrick watson. Good sound, light show was on point and beer was relatively cheap for this king of place (5,75$).

virginie martel

Went for One Ok Rock, this place is beautiful and we had a blast

Tristan Jackson

Coat check during my last vist was a mess. We were near the front of the line, and coat check still took so long that almost everyone was in by the time we reached the counter. Staff was snarky, and misplaced my bag, taking even longer to find it after the show. Seriously understaffed for a sold out show on a Friday in the middle of winter.

Alexia B.

Nice venue for a semi-intimate show. The floor is somewhat slanted on the ground level which makes it easier to see the performer when you're near the back. There's seating upstairs but not sure if they are wheelchair accessible. The restrooms are on the ground floor so no issue for accessibility. There's a bar outside the main concert area so you can take a break for a moment if need be. I'd tell everyone to try to see a performance here! It's somewhat vintage interior and various spaces with a good view of the stage make it an ideal place for an enjoyable experience!

Dave Baxter

One hell of a great venue. It's an old theater so the sound is absolutely outstanding. The crew is probably the best in Montreal as well, the guy running the PA was absolutely incredible and made the bands sound really good.

Dean Alves

A small venue make it an intimate encounter with your favorite Rockband.

Jean-François Proulx

Old place but classy. Sound was good too

Robert Turcotte

Again great concert venus, nothing much else to say.

Rob Harrison

Fun venue for live music.

Issan Z.

Very beautiful venue with regal woodwork and classic red seats. It's an older building, so the wooden floor is creaky and slightly bouncy, lights shine warmly onto golden balconies and a phantom of the opera is probably lurking somewhere underneath the boards. I was there earlier this month for Urban Groove's end of year dance show, which was a blast!! Music and bass were clear and loud, and although i was near the back of the room on the first floor, the show looked very good. Actually, I was shorter than the people seating in front of me, so I compensated by seating on the armrest of my seat ... Thanksfully nobody was behind me! There's a bar in the lobby of the building, where two tall, burly man served as bouncers. I didn't get anything to drink, but prices weren't cheap. It was 3.50$ of bottled water after all. Cool place! Not the biggest or most modern, but has lots of charm.

Hoang-Khai T

decent venue to enjoy a show. the balcony view is not the greatest if you don't get front row seats especially when they close the side seating. on the other hand, there's no bad viewing spots on the floor unless you're stuck behind really tall people. the good thing is the benches on both side of the floor where you can seat. pretty comfy benches. and if security doesn't harass you, you can actually stand up which gives you vintage viewing point.

Luc Chouinard

Belle salle de spectacle

Julie L

Salle de taille idéale. Bon point de vue sur la scène peu importe où on se trouve

Jay I.

Not a bad venue; plenty of standing room and adequate viewing angles. Beer was bit expensive IMO but would return

Risa D.

I love this room. I fall in love with spaces when they find the gentle magic to be both intimate and open, romantic and friendly, neighborly and exotic. The size of National is perfect for shows - standing room on the floor is maybe 400? When the balcony is open it probably doubles the capacity, but even with just 200 on the floor it doesn't feel empty at all, you just feel right, and lucky to be there watching Sloan (for example ;) in a room that always feels like it's full of old friends. The floor is slanted so every view is a good view, this is preferable (to me) over having steps in the middle of the floor to trip you up in the dark. The coat check is at the back of the main room, and the bar is in the lobby - both feel sort of oddly placed but not in a bad way. Drinks aren't crazy over priced and all the staff I've encountered have been super funny and nice. The sound is fairly good, and I think better for warmer, more acoustic shows. The building itself is stunning. Inaugurated in 1900 in the heart of St Catherine est it's a historic home for Quebecois theatre, comedy and music and still of of our very best rooms in a city with a fair number of heart breakers. Red, gold, and ornate in the old high way of spectacle love.

Divertissant Films & Television

Chaque semaine c'est ici Belle et Bum!

Stephanie Trudel

Great shows!

Wolfgang W

Hank the Motherfuckin' III !!!!

Isabelle Harvey

Hank III!

Ashley B.

Definitely my favorite venue in Montreal! The auditorium is pretty big and the sound quality has always been awesome. There's no bad spot at this venue, almost every place in the hall has a great view of the stage. I've yet to come here and be disappointed. The bartenders make really awesome, strong drinks at probably the best price I've seen at any show. Good bands + good drinks= (*^ -^*)

Augustin VazquezLevi

At a flamenco show

Philip G.

was here today... saw my friends in abandon all ships!