Dave's Coffee

341 S Main St, Providence
(800) 483-4436

Recent Reviews

Cherry Yang

Good environment for studying, working, catching up. Indoor and outdoor seating available. Friendly staff. Only thing I'd say to the establishment: try have a safer option for charging laptops at the big table so people don't trip on them when they reach to the back upper area.

Ali Kriger

I love this place I come here at least twice a week, the service is always great and fast. The ambiance great, awesome coffee shop.

John Smith

best coffee in Providence hands down, but they need to work on their customer service. I come here quite often and tip them generously every time. On occasion, they mess up, which is fine, but at least apologize. I've been late a few times to work due to them messing up my order and they don't even apologize! Some of them feel entitled working there or something. Not sure what it is. But when you screw up, apologize to your customers. Don't make them feel like its their fault. Because end of the day without the customers, you wouldn't have a job.

Omar Saeed

Coffee is excellent and a lot fresher than dunkin. Plenty of parking spots. Prices are reasonable. The staff offers great customer service. They accept travel mugs so you don't have to use cups. Inside seating is spacious and cozy. I hope they introduce bakery/danish items someday.

Vitor Ferreira

First time here. Looks amazing, friendly staff


Overall the coffee shop is too quiet and uncomfortable to enjoy. The coffee was underwhelming and we tried all types.

Vivek Vijay

Local vegan friendly cafe with great coffee,breakfast options and friendly staff.

Anneka B

Great coffee, great snacks, great people. You’ve gotta try their flavored lAttes, like the bourbon latte!

Bret Dawson

Love y'all, you do a great job, where do y'all get the gluten free bread for your avocado toast?

Natalie Johnson

Cozy, modern place with a nice selection of breakfast pastries as well as a menu. Coffee was good and the savory scone was one of the best I've ever had.

Hannah Nguyen

I love their Coffee syrup which I use to make coffee milk at home. It's absolutely worth every penny! Dave's has great coffee drinks as well so give it a shot!

Trent B.

Order a pretty tasty cortado. I left my Christmas shopping bag in the store and the people at Dave's coffee held on to it for me and were there hours later when I had given up of finding my family's gifts and pro forma called them to see if I left it there. Great service, great coffee.

Alexandra Dowd

Great coffee flavor. Great services. Atmosphere was good.

Laura Haskin

Average coffee shop. Good space to work or meet up with friends.

Liz S.

I'm surprised that I never reviewed the legendary Dave's Coffee during my time in Providence. I remember a stretch senior year where I spent every other day here chipping away at Ulysses (I took a class on Big Books for some masochistic reason), sipping a large mug of cappuccino, and nibbling on a cookie. Though the shop is slim, it has a huge footprint: this is the establishment responsible for Dave's Coffee Syrup, a delicious nectar equally capable of elevating up a glass of milk, a cocktail, or a bowl of ice cream, available at a retailer near you or in my fridge door. So perhaps I would give them a five for that alone, though the shop really is lovely. It's not the largest spot and it tends to be busy with RISD students given the location; if you can grab a seat it's well worth an afternoon break. The decor is modern but homey, and the ambiance is a bit lively but works if you like white noise in the background. Not many outlets so better for readings or a chat with a friend versus laptop work. They do special drinks with lavender, bourbon-vanilla, and the like, but will also execute standard espresso-based drinks well and serve a mean nitro cold brew. I haven't had much of their savory food, but their sweets are all satisfactory. Mind that prices are bordering Manhattan-level. Come for coffee and pick up a bottle of the syrup while you're at it.

Valerie C.

Good place to escape the cold weather for a bit or to quietly catch up on some studying. I personally haven't seen much open seating when I've gone in the middle of the day, so it's probably best for the early birds. If you go when it's not freezing, there's some extra seats you can finesse outside. The staff is super friendly and makes drinks pretty quickly. There's also free stickers! (I probably get more excited about this than the average person). I do wish that the hot cocoa was a bit more chocolatey, but the presentation was cute!

Jacquelyn Pierce

Love their coffee and especially the seasonal flavors! One of the best coffee spots in Providence.

Alexis Jieun Bae

Very cozy atmosphere and absolutely good coffee as well. Love the location too.

Stephen C.

Dave's is one of my favorite spots in Providence, and actually the state for coffee. Another plus is that it's very close to my home so I'm only a few minutes away from their delicious beverages. Located on South Main Street, Dave's is a trendy, fun and good coffee shop to sit and enjoy your coffee, read, get work done, or people watch. I am pretty boring and get the same type of latte, but this past weekend I saw the Orange & Fig latte advertised and needed to try it. Let's just say I went back a few times since then to order this amazing drink. Their muffins and pastries are also top-notch!


While walking aroung downtown Providence, we happened upon this spot. We decided to try if for breakfast. I was pleased. My wife had an apple cider doughnut, and had an smoothie bowl. Wow! want to go back tommorow. Service was friendly and helpful.

Jason F.

