Cabral Gourmet Chicken Inc

585 Metacom Ave, Bristol
(401) 253-3913

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Outstanding variety of traditional portuguese-american staple comfort foods, deli-style.Food: 5/5

John Reed

Cabral’s chicken has great wings, dinners and a host of delicious sides. Their quahog stuffies are the best and all these items are reasonably priced. I often get their stuffies and serve with fresh lemon, cocktail sauce and sometimes hot sauce. Unbelievable! We love them. Tonight, my wife and I had fish and chips to go another awesome meal. If you are having a birthday party, graduation party or any event they will package everything up in tin foil pans, give you plenty of utensils, napkins and most generous sides. They will also help you plan the meal and coordinate a pick up time. All of their side dishes like macaroni, coleslaw, potatoes, to name a few are fresh, and always a diverse lineup to pick from. I would suggest ordering ahead of time as they get busy.

Ashley Morales

This place is awesome! Delicious items and super hospitable owner. The chicken soup and blade meat sandwich are a must!

J M.

Gotta know what to get from here.I dont buy chicken wings from almost anywhere, making em at home way cheaper and easy to get right. Baked not fried. Cabrals has better wings than most.What I miss is the old crust they had on the spinach & chorice pies. It changed and frankly they went up a buck a pie and cut back on filling.Underrated choice is the homemade meatballs & lasagna to go. Cheap for good homemade food.I do understand the times and inflation, Still a good place to stop on the way to Newport

Christian Collins

Amazing food and friendliest folks behind the counter - highly recommend!Food: 5/5

Jonathan Bott

Delicious homemade food. Call ahead for chicken orders though. I'm so thankful they were able to make my wing order happen even though they were running low and I didn't call ahead. This place is super popular locally.Food: 5/5

Chris Iooss

The best chicken hands down. I have to eat there as soon as i get to rhode Island. The wings are incredible and the price is perfect to feed my family

Rylee Spencer

If I could eat at one place in or around Bristol for the rest of my life, it’d be Cabral’s. That’s not an overstatement. I’ve tried just about everything on the menu and nothing falls short of perfection. I’m a connoisseur of few things, and they are fish and chips, rotisserie chicken, and chowder. I’ve stopped looking after eating here for a year. There is nothing better, I promise you.


Have been eating here forever. Chicken is great.

Bob S

I think that you would be hard-pressed to find a better rotisserie chicken. The wings are awesome! Big supermarkets can't touch the quality.

Austin K

Tried it for the first time after driving by so many times and I’m hooked!! This will definitely be a go-to stop in when I’m in the Bristol area, get the dinner box, great fresh food cooked right infront of you! A hidden gem of Rhode Island

Donna Gablinske

Everything is delicious and the staff is extremely supportive to customers. Highly recommend trying the variety. Our new Friday night take out.

Agalag M.

Yes, they have great chicken. The sides are also awesome, but I stopped going because of the owner's rudeness. If he knew you, he waited on you--if not, you're gonna wait. Paul actually gave my preordered wings to a pal, right in front of me, and then said they were sold out. They now have new owners, and I recently called for the price of wings. $9.99 per pound, and a pound is approximately six wings. I don't know about you, but I can easily eat 10-12 wings--that's $20 bucks for just wings. Guess I'll have to start a "Wing Fund" for whenever I crave Cabrals.

Joe Titus

Oh how good this is! I’d recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

Shawn Parent

Always a required stop when I'm in the area. Great food and friendly staff!

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