Dave's Coffee

341 S Main St, Providence
(800) 483-4436

Recent Reviews

Benjamin Joseph

One of the only places outside of Cafe Bon Ammi that you can get a good espresso. Stay far away from Coffee Exchange unless you are bourgeois which is the only reason to go to Coffee Exchange. You have to be going strictly for image purposes. Dave's can mess up too so don't come crying to me if a spaced-out college student makes you a bitter espresso one day or charges you 8 dollars for a pastry that wasn't as tasty as it looked. I just feel safer here than most places.

John Martins

Best coffee in town. Quick and impeccable service, super friendly staff, easily accessible location.

Sinead Sinnott

I am so excited to have found this place! I'm new to Providence and have been looking for somewhere to work remotely. This place has amazing coffee, food, and fast internet. Best avocado toast I've ever had (the veggie carrot bacon way exceeded my expectations). Definitely my new study spot!

Harold Williams

This is a great place to chill and drink some coffee (or coffee milk if you don't want caffeine but still want a delicious latte-like drink). Their food is also great, I recommend their apple cider donut in particular. It's a very laid back space with friendly staff that make you comfortable to stay for longer than you intended. We will definitely return on our next trip to Providence!

Brenda P

These guys were great! Helped me order exactly what I wanted without messing up my diet.

Patience M.

We stopped by for an afternoon hot drink, and I decided to go for the chai latte. I got the larger size for $4. I enjoy lattes and order them occasionally when I decide to treat myself. I'm by far not a snob when it comes to lattes, coffee etc. but I have to say the chai latte I got here what terrible. The taste was just off - it was watery but also had alcohol-like taste. It was really bad and I regret not sending it back as I could hardly drink it. This was supposed to be a 'pick me up' treat for the remainder of the work day but turned out to be the opposite. I'll likely be back here (hesitantly) because it's the closest coffee shop to work. But I surely won't be getting their lattes.

Alex W.

We had a cold brew and a coffee milk. Both were best we had in the city. Although, I'm not sure I get the hype about coffee milk. The pumpkin bar was the best thing I have eaten in providence. The maple bacon donut was more doughy than a regular donut(but in a good way) and I could really appreciate the bacon flavor. The coffee went well with the flavoring of the pastries. Keep it up!!

Wang S.

Really nice cafe shop you should try! Their latte tastes perfect making you happy all day along*.*

Sammie Li

Super cute cafe here at Dave's Coffee. I like just coming in and chilling either alone or with a friend or two. Really nice energy and I like being able to just get some work done when I feel like it here.

Pedro B.

Dave's coffee roasters... damn Felicia. The coconut latte is perfect. No good English word to rhyme so... thevetia. Their signage is pretty. Thank you RISD? A drink to cool me out of being sweaty. Oh my heart just feels like saying: weeeeee.

Craig Perkinson

Staff was very helpful in discussing the food and drink options.

scout lee

Never been here before but I needed to use the bathroom reeeally badly and I was in the area. Ordered an iced chai with soy milk and it was pretty good! Service was very friendly and quick. Would like to come back if I'm around again; not even that pricey. Like about the same as Starbucks I'd reckon.

Daniel Howard

This spot is ideal! Amazing pastries and wonderfully creative coffee.

Rozet S.

I always order the Matcha Latte when I come here because it delicious! Strong matcha and not watered down by the milk. However, last time I came they were out of matcha powder. Instead, I ended up ordering Coffee Milk. Boy have I have been missing out! It is delicious! I even got the coffee syrup to make at home.

Mackerton D.

Another great find thanks to fellow Yelpers! Walked along the river from my hotel by the Capital to get here. A very pleasant stroll. The place has ample inside and outside seating...but I was here in early August when the University isn't all that occupied. They have different baked goods as well as a variety of other dishes. I had an avocado toast which was served on a thick cut of whole wheat bread. Topped it with a fried egg, but there are a number of other toppings you can add. I enjoyed it with a perfectly made, creamy skim milk latte. It was so good...I ALMOST had another! I will anxiously wait for that tomorrow morning!

