Aleppo Sweets

107 Ives St, Providence
(401) 533-9019

Recent Reviews

Justin K.

Just ordered from here tonight and the food was absolutely delicious. I had lamb kebab, kibbeh and Fatayer Za'atar. All great. Order online and brought outside placed on table for me to pick up. I like that they texted me when my food was ready which was earlier than estimated. I will say the prices are a little higher than I would like for takeout. I ended up spending $30 incl their suggested 10% tip and finished almost everything for dinner. The kubbeh on the menu from 1 yr ago were like $8-9. Today it was 13.99 online and shows photo of 7 pieces. I only received 6. I could spend $10 on killer burrito at Talluah's down the street and $30 here and feel just as full. I think everything but kabobs are little overpriced but I will be back for sure, like next week before I leave PVD.

Andrew F.

We ordered Fatayer cheese, falafel pita wrap, labneh, and baklava online for takeout. It was available right on time and everything was delicious! I won't go into detail for everything but the falafel was crispy and crunchy outside yet soft inside. What stood out was the great spice and herb blend. Is there mint in here? Delicious. The baklava is some of the best I've ever had. The pistachio was so flavorful, yet delicate. I loved how this was less sweet that what you'd expect from a baklava. All in all, we will definitely be back! Aleppo Sweets has an amazing story and really delicious food. Looking forward to the day we return.

Jennifer B.

Finally tried their take out/curbside pickup this week. I've heard wonderful things about this establishment and all of them were true. This part of the review hopefully won't matter in the near future, but curbside pickup was a total breeze. Call when you get there. Table outside. Food ready on time. I'm no stranger to Syrian food and we don't have as many options here as where I grew up. I would say this is the best, most authentic food I've had since living here for 18 years. I'm vegan and Aleppo has so many delicious options. The online menu is clearly marked for all diets. I ordered lentil soup, tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, falafel wraps, and baklava. The soup (even in the take out container) was garnished so perfectly with spices and herbs. The tabbouleh wasn't watery. It was perfect. The baba might be the best I've ever had. Don't tell my grandmother. The wraps had a tiny bit of fresh mint which brightened up the whole sandwich. The baklava was the four piece and each was different. So very good and prepared perfectly. I cannot wait to eat in-house one day soon, but will happily support this restaurant weekly via takeout.

Julie H.

Favorite place to eat in all of Providence, best chicken shwarma in the whole world.

Nikki D.

This place is like a home away from home. I have never felt more welcome in a restaurant than I have here. Their food is amazing and the atmosphere makes it that much better. When I'm here I never want to leave. Every time we have friends in town this is the first place we take them and they always want to come back for more! I'm so thankful they are doing no contact pick up so I can have a little piece of their home in mine! I cannot say enough good things about Aleppo Sweets.

Andrew M.

Ok what a cool place to come and check out! I had NO idea that this restaurant served food other than desserts so that's why I hadn't checked this place out sooner. Arguably the best hummus I've ever had in providence, as well as baklava... I love supporting cool local businesses like this... this Syrian family is so sweet- pun intended

Jasmine Jalinous

Great atmosphere and vibe and loveee their mint black tea and generally the food is really yummy. The service can be a bit moody and it feels strange that you have to grab your own forks and knives and napkins and it is sometimes hard to find seats. However I do really love the place. I also wish the baklava had more honey or syrup, slightly too dry for my taste even though their ingredients are really yummy.

Bob W.

What a great addition to the Providence dining scene! We way overordered but that allowed me to try the hummus, babaganoush, flatbreads, skewers, baklava, and Turkish coffee. Particular favorites were the smoky babaganoush and chocolate baklava, but everything was excellent!

Hagop James Antranigian

It had an authentic feel of Syria.

Nouf A.

