City Line Pub

590 Pawtucket Ave, Pawtucket
(401) 475-3722

Recent Reviews


Owner paid off city council to allow it to be a gang hangout

Shadrick Simms

Very small water down drinks will never recommend to anyone

Eric Champange

Awesome place with Awesome people that go in there love that bar the owner is the best

Rupert Klondike

Definitely one of the best bars I’ve been to. I would recommend everyone to check this place out!

Christopher Desrosiers

Great quite place to have a few cold brews.

Steven Terry

Great place to go have a beer watch the game everybody should go there check it out you won't be sorry

Stephie Bandz

The owner uses low grade booze in top shelf bottles! Very dirty, boring, not a welcoming environment to enjoy spirits or good times :(

Randall pelletier

I have been going there for a few months and I found the staff and people to be really friendly . I have heard that the karaoke on Thursday night is good but I haven't had a chance to see it . I would give it a try if you like a nice local bar .

Eugene Santos

Wonderful Music

Ted LeBlond

My friend held a fund raiser there last night for a very good cause. Many invites were sent you. Including but not limited to Facebook posts. This was a non alcoholic, gay friendly event. But when the owner learned of this (only after people began showing up and the DJs were setting up the event was canceled!!

Jon Richardson

Empty ....... But would be a good spot to rent for a birthday party or some type of reception.

Airiel Monteiro

Wish I could give 0 stars. BEWARE STAY AWAY!!! The guy who owns the bar needs to sell it and retire because he has absolutely no people skills. I'm not sure if it was because he was drinking that night or it's his regular personality but I rented out the hall for a 30th Birthday party and was beyond disappointed with his behavior. First my mother in law was yelled at when she tried to cut up a salad for the party. (After he told me we were allowed to bring food we just had to buy all drinks from the bar)So then I tried to store the food from the salad I wasn't able to prepare in the refrigerator and he screamed at me an asked me if I would go in someones house and go in their fridge. I stated no but usually when you rent a hall and they have a refrigerator, you are granted access to it for storage if you need. He verbally abused me and my children as I later found out he had yelled profanity at them numerous times throughout the night. He over charged for all the drinks that night (only drinks there were for kids were cranberry or apple juice and it was $1 for a for a tiny plastic cup with 2 sips of juice in it) then we ened the night with him yelling profanity at me after we finished cleaning up after the party and him keeping my sternos, cheese platter, cookie and brownie platter and who knows what else. NEVER PLAN A PARTY HERE!! infact NEVER GO HERE!!! there is a reason it is an empty bar

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