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255 Collyer St, North Providence
(469) 405-4847

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olivia andrusynyk

This is a ghost kitchen. For those of you who don’t know what that is, this business in particular is just Chili’s masquerading under a different business name. And the wings were garbage.


You all know when you season wings with Cajun seasoning the actual wing changes color, right? I just got the coldest, most unseasoned wings I've ever had in my life. This was abysmal at best. They were cold - not just sat outside, cold (which did happen because the driver didn't ring the bell or call me) - cold as if they were yesterday's leftovers. The dusting that it did have looked like it happened by accident. That's how unflavored this chicken was. To be honest I feel like this was intentional that's how nasty this chicken was. I will literally let you keep my money if you let me show you how to season food. It's that, or refund me for that god-awful plate of old bird.

Joan Rim Botts

Terrible experience. Wings had NO sauce. And our dry rub order was drowning in sauce. Fries were gross and inedible. Total waste of $30.

Jason Hignite

Food was good, but I did not get my entire order thar I paid for and they would not answer the phone when I called. Not ordering again.


We ordered 4 margaritas, they were served in beer mugs. We asked the waitress, she was nice. said that's how this margarita was served. ????, I asked to speak with the supervisor, she said the same thing. I pointed out that the presentation on the menu was in a margarita glass, she said she couldn't give us one. I explained I was with my mother and sisters meeting for the first time if she could make an exception. she said no. I pointed out again that the presentation is in a margarita glass. didn't budge her. she said she only had 6 glasses and had to served at the bar. we were willing to go to the bar buy it again and bring it to the table, she said that can't be done. there was no one at the bar. 6 people weren't going to walk in and ask for this margarita!! This put a sour note on our visit. If your not a people person you can not do this type of job. I flew a long way to see my family , we wanted to toast with margaritas. That was not possible. Will not recommend and my family will not return. I put 2 dots because the waitress was not as fault. The Supervisor thought she was a police person or bouncer.

jimmy costa

Been ordering from here all the time an every time I order something is either wrong or my food is disgusting or the didn't put enough Cajun or chicken in my meal

Jason Barnhardt

I've had them before and it was good. Last time, and especially this time I ordered food and there was almost 0 sauce on the wings. highly disappointing. Guess it's time to find a new wing place

Ian Tolosky

Ordered wings from here through Doordash. Ordered 22 boneless wings (two orders of 11) and 9 smoked wings. The boneless came with 8 wings per order. Like what? The volume of sauce is laughable that's put on anything. This is the last time I'm ordering from here.

Kyle Henley Burns

The worst wings I have ever had.. old and obviously reheated.. soggy.. total waste of money and it’s a ghost kitchen

Kathy Dukes

Absolutely disgusting wings! Will never order again.

J Kane

I rarely post reviews but this was important I feel. I ordered the 22 wing combo, one Lemmon pepper and one apple barbecue, and a sprite. I got a bunch of plain wings no sauce, zero rub and a Mountain Dew. I also was given 3 cups of ranch that were broken and the ranch was all over my fries…. I hate ranch. The order was wrong, and I couldn’t eat it. I am very very disappointed in this experience. I don’t recommend.

Alicia Long

Wings were just “okay”. They were meaty but also fatty and super dry. Charged extra dollar for 2 blue cheese that we didn’t even receive. And they split our 16 piece order into 2 separate containers and split the fries between the two containers with the 8 wings instead of putting the wings in one container and fries in the other container. In turn, the little bit of sauce on the wings ended up saturated into the fries. Won’t order wings from here again, will go elsewhere next time.

Racheal Avery

The food was good not great but good I ordered thru Uber eats my food was a little cold but I don’t blame the restaurant and my drink was open Uber refunded me for that issue the food it’s self could have used a little bit more care but I will definitely give them another chance to improve their review from me

Aidan Lavigne

Both me and my girlfriend got food poisoning from this place not even an hour after eating both me and her don't feel good and I just threw the entire contents of my stomach feel great now tho

James Martin

This is a Chili's. Not a wing shop, as advertised. I don't know how the Chili's is as I did not eat here. But 1 star because false advertisement.

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