This is what I can call HOME!! After 4 years on the hunt of a good middle eastern food ALEPPO came my way!! It surpassed all of my expectations or anything I tried. The amount of authenticity and love in the food is incredible. The list can go long but I will highlight my favorites here which is the Shish Tawook, babaghanoj, falafel, labneh, kibbeh, fatayer and the PERFECT grape leaves. Along with the good food one other thing I enjoy at Aleppo is the decoration that amazes me every single time I visit, the creativity of putting the modernism of presentation with Syrian heritage is just amazing!

Jim McConville

Food was pretty good. I would go back for that rice dish. The place is small and tables are tough to get. So make a Plan B to order your meal to go.

Xiao Z.

This is a really fun date spot with fantastic ambiance, wonderful flavoring, and expedited service. Just be prepared for a long wait if you come during rush hours. Must get: baba ghanoush, hummus, stuffed grape leaves (def), lamb fataye, kibbeh, Meh: kefta kabob, chicken shawarma Missed out: the sweets As far as food goes, this place did hit the spot, although my favorites were definitely the grape leaves, kibbeh, and the mezze. I have never been a big fan of grape leaves, but when it was served warm, fresh, and doused with an aromatic glaze that soured my tongue and warmed my soul, you know it was good. The fataye were a culinary experience that is common place around the world (i.e. meat on bread), but it was worth trying. The shawarma was a bit of a disappointed, as it tasted more like a chicken panini. Overall, the quantity of food was certainly above average, and the experience was pleasant and engaging. I would recommend checking it out on your next outing. Food: 4 stars Price: 4 stars Ambiance: 4 stars Service: 3 stars

Shah A.

Simply put....WOW! Stopped by here with the wifey and ordered quite a bit of stuff. The chicken shwarma was amazing and the lamb kabab was the melt in your mouth type. Not a fan of the Turkish chai. Tasted like green mountain coffee to me but then again I'm no Connaisseur of teas and coffee. Definitely order bakhlava when you are over there. It is amazing. Not a fan of the chocolate one but the other options were really good.

James C.

What a beautiful little spot on the East Side! The space is inviting, cozy and relaxing for a solo lunch or with a small group of friends. The Middle Eastern vibe and decor is beautiful and definitely promotes a feeling of relaxation while being there. I tried the falafel wrap with tahini sauce on the side. Based on my friend's reaction to the spicy version, I am glad I got the non-spicy wrap. The seasoning was great in the falafel! The pickles (my personal favorite) were slightly sweet and delicious with the tahini sauce. I also got an assortment of baklava to go. The pistachio version was recommended over the walnut version by the host. Hands down- one of the best pieces of baklava I have had! The quick service style of this eatery works well for the space. You order from the counter, take a number and the food is brought to your table. Lunch time fills up fast for seating! I look forward to coming here soon and trying the Turkish coffee and getting several small plates to share versus the individual wrap.

Najat Kessler

Beautiful place, stylish modern with authentic Syrian touches, everything is so tastefully done from dishes to furniture and lighting. Delicious sweets and savory delights, excellent service, and reasonable prices. Well deserved FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY AROUND. ???????

Natalya Krishchuk

Fresh baklava 5/5

Emily Thaler

We recommend the lamb kabob, the spicy pepper and lamb, falafel, but most of all, the chocolate baklava! Wonderful atmosphere.

Caitlin P.

Such a great addition to the Providence community -- it's really cozy and is filled with Moroccan-style lighting, hanging plants, cushions, and traditional teaware. I think the best way to go is to get a lot of small plates to share as well as a small or large tea pot. For food recommendations, I'd get the Lamb Kebob, Labneh, and Chicken Shwarma. The Ginger Cardamom Mint tea was also perfect for a cold day! For dessert, the Classic Pistachio Baklava was really good, but the Birds Nest one was too sweet for me.

Deborah Beecher

Baklava Lovers, trying Aleppo Sweet's baklava is a MUST DO


The baklava is out of this world, try it.

Norah Andrews Gharala

I tried the foule, ginger mint iced tea, and baklava. Try the sweets with whole nuts as well. It was very pleasant for a single diner. Not noisy and clean, even when rather busy.

Sapna B.

