Taiyo Centre-Ville/Downtown

1709 St Denis St, Montreal
(514) 759-6868

Recent Reviews


Best all you can eat sushi in the city by far! The presentation and the service was really well thought out. Prices are way better than August 8.


Amazing restaurant! Fast service and delicious food. Lots of sushi options as well as non sushi dishes like noodles, rice, meat on sticks and more!!

Stephane Tapp

Fresh food. Fast and gentle service. We where two without reservation, they found us some place it is really appreciated. Only downside is the tablet PC for ordering needs a better wash. Will definitely go eat all I can again !

Shanshan H.

I went there for lunch, food is ok for Sushi buffet, environment is clean, a lot of clients, music ...just waiting a long time for chicken wings , and finally I was full so I gave up to order it again , not too much choice for $17,99. Next time I will try for dinner


If you are looking for a good all you can eat sushi in Montreal, this one is for you.

Cataluna Lilith

Great all you can eat sushi. The rice is always perfect. There are also many generally Asian dishes available


Good food and service. Could improve their selection though. It was rather disappointing for a weekend evening. I like how their tablets don't lock after ordering haha

Henry Chau

Good food, but I found a little crab inside the mussel lol. Must be simply unlucky.. :( Deluxe food setup.

Morgan H.

I was craving sushi and Japanese food while in Montreal and decided to order from Taiyo. I had the tuna poke bowl which had cucumber, japanese pancake and avocado over a bed of sushi rice. The bowl also had a sweet, mayo-based sauce also coated the rice. The tuna, cucumber and avocado were very fresh and high quality. I did not care for the sauce and wish they had the option to remove or substitute this mayo based sauce for the more traditional soy-based ponzu. It was very overpowering and sweet; I was glad it did not cover the the fish and vegetables. The rice was soft and well cooked but unfortunately overpowered by the creamy dressing. Overall, the fish and vegetables in the bowl were tasty, high quality but the sauce was not very good. I think the price was on the higher side for poke bowls as well. I would try some of their other sushi though for the quality fish and cuts.

Fozail Ahmad

Good Sushi, Sashimi and Grill Items. Fresh food and service was prompt. The drinks you had to pay for but there mango drink was crazy good. Overall had a great time.

Jul Demers

Best sushi in the area for lunch. They have a smaller menu than similar places in the area, but the quality is so much better. The service is great and quick. It's my to go place for a good lunch


Pretty cheap for an all you can eat sushi restaurant. Sashimi is even available for lunch. Quality of the food is decent and presentation is amazing.

Emperor Solaris

Simply perfect!

Juna S.

I'm not sponsored and didn't receive money for this review. Food: fish for sushis and sashimis was very fresh. Warm dishes like garlic shrimp, cheese grilled mussels and tempuras were really good, well beyond all you can eat average. They also offer Japanese specialty snacks, like takoyaki, teriyaki chicken skewer, etc. Tempura shrimp was my fav, fresh shrimp coated with batter and fried to golden yellow, warm and crispy but not greasy, yumm! For dessert they had more than ice cream. Fried bananas topped with whipped cream and candy. It was creative and absolutely delicious. Red wine pickled pears were definitely a good compliment to the meat. We ordered cocktails too, it was ok, but it's not a cocktail bar right Moreover, the ambiance was warm and cozy, very suitable for friends get togethers. The food service was quick and all waiters were responsive. Highly recommend this place and will definitely go back!

Roy N.

Definitely an enjoyable AYCE sushi place. The price is very reasonable and they have a couple of things that you may not find elsewhere (like squid as sashimi) but they didn't have my favorite, which is Tuna sashimi or nigiri. I saw other reviews saying that the service was great, and while it wasn't bad per say, I did feel some pressure for eating too much after I ordered a second round. Generally a no-no when a place is supposed to be AYCE. That said, I do see myself coming back.

Jimmy D.

Excellent service. All you can eat menu via tablet at each table or with the help of a waiter. If you have allergies or sensitivities you can declare them while ordering because they are part of the order process. Food is very good. General Tao Chicken is more chicken than batter, which is great. Sushi is well made. The menu is varied and they have daily special items. Place was busy, so good turn over of food.

Noha G.

