Sumi Dojo

3479 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal
(514) 507-7864

Recent Reviews

Raymond Wong

Always nice to go there with friends Food are delicious ? fresh sushi


Found my new spot for fresh sushi in Montréal ! Excellent selection of sushi with great service and perfect location!. Loved the lobster roll and caterpillar!

Duc Nguyen

I'd give them 3.5 stars if I could. The service is amazing, the atmosphere is really great (relaxing, jazz music, perfect lighting etc.) The food is neither great nor bad. The sashimi plate was fresh and delicious. Black Miso Cod wasn't as great as I had hoped but still very enjoyable. The tempura was too greasy and the sauce was more salty than delicate as it should be. However, the price was too high for the deliciousness and portion. At this price I expect either a good portion OR more yummy food.


Amazing food very fresh fish. Agreed with some people saying the table is sticky and washroom was not cleaned garbage was loaded with paper towels


This is one of my favorite spots in the city. Any time I bring someone who hasn't been here before instantly falls in love with it. This is also where I always order my sushi from for home. Has the best variety of sashimi and I always end up trying something new each time.

Marco Lenoir

I absolutely love the food, especially the raw sashimi platters! My favourite Japanese Izakaya in Montreal (and I've been to quite a few)


Expensive but really good! Nice staff also!


Although we saw some photo of fancy sushi or sashimi over the Facebook, we decided to order the hot meals this time. On the menu, there were many interesting items. However, we were told that a few items were not available. At the end, we had to order the more ordinary food (Tonkotsu Ramen, Bibimbap, Poke Bowl, Mussel, Chicken skin skewers). Most of them turned out to be ordinary and flawed. The sauce used on the chicken skin was tasty. But we preferred the texture more crispy. Instead it was lots of skin fat. The bibimbap came really late after some of us finished the ramen. They used raw beef in bibimbap. We wondered why took so long to prepare. We then used the heated stone bowl to "cook" the beef. We found out the thick sliced meat was too difficult to chew. The sauce used for marinated the fish in Poke bowl was also tasty but they put too much mayo on top of all ingredients (veggie, fish).

David Chen

Chill atmosphere, food is fresh and deliciously made.

Linh Hoang

Drinks are fun and tasty. My SO and I went here for our third anniversary and had the omakase. It was rich, delicious and tasty. My SO loved the wagu beef, I loved the uni.

Anne Truong

Love the food here. Friendly wait staff.

Jonah Presser

The sushi at this restaurant is to DIE FOR!! I went many years ago and they completely reinvented themselves since! The drinks that they offered were really good too. To add, they have food at all price points. I'm definitely going again!

Hugh Kha

Awesome rare dishes. I look forward to trying out more stuff when it's available. One of the few places you can get ikayaki.

Alicia Andrews

Really good and tasty food choices! They have proper distancing between tables

David-Antonio Ordonez-Belanger

"Of the 40+ sushi meals that I've found in Montréal, Izakaya Sumi Dojo ranks in the top 10 for takeout. Having had a variety of sushi, some friend, and "bean balls", this amateur was satisfied. I cant comment on price value but if it means reliving standout moments where my sushi rolls with rice dipped in rice vinegar and leaving me stunned, Id be willingly to do it again.Was lucky enough to meet various waiters and head staff and they all seemed super chill and willing to help me with all my questions!

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