A very cute family owned cafe! Great service and very nice decor. LOVED the chocolate baklava, probably the best I have ever had. I did not try the coffee but my friend was a fan! Sadly I am not from ProvIdence, but I will definitely come back here next time I visit.

Rob L.

Come for the best baklava on Earth, stay for the savories like fatayer and mezze. This place is absolutely AMAZING! We're fans of Middle Eastern food, and we LOVE Aleppo Sweets! It may be best known for having an incredible variety of the best baklava you'll ever taste in your life, but the savory dishes are just as delicious! It's not just for dessert (though it could be). It starts with delicious mezze. Fabulous baba ghanoush, rich hummus, and home-made stuffed grape leaves. Combined with lavash bread, these alone could be a nice meal. The fatayer (open, boat-shaped breads with fillings) are fun and mouth-watering. Our favorite is one with lamb and pepper, but the savory cheese is right behind. The cheese is salty, mixed with herbs, and very satisfying. The lamb is mildly spiced, enough to make it interesting without overpowering. The stuffed dates are nothing short of epic. On a recent visit, the first time we tried the stuffed dates we looked at each other and both realized we had to get another order (plus one to take home). The dates are soft, moist, and succulent, seem to be lightly soaked in honey, filled with crushed pistachio nuts, and dusted with cardamom. We've never had any dates remotely like these. The setting is casual, small, homey, and very comfortable. You feel like you've stepped into an inviting home somewhere in Syria. It's busy and there are lines even at off hours, and it's totally worth it and understandable once you take the first bite. The baklava deserve all the raves they get. They truly are the best we've ever had, anywhere (especially the whole roasted stuffed pistachio - amazing!!!). Aleppo Sweets is one of the great gems of Providence. It's a destination worth traveling for.

Delanie Honda

The food was delicious and reasonably priced. I will have to come back with a group so we can try a variety of their small plates. As other reviewers have mentioned, the decor and atmosphere is wonderful and so welcoming. I wish I lived in Providence so I could visit more often

Joe K.

Great food and great hospitality And their tea!!! Best tea I've ever had for sure! For all the middle eastern food fans that's the place to regrets ;)

Beth H.

This restaurant is warm and inviting. When you arrive, approach the counter and grab a menu. You really can't go wrong here-but I definitely recommend the hummus and falafel. Don't forget to order some ginger tea! Place your order and grab a seat. You're expected to clear your own place when you're finished. The service can sometimes be a bit slow, but the employees are all really nice.

Siddarth Sadashiv

I had one of the best dining experience at this place, decor being my favorite factor. Food is authentic, delicious and reasonable priced. Pastries are a must try too. My girlfriend and I loved this place and I'm pretty sure we will be visiting again soon. The host is super friendly and humble too. This restaurant is nominate\won for the award 'The Best of RI'.

Noelle G

The baklava was some of the best I've ever had! The food is outstanding and the decor is so beautiful and cozy. Perfect place to relax with a book and enjoy coffee and dessert!

John White

Baklava was the best I've tasted. Shared a 5 pound tray with our best friends and they also loved the treats. A great story about the owner and Bakery.

Dezeree H.

This place is awesome! Great interior, great food, and good drinks. The cheese bread reminds me of Georgian khachapuri. I would go back to this place just for the cheese bread. Can't get this anywhere else in Rhode Island.

Karen D

Everything I tried on the menu was tasty, fresh and well prepared. The sweets were fantastic - mouth watering and authentic. The hummus were falafel amazing. The environment is cozy and the staff were friendly and helpful.

Anonymous Unknown

The sweets are divine. The savouries are tasty but very small. The Decor is very comfortable. I was finally able to get in and get a table. I went a few times and the line is too long. They make it so comfortable that sometimes people are there with their computers and they don't leave, making it challenging for new people to be seated.

Kristen K.

My first visit here was fabulous! We feasted on a little bit of everything that sounded good though had to keep it light due to dinner plans. Can't wait to go back! First time having warm grape leaves which was a delight along with the warm hummus with the most delicious olive oil on top! Oh and the tabbouleh!!! Amazing!! Tough to get a table when it's busy but well worth the wait! Let's keep this place open!!! See you there!