Checked out this AYCE sushi place a few days ago for dinner after seeing the good reviews and we were not disappointed! We showed up around 7:30 without reservations on a Friday night and despite the fact that it was packed, we were very quickly seated. We were told how to use the iPad to order and quickly got to work picking all the yummies we wanted to try. Service was quick, and the sushi was good. Was it super amazingly delicious? Not really, but it was fresh and tasty. That said, their strength definitely lies in their sushi/sashimi dishes rather than their cooked ones which we found fell very flat. Overall, a 3.5/5 but I rounded up because of their creative presentation of the dishes which we enjoyed.

Shanine Bueno

Best all you can eat sushi in Montreal!! Good food, clean and great service. Excellent service by Selina.

Adam Morrison

Best all you can eat sushi we have found so far. Presentation was above average. Service was fast and polite. Taste was better than your typical all you can eat place. All around fantastic meal and we will be back. Only complaint was the restroom was a closedlock stall so when they are busy it can take a while to go use since it's one person at a time.

Dawn L. Troupe

The buffet was good and priced right for all you can manage to eat. The service was polite and hands off and I was seated quite readily. It's a great place to go for Japanese food. My hot dishes were delicious salt and pepper shrimp, imperial roll, but I wasn't sure if their sushi rolls were pre-made or made to order, my order seemed colder than I'm used to having. Despite being cold it was delicious.


Tried a few sushi places on Saint Denis and so far this one if my favourite. $16.99 for lunch which isn't too expensive. Rolls were very good, the salmon tasted nice and fresh. The ice cream came prepared very sweetly with rice crispies and marshmallows on it too which was pretty cool. Would definitely come again! Oh, and you order on an iPad which is neat.

Gabriella P.

So happy I discovered this place. I've tried so many AYCE sushi places. This is the top ones. Like a lot of people said the dry ice is such a cool presentation. The service was friendly and fast. No complaints there. The inside is very cute/hispter. Don't get fooled by the outside. As for the food, it was amazing. Pretty much the same as Kanda and K2. Very good diversity of both sushi and food. Ordering from the ipad is really convenient. Lets you see pictures of every item. I would definitely go back.

Vivian W.

We walk into this restaurant for lunch after we arrived Montréal, then we got know it is all you can eat style for 16.99 $ for lunch. Ordered through iPad which is very convenient, and the food came with great presentation and also pretty fast. The waiter is also efficient and polite. We had a wonderful meal.

Anita C.

I had a great time here. The staff were all friendly and the restaurant was clean, inviting, and large enough to handle the busy streets of Montreal. We didn't have to wait for a table on a Sunday evening. The food here was delicious and the food came out quick. I also very much liked their presentation of their sashimi/sushi platter. The dry ice was a very special touch. Everything is ordered with a tablet which I find really convenient. A must try are the lamb and squid skewers. They were as good as what you would find at an Asian street food market. I also liked how the sushi rolls weren't 50% rice. There was just enough rice with mostly filling in their rolls, something I never see at an ayce restaurant. Water was plentiful as they give you a bottle for the table and regularly replace it once it's empty. I have to say it may be one of the best service I've had at an ayce sushi restaurant. Our empty dishes were often picked up as soon as they were done. The reason for the 4-star is because of their tablet program. Each time you put an order in, you have to pick what table number you are. I can imagine it could be easy to accidentally order food to the wrong table. The tablet also glitched on us and didn't ask for a table number so we didn't receive the batch of orders. We had to reorder everything again once we realized the order didn't go through after waiting 15-30 mins. This will definitely be a favourite stop for sushi anytime I visit Montreal.

Neil Rosenstech

This is hands down the best sushi place I've ever been to. They managed near perfection on each and every aspect I would consider for a restaurant review: the place is nice and warm, ordering has never been easier with the iPads, the service was unbelievably fast and accurate, the food was really good AND I've never seen more respectful staff in a restaurant before.

Vinh Nguyen

Quality sushi and tasty foods at the right price for a lunch all you can eat meal. Must try oil fish sashimi, hot sour soup. Staff is nice, they told us and the customer at the next table to order as much as we want. The food comes quickly. We don't feel any negative pressure like at some other all you can eat restaurants. We also spilled a glass of water all over the place and they immediately rushed over to help clean it up without even a tiny hesitation.

Katerina B.