Sharon C.

Coffee milk. That is all. It is spacious and the menu has a lot of options. I came here while visiting Rhode Island and wasn't disappointed. I wish they had this in MA because the coffee milk is amazing!! Definitely a must try when in RI!

Tori Weinstein

Hip local coffee shop with a variety of coffee mixologies like honey lattes, coffee milk lattes and lavender lattes. I decided I didn't want the iced coffee I originally ordered, and they made me another beverage on the house. Great customer service!

Jonathan Lopez

Went to have coffee milk for the first time. It was amazing! Will definitely go back again when I'm in town again.

Douglas Wands

Great breakfast options. Coffee a little on the dark side for my tastes but a range of options available.

Donna Y.

I'm from out of town and found this coffee shop through some reviews. I ordered a bold drip coffee and an avocado and prosciutto sandwich. The coffee was delicious and just what I wanted. The avocado sandwich on the other hand fell flat for me. You can certainly tell when an avocado is old, it oxidizes and turns brown. Probably never come back for food. The second day I was in the area, I tried the mocha syrup almond milk latte and was again pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the drink.

Aleksandr K

A very atmospheric coffee place. Super-nice staff, who can chat with you a little about everything ranging from weather to classic literature to music. They have a nice breakfast/lunch option of hot sandwiches, and lots of good choices of coffee. They also have stickers for your laptop/bicycle/bonnet!

Amber M.

Well-rounded coffee shop that hits all the marks. Cozy atmosphere, good service, delicious from scratch pastries, and of course high-quality coffee. The coffee menu is diverse without being too overwhelming and features standbys like cold brew and pour over and more eclectic offerings like lavender lattes. They roast their own coffee and you can definitely taste the quality. While the beans they sell are kind of pricy, the coffee itself is reasonable. $2.75 for a cortado! $3.5 for yummy pour over! Their food is good too, which includes baked goods and savory avocado toast. Great location too by the lovely river walk area on south water.

Gary G.

Mostly takeout with stools and counters by the window, a small lounging area raised a few steps up from the main floor, and more seating outside. Single coed bathroom if you need it. Baked goods are displayed after where the line ends, so check that out first. Ice Coffee: Reasonably priced cold brew with good kick and high acidity. A win. Guava Muffin: Big, very moist, and dense, with white icing reminiscent of some renditions of gingerbread. Not much guava flavor, but satisfying. Chocolate Chip Cookie: Thicker than most, with great texture exhibited by a little crunch with bendability. Salt on top for balance went beyond balance, but that's subjective and easily brushed off--literally. Donut: Not gonna lie, I forget the name, but it was a combo of apple and toasted coconut. Interesting shape, with the hole only going halfway down, so it's basically a bowl for the jelly in the middle. Decent quality, with more of a banana bread consistency than donut consistency. I was hoping for a chocolate-themed donut, as breathtakingly seen on their Instagram, but no such luck. There are only a couple donuts to choose from, and they don't appear to be listed anywhere, so if you're going with the idea of having a donut, think about going for the (good) coffee and hope to get lucky with the donut.

Topher C.

I'm a writer and Dave's has the perfect atmosphere and coffee to get my through my writers block. I like to set up my laptop in the back, order my drink then put on my noise cancelling headphones and get in the zone before writing. My coffee is ready now but it is way too hot! I need to wait before I can drink it and I know something else that gets me in the zone too. I go into the the restroom, and WOW! It's always spotless. That is a huge plus in this city, lots of people pee all over the place. I'm not here to use the restroom though, I'm here to slam some horse right into my thighs. I finish up and put my gear back in my backpack, now it is the perfect time to write. My drink is at the appropriate temperature now and I'm feling very mello so halpy i checked out dave

Marcella Stevens

Great coffee. With a wide selection of roasts and specialties. I had the Cafe Au Lait with whole milk and medium roast. They actually ask which roast you want!!! Great cookies, muffins and pastries for the adult palette, such as Rose Water Pistachio Bunt Cake.... delicate, bold and delicious! Great staff, friendly and reachable. Parking is on the street, meter run Monday through Saturday

Beni Chhun

Coffee and space are great! WiFi is a bit slow.

