Taiyo Centre-Ville/Downtown

1709 St Denis St, Montreal
(514) 759-6868

Recent Reviews

Neil Rosenstech

This is hands down the best sushi place I've ever been to. They managed near perfection on each and every aspect I would consider for a restaurant review: the place is nice and warm, ordering has never been easier with the iPads, the service was unbelievably fast and accurate, the food was really good AND I've never seen more respectful staff in a restaurant before.

Vinh Nguyen

Quality sushi and tasty foods at the right price for a lunch all you can eat meal. Must try oil fish sashimi, hot sour soup. Staff is nice, they told us and the customer at the next table to order as much as we want. The food comes quickly. We don't feel any negative pressure like at some other all you can eat restaurants. We also spilled a glass of water all over the place and they immediately rushed over to help clean it up without even a tiny hesitation.

Maria Abila

Our server was HILARIOUS. Im visiting the city and my friend said this was the best all you can eat sushi place in Montreal! I can see why! Food was delicious and overall great experience!

Meggie Stainforth-Dubois

Went here for a late lunch and was just wowed! As far as all you can eat sushi for the price in town this is one of the best. Quick, polite service. Nice presentation. Fresh food. Good options on the lunch menu. Will be back again!

Natalie McCloskey

Good food for a fair price. And good pprtions: not too much, not too little. The staff are very friendly and attentive. Service is quick, you don't have to wait too long for food. Atmosphere is lively and pleasant.

Gmae Perez

The food is so good. Tasty and a must try eat all you can restaurant.

Simon Bernard

excellent service excellente bouffe !!:)

Alicia Hovy

It's very hard to find a sushi restaurant in Montreal that combines cozy atmosphere, a sense of Japan and reallyyyyy good all you can eat sushi. Taiyo has it ALL! The staff is incredibly cool and kind :) Reasonably priced and great selection. Super green tea ice cream! Highly recommended!

Marcelle Lean

This place otherwise called Beijing dumpling is located in the Montreal Latin Quarter. It just opened. The Manger and waitresses are very nice. A lot of smiles and genuine will to please customers. In its large array of dumplings, my sister and I chose the shrimp with coriander dumplings and the beef with curry dumplings. They are tasty, fresh and delicious. The manager gave us 2 bowls of sweet and sour chicken soup that, also, was savour. The restaurant has a tiny patio that is worth sitting at when the weather is less steamy and hot. An excellent place for this specialty Chinese food located near Cineplex cinema.

Luis Alberto Velazquez Borjas

Cozy little spot in the middle of all the turmoil in the street. The sushi is very fresh, and the dishes come with attractive designs. In my opinion this place is cheap, however, I come from the US, and the american dollar is worth more. I am definitely making this place a regular stop every time I visit Montreal.

François Frappier

Excellente cuisine! Les repas étaient délicieux et le service était courtois. Belle expérience!

Amélie Bergeron

Très bon repas. Belle ambiance. Bonne nourriture. J’y retourne sans hésiter !

M Akter T.

My new favourite sushi a volonte. The place is great and I love their presentation style. Cost is the same as all the other places but great taste and service. It's quaint and beautiful the food itself is great, the service is A class.

Meher Gara

Incredible all u can eat sushi, the place was crowded but yet the service is excellent. No flaws. And because we waited like 30mn the manager was kind and gave us 10% on the final bill. Food is really good, lot of choices. And the orders by tablets its a game changer. Great place worth every penny.

Jeff S.

For some reason, I thought I had heard good things about this place. With so many average sushi spots around town, it's nice when something stands out to set them apart (hopefully more good than bad). In this case I can only comment, or dare I say judge... from a quick takeout combo order, but seems was enough to get a 'good' feeling. The straight up 18 piece combo was even a perfect size for sharing. Every one for the three (California, Kamikaze and Salmon Hoso) rolls was fresh and on point. Nothing too flashy, just nice: non-fishy, non-slimy, non-smelly sushi. Ample ginger and wasabi were provided along with two sets of chopsticks and two individual soy sauces (great when one does not want wasabi added). The service was simple, polite and prompt. They also have a very cool hologram projector hanging over the sushi bar area, which was entertaining and very much out of a Blade Runner movie. The price was fair and enough napkins were provided (which helps if there is ever a minor or major soy spill). The dinning area seemed pleasant and not overly loud, so would be for a good date or group.


The best sushi à vonlonte in Montreal! Plz come here and enjoy your meal! And, I hate sushi st-Catherine :( And! Sushi st-denis!

Tommy S.

Taiyo Sushi is a chain of AYCE sushi restaurants. I read great reviews of Taiyo Sushi in Longueuil and decided to give this St-Denis branch a shot. We came on a Sunday evening and it was almost full. Sunday evenings are considered a weekday so the price was 25.99$. We were promptly greeted and seated. The location is spacious and casual, and also very familiar to me; I realized that I've been here before: the location used to be a Starbucks! Ordering is fairly straightforward: select whatever you want on an iPad and wait for the food to arrive. The waiters are friendly and pleasant. However, a few staff members seemed perpetually confused, walking around like a chicken with its head cut off, without knowing whether they were coming or going... As for the food, the presentation was excellent. After all, we do start eating with our eyes first. The sushi was not bad for an AYCE place. It certainly wasn't the worst I've had, but definitely not the most fresh. I also would have preferred less rice in my nigiri and my rolls. Pros: -high tech ordering (iPad) -extensive selection -pleasant ambiance -has sashimi -has red tuna nigiri (my litmus test for AYCE sushi) Cons: -lots of rice -a bit stingy with the fish -waiters are very friendly, but a few were not very professional and seemed confused about the orders Overall, it was a good eating experience. Adequate price and slightly above average AYCE sushi. I would return.