Great place to come with friends if you're craving sushi. I especially like their digital iPad menus, your order goes to the kitchen directly. Their sushi variety may not be as big as other places, but the food is good. I'd say it's way better than your average all you can eat sushi. Their presentation is nice too so I definitely recommend.

Maria Abila

Our server was HILARIOUS. Im visiting the city and my friend said this was the best all you can eat sushi place in Montreal! I can see why! Food was delicious and overall great experience!

Aretha C.

Hm...reviews look amazing but I don't think I quite agree. I came on a sunday night and it took us a while to get seated, despite having a bunch of open tables. They explained how the ipad ordering system worked, but it was still a tad confusing. They have different menu specials for different days of the week, where sunday is categorized as a weekday. You might find yourself ordering a bunch of off-day items and realizing they'll never come because it's the wrong day. Anyways, the sashimi are the best items on the menu, they're decently fresh and beautifully plated. A little dish of dry ice really does the trick. Their selection of hot items are limited and quite mediocre. All the basic stuff is there but it's just not on par with other similar restaurants. Therefore, you'll end up ordering just sashimi and get tired of it quite quickly. Their sushi rolls are pretty good too, but are you really going to fill yourself up on rice at a AYCE sushi spot? Their desserts are good though, there's a wine soaked pear dessert that super wine forward and boozy. Conclusively, there's nothing I'm mad about but most AYCE sushi places in montreal are better.

Aisu K.

It was amazing ! Service was super fast, the food was delicious. The waiter took the time to explain us clearly how ordering work. Friendly employees. Would definitely come back!

Meggie Stainforth-Dubois

Went here for a late lunch and was just wowed! As far as all you can eat sushi for the price in town this is one of the best. Quick, polite service. Nice presentation. Fresh food. Good options on the lunch menu. Will be back again!

Natalie McCloskey

Good food for a fair price. And good pprtions: not too much, not too little. The staff are very friendly and attentive. Service is quick, you don't have to wait too long for food. Atmosphere is lively and pleasant.

Gmae Perez

The food is so good. Tasty and a must try eat all you can restaurant.

Daoyi L.

Definitely much better than average level of all u can eat sushi. sashimi is very fresh. Ice cream is excellent. Also high recommended is lamb kebab.

Shiyue X.

I have nothing bad to say about this place! - The decor was nice - Price was 20$/person - The food was very good. The sashimi wasn't the freshest I've ever had, but it was definitely fresh. - The service was good compared to the service you can usually expect at AYCE sushi places - The presentation was great. The dry ice added a little oomph! - Ordering on the iPad is always nice. It was a little confusing at time, since you have to click your table before submitting your order, but we figured it out. I wasn't able to see a list of what we had ordered and what we have already received. That would be a very nice addition. I can't wait to go back. I think I've found my new go-to sushi place!

Simon Bernard

excellent service excellente bouffe !!:)

Alicia Hovy

It's very hard to find a sushi restaurant in Montreal that combines cozy atmosphere, a sense of Japan and reallyyyyy good all you can eat sushi. Taiyo has it ALL! The staff is incredibly cool and kind :) Reasonably priced and great selection. Super green tea ice cream! Highly recommended!

Marcelle Lean

This place otherwise called Beijing dumpling is located in the Montreal Latin Quarter. It just opened. The Manger and waitresses are very nice. A lot of smiles and genuine will to please customers. In its large array of dumplings, my sister and I chose the shrimp with coriander dumplings and the beef with curry dumplings. They are tasty, fresh and delicious. The manager gave us 2 bowls of sweet and sour chicken soup that, also, was savour. The restaurant has a tiny patio that is worth sitting at when the weather is less steamy and hot. An excellent place for this specialty Chinese food located near Cineplex cinema.

Stefanie R.

We went there for sushi. It was very average. Even the edamame was under-seasoned. The ambience and service was good. Avoid the toilets late into the opening hours though. Seems no one is cleaning throughout the day. Not gonna go back. There are way too many other, and better options in Montreal for sushi.

Luis Alberto Velazquez Borjas

Cozy little spot in the middle of all the turmoil in the street. The sushi is very fresh, and the dishes come with attractive designs. In my opinion this place is cheap, however, I come from the US, and the american dollar is worth more. I am definitely making this place a regular stop every time I visit Montreal.