Robert K. Chin

Best baklava on the east coast that's well balanced between sweetness and flavor, and delicately flaky and crispy. The savory items are good, I wish the lamb meat in the lamb and pepper fatayer had a bit more fattiness to it. Beautifully decorated space located in fox point, an area becoming a foodie destination.

Maddy G.

Fantastic food, fast service, nice atmosphere. The only thing that could improve my experience here would be more seating! I went around 12:30pm on a Wednesday and it was PACKED, so I took my food to go. I came here for Vegan Restaurant Week and got the Aleppo Pepper Fatayer (kinda like naan with toppings), vegan "lady finger" baklava, and cardamom iced tea. This was my first fatayer but it will definitely not be my last - it was incredibly delicious! I am very picky about baklava so I was pleasantly surprised that the vegan baklava was very good, I didn't miss the animal products (i.e. butter). The tea was unlike any I've had before, the cardamom gives it a refreshing bite. I will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu!

Steve A.

Aleppo sweets is mainly Aleppo dinners. And the whole thing is just a unique experience. You order at the counter, sit down, and food comes to you. But don't forget to get your own glass of water and utensils. And you have to put it all away afterwards. Semi-service. Counterbalancing that, there is a nice array of comfy seating and tables large and small, so as long as you're not there at a peak time, you can choose the spot that's right for you. No one is policing your meal, and you're free to lounge for awhile before maybe ordering something else. The atmosphere is vaguely hipster, accentuated by the beards of the owners. (Hey, I know, they're cultural. I'm not blaming them at all. Like hipsters never culturally appropriate anything.) Anyway, on to the food. Also unique. Pro tip: Syrian bread is NOT the fluffy bread that you'll see people ordering. You probably will want to get one of those (the breads with various toppings is a whole menu section). The Syrian bread with your food is strips of softish flat bread that they brought out to me in a plastic bag, so I have my doubts as to when it was made or if it was even made there. That's the worst of it. That, and they were out of chicken kebab! The only food was the one I ordered! I bet it's great. The lamb kebab was good but a little light on the flavor, almost as if they're trying to cater to American tastes. The lebneh was outstanding, the foule unique and... well, definitely not to American tastes. I enjoyed that. Weirdest part of this review? The sweets - aka the baklava - didn't seem to be anything special. A couple of them had chocolate. I don't associate baklava with chocolate. They were not dripping in honey, not tinged with rosewater, just resolutely average. Final note: Buyer be warned. Food looks reasonably priced, but that's because it's all sold individually. If you get the lamb kebab, it comes with a little bit of green (cilantro?) and a couple of pickle spears. That's it. Want a real veggie? Any other side? Order it. Price will quickly go up as you assemble a meal. This would be a 3-3.5 star review, except I am considering location. There are very few great restaurants in Providence, especially ethnic restaurants. And I do like many of their dishes here, so as I find myself reminiscing about the foule, I think I have to round up to a solid "maybe again".

Dan L.

My first visit was 5 stars my second visit is one star! Went there around 2 pm Saturday and it was packed, ordered few dishes that were ok but I ordered for the first time the fava beans dish and it was so liquid I had to get a spoon to scoop it, it is not supposed t be so liquid it should have the same texture as hummus and bab ganoosh. Left the place and I had bad Dhria. Tables were filthy and splashed with hummus. Great to make money and be successful but if you lose control of hygiene and good attention to details the place will go down in a second.

Aditi Gupta

Aleppo sweets is honestly one of my favorite places in all of Providence! Delicious food, beautiful traditional decor, and very sweet staff. Highly recommend! Also the baklava is incredible!

Sherif Ghobrial

Excellent food and reasonable prices. The chicken shawarma was fantastic and filling! Gets busy, but there's a great reason for that.

Chitra S.

This place was an amazing surprise! Food is delicious and the ambience is great!! Thank you to Akshay Sahani for taking me to this place :)