Chengdu Taste

495 Smith St, Providence
(401) 729-5699

Recent Reviews

John Paul

One of our favorite Chinese food in Providence. Typically order take out but intended to dine in one of these days. The chili oil pot stickers are always great.

Chris K.

Outstanding. Don't let the decor fool you. The place is kind of a dump. BUT, This is a legit Joint. The food is amazing. Very authentic schezuan style. If you like it hot, they got what you need. I loved my meal and had the server pick me out true, authentic food. Not your standard American/Chinese food (they have that too). One of the best Chinese places I've ever been to. I'll be back.

Caixia Chen

The real Chinese taste.The best restaurant in the local.

Maey P.

Dumplings, cold noodles, fried chicken. All is soooo delicious. Just be ready for the spice!

Claudia Z.

After years of talking about going to Chengdu Taste & a worldwide pandemic, hubby & I finally made it last night. So much deliciousness! If spicy is your thing, Szechuan cuisine is right up your alley.

E A.

Fabulous! The 麻辣香鍋 (spicy dry hot pot) was so good and I'm glad they have lotus root! The passion fruit green tea is good, but the Boba was maybe overcooked and fell apart. Overall, amazing to have here!

Patrick M.

Chengdu's menu offers a great selection of Szechuan dishes and it's worth multiple trips to try different items. All of the noodles (Cold Szechuan and the Dan Dan) are great starters and the Mapo tofu, Lamb Cumin, and Chong Quing diced chicken are must try entrees. The Chong Quing is a bit oily but I'll still gladly order it again. Only real complaint is Szechuan restaurants like Chengdu have ruined "regular" Chinese food for me. Sweet and sour chicken and house Lo Mien can go kick rocks now. I've read a few reviews that mention how the food doesn't compare to Szechuan in places like NYC. Maybe that's a correct statement but it's blow-hardy and shouldn't take away from what Chengdu taste is doing at all. It's one of the better Asian meals I've had in this state.

John Wang

Mediocre food with small amount. They use tomato sauce for 酸汤肥牛 and tastes sweet, not authentic Szechuan style. Also they add 3% extra service charge for credit card use unless you pay cash. Server was polite and helpful. I do not recommend this place.

Vicky I.

I placed my order and the post said it was delivered and it wasn't. I had to go through GubHub to order. I was still looking forward to trying a new place

Nima S.

One of the best meals of my life. On recommendation from friends, we ordered the Sijwan fish, cucumber appetizer, green beans with grape leaves, and fried pumpkin cakes for dessert. I also got the wontons in red sesame oil on my own choosing. All of it was otherworldly. If I lived closer I would go down the menu and order everything once. And I live in Boston and have spent 20 years eating in Chinatown. Totally blown away by Chengdu Taste. Six enthusiastic stars.

Holly L.

Great food! I love the crispy beef, cold sesame noodles and the braised fish fillet w/nappa cabbage with roasted chilis. The rice is flavorful and fluffy. I wasn't a huge fan of the Chongqing Diced Chicken W Hot Chili Peppercorn but that's just a personal preference. Every time I order here I try something new.

Fadi E.

They finessed me. Watch out when you check your receipt. Make sure everything on there is correct.

Tulsa H.

Great quality food. No complaints here. I would recommend ordering traditional Chengdu dishes, in opposed to dishes you can get at Panda Express (fried wanton, general tsao, and the like). See pictures. All highly recommended.

debra C

I have never seen a restaurant with such a bad attitude! We ordered on the platform and then there was no rider on the platform to take the order, so we called the merchant and asked if they could deliver it. But the merchant said that he asked for a tip of five dollars and a delivery fee of three dollars, which I also appreciated and accepted. Even though I have already paid on the platform. Then I told the platform about this situation again, and the platform said that we don’t need to pay, they will give the merchant a delivery fee and a tip. As a result, the merchant asked us to give him money after delivery! The attitude of this man really seems like he is the customer! Never order this store!

Christine J.

Solely based on their food delivery experience. The noodle soup was so good, spicy and on point. Authentic! I was cold and hungry before the meal, but happily warm and cozy after the noodle soup! Good amount of beef chunks and bakchoy along with the noodles (mouth watering just thinking back on it..) Order it if you like true spicy authentic chinese beef noodle soups!

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