I stopped by here this past Monday with my wife for an afternoon pick me up. We were driving from Newport to Hartford via Providence to see the state house whenever I thought I could use some caffeine. So I searched for coffee in my trusty Yelp app and Dave's Coffee came up and we headed on over. It felt busy for a Monday afternoon whenever we entered but I figured that could only be a good thing. The inside of this place was packed with trendy people and hipsters and had both regular seating as well as some hightop bar seating looking out the windows. Then they also had their coffee bar area and although I didn't see a roaster (did I miss it?), they are supposed to be a coffee roaster. What I was happy to see was that they had a bunch of interesting flavored lattes on their menu including a bourbon vanilla, pumpkin spice and an orange and fig. Those aren't your usual flavors and so I decided to try the orange and fig. The barista confirmed that whole milk was ok for my latte which it was. After a couple of minute wait I had my coffee and was out the door. Once it had cooled down I was able to try it and on my first sip I got some sweetness at the end but don't know that I could tell you what it was. That's probably because it was being overshadowed by both the milk and coffee. However, once my palate adjusted a bit, I was able to taste some orange although I still didn't get the fig. Oh well! Even without it, I thought that the coffee was good and was a flavor I have never had before. The bottom line for me is that I would head back here again in the future. I thought that my latte was good and I would be interested in trying more of their flavors, especially that vanilla bourbon.

Benjamin Joseph

One of the only places outside of Cafe Bon Ammi that you can get a good espresso. Stay far away from Coffee Exchange unless you are bourgeois which is the only reason to go to Coffee Exchange. You have to be going strictly for image purposes. Dave's can mess up too so don't come crying to me if a spaced-out college student makes you a bitter espresso one day or charges you 8 dollars for a pastry that wasn't as tasty as it looked. I just feel safer here than most places.

John Martins

Best coffee in town. Quick and impeccable service, super friendly staff, easily accessible location.

Sinead Sinnott

I am so excited to have found this place! I'm new to Providence and have been looking for somewhere to work remotely. This place has amazing coffee, food, and fast internet. Best avocado toast I've ever had (the veggie carrot bacon way exceeded my expectations). Definitely my new study spot!

Harold Williams

This is a great place to chill and drink some coffee (or coffee milk if you don't want caffeine but still want a delicious latte-like drink). Their food is also great, I recommend their apple cider donut in particular. It's a very laid back space with friendly staff that make you comfortable to stay for longer than you intended. We will definitely return on our next trip to Providence!

Brenda P

These guys were great! Helped me order exactly what I wanted without messing up my diet.

Patience M.

We stopped by for an afternoon hot drink, and I decided to go for the chai latte. I got the larger size for $4. I enjoy lattes and order them occasionally when I decide to treat myself. I'm by far not a snob when it comes to lattes, coffee etc. but I have to say the chai latte I got here what terrible. The taste was just off - it was watery but also had alcohol-like taste. It was really bad and I regret not sending it back as I could hardly drink it. This was supposed to be a 'pick me up' treat for the remainder of the work day but turned out to be the opposite. I'll likely be back here (hesitantly) because it's the closest coffee shop to work. But I surely won't be getting their lattes.

Alex W.

We had a cold brew and a coffee milk. Both were best we had in the city. Although, I'm not sure I get the hype about coffee milk. The pumpkin bar was the best thing I have eaten in providence. The maple bacon donut was more doughy than a regular donut(but in a good way) and I could really appreciate the bacon flavor. The coffee went well with the flavoring of the pastries. Keep it up!!

Wang S.

Really nice cafe shop you should try! Their latte tastes perfect making you happy all day along*.*

Sammie Li

Super cute cafe here at Dave's Coffee. I like just coming in and chilling either alone or with a friend or two. Really nice energy and I like being able to just get some work done when I feel like it here.

Pedro B.

Dave's coffee roasters... damn Felicia. The coconut latte is perfect. No good English word to rhyme so... thevetia. Their signage is pretty. Thank you RISD? A drink to cool me out of being sweaty. Oh my heart just feels like saying: weeeeee.

Craig Perkinson

Staff was very helpful in discussing the food and drink options.

scout lee

Never been here before but I needed to use the bathroom reeeally badly and I was in the area. Ordered an iced chai with soy milk and it was pretty good! Service was very friendly and quick. Would like to come back if I'm around again; not even that pricey. Like about the same as Starbucks I'd reckon.

Daniel Howard

This spot is ideal! Amazing pastries and wonderfully creative coffee.

Rozet S.

I always order the Matcha Latte when I come here because it delicious! Strong matcha and not watered down by the milk. However, last time I came they were out of matcha powder. Instead, I ended up ordering Coffee Milk. Boy have I have been missing out! It is delicious! I even got the coffee syrup to make at home.

Mackerton D.

Another great find thanks to fellow Yelpers! Walked along the river from my hotel by the Capital to get here. A very pleasant stroll. The place has ample inside and outside seating...but I was here in early August when the University isn't all that occupied. They have different baked goods as well as a variety of other dishes. I had an avocado toast which was served on a thick cut of whole wheat bread. Topped it with a fried egg, but there are a number of other toppings you can add. I enjoyed it with a perfectly made, creamy skim milk latte. It was so good...I ALMOST had another! I will anxiously wait for that tomorrow morning!

Sharon C.

Coffee milk. That is all. It is spacious and the menu has a lot of options. I came here while visiting Rhode Island and wasn't disappointed. I wish they had this in MA because the coffee milk is amazing!! Definitely a must try when in RI!

Tori Weinstein

Hip local coffee shop with a variety of coffee mixologies like honey lattes, coffee milk lattes and lavender lattes. I decided I didn't want the iced coffee I originally ordered, and they made me another beverage on the house. Great customer service!

Jonathan Lopez

Went to have coffee milk for the first time. It was amazing! Will definitely go back again when I'm in town again.

Douglas Wands

Great breakfast options. Coffee a little on the dark side for my tastes but a range of options available.