Apsara Palace Restaurant

783 Hope St, Providence
(401) 831-4722

Recent Reviews

Dennise D

I haven’t been here in years. That’s about to change! The shrimp nimchow was fresh and light. Loved the mint in it, delicate and delicious. The peanut sauce was perfect. I had the shrimp lemongrass so so good! My bf had the shrimp lemongrass with jalapeños and added broccoli/ it had a totally different taste- ginger, it was also very good. My son had chicken fried rice- yummy and garlic wings which he gave a thumbs up to. The price for these dishes were great (under $10, the broccoli added a couple extra bucks). The food all looked, smelled and was DELICIOUS! I have a friend who says she comes here all the time, now I know why. The place was also busy for dinner on a Tuesday- lots of people in and out for take out.

Richard D.

Unsure what happened here. New chef? Food isnt good like it used to be. Its almost bland.

Jamie J.

Normally everything is delicious...but this time the Pad Thai was dry, flavorless, and pink. Pink! Threw away after picking out shrimp.

David Foxe

A sixth star for value. My family and I have driven over an hour for this many times and are never disappointed. And the interior has improved over the years too.

christopher benny

This is one of my favorite restaurants in RI. They have spectacular food, low prices, very large portions, and amazing staff. Highly recommend.

Rebecca Bugara

Excellent food. Had the chicken wings and Udon soup. It was delicious ??.

Fernando Garcia

The food was very good. We had as much variety as our hearts desired and it was all note worthy and in some cases outstanding.. it was a very hot day in the 90s and not a window,fan, or ac avalable. But what really hurt our experience was the waiting staff. Slow, no sense of service and just apathetic. They really need to up thier service on the floor staff!

Brigida C.

I slept on this place for far too long. It's nice and quiet inside and their takeout is great. The menu is so big with so many amazing options.

Kelvin V

Amazing food. 5 stars not enough... The beef noodle soup was delicious (like a special twist of pho but with coriander and larger beef pieces). The chicken nime chow was so good we had to order some more. The red curry chicken was heavenly... Found a new favorite spot

Ishshah Orellana

Mortified!! Please check your food before consuming it! This is absolutely not okay!! ?

gary w

Just picked up an order of shrimp pad thai. YUCK! The flat noodles were way over boiled and this was something less that expected. 4 shrimp at an additional $2. Everything was mushy and had no flavor. Would the cook feed this to his family? Not again folks. I dont mind paying higher prices but not for terrible food. I threw it out

Maggie K.

Did it change owners? I went twice in the last week....it was awful.plus they mess up the order every time

Joseph H.

Not as good as Aspara Restaurant , doing take out only. Pad Thai is a little too sticky for me. Sitting portion of restaurant is closed and being used for storage of supplies, not a very nice sight, looks dirty and out of order.

Maria Valencia

The pad Thai was so bland it was inedible. The spring roles were fine but nothing to write home about. Won’t be going back.

Betsy G.

I absolutely love this place, they're tie lime wings are amazing. The garlic eggplant delicious even there lo mein and crab Rangoons are good. They are always very busy but definitely worth the wait. You get a lot of food for your buck

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