Kara Kunst

Dave's is a great coffee shop! I stopped today on the way to Providence Flea and got an iced coffee and rasperry almond scone. There coffee is good (it's always good) but the raspberry scone was incredibly delicious and such a good snack. Highly recommend stopping by in nice weather and enjoying your snack outside at one of their tables or barstools.

Marissa Guiffre

Coffee milk latte = life changing (& affordable which makes it even better)

Brian O.

Cute coffee shop with easy access while we were in Providence for the weekend. While I only ordered a basic coffee it was ok but my wife tried a Coffee Milk Latte and enjoyed it. Our server educated us on Coffee Milk (apparently only known in Rhode Island). Service was great and staff was friendly.


Great local coffee join. Look like a popular hangout for Brown student even though it's a good walk distance from campus. Excellent Honey Latte with oatmeal

David Allen

Good Latte. Good stopping point on a Providence walk.

Erin M.

Dave's is amazing and I wish more people knew about them! Their location on South Main Street is perfect if you're walking around the area, which is great especially during Providence Flea Market season. Their prices are reasonable and the drinks are made quickly. I'd recommend their coffee milk latte. The seats near the window are perfect for people watching! I just wish there was more seating inside.

Morgan C.

Anyone who goes to Dave's Coffee probably burns the roof of their mouth on hot espresso because they liked to drink it before it was cool! All hipster joking aside, Dave's Coffee is actually a really great little locally owned coffeehouse tucked neatly away from the hustle and bustle of Downcity Providence on quaint little South Main Street. Step underneath the cheery orange awning, and you'll be transported into a coffee Mecca that seems more Portlandia than Providence, but is a wonderful oasis from the hectic city streets outside, nonetheless. This tiny but venerable shop serves up not only some incredible coffees (duh), but also tea, freshly squeezed lemonade, and even some creative offerings, like an addictive and earthy strawberry-beet matcha, which pairs well with oat milk (I know, I'm hip, right?), and is the perfect refreshment for a warm May afternoon. Not quite into veering off the beaten path? No worries! Their coffee milk (Rhode Island's signature beverage) is well known throughout the state, and is a sweet alternative to a cuppajoe when you need a sugar fix, and of course, they also have uber-trendy nitro cold brew coffee on tap as well. Hungry for something a bit heartier than a beverage? Dave's serves up some seriously impressive eats! They have next-level breakfast sandwiches, avocado toasts, and even a filling and healthy sweet potato bowl, which makes for a great lunch on the go. I indulged in a breakfast sandwich on a homemade (!!!) English muffin with fluffy eggs, sharp cheddar, and crispy prosciutto. Move over, Starbucks! There's a new breakfast king in town! Seriously, the buttery homemade muffin makes ALL the difference! Don't sleep on the house made raspberry ketchup, either! It provides a kick butt sweet-meets-savory lift that really brings the sandwich to the next level. Oh my GOD, I'm still dreaming about it! The shop itself is super small, so don't expect to get a ton of work done here if you don't want to rub elbows with a bunch of Bon Iver lookalikes who do their research without headphones on. However, they do have outdoor seating, which is perfect for people watching (my fave pastime!), and even if you don't stick around, Dave's is still definitely worth a visit for the notable menu and high quality beverages. This was my first time here, and I can't wait to come back again!

Dan _.

Best cappuccino I've had in a while. Huge mug of steamed milk & espresso. Such a wonderful location on South Main....perfect spot at the window for people watching.

Henry P.

Outstanding, hip, and truly a wonderful coffee shop with charm on South Main in Providence. Providence, wow, having matriculated to Harvard University 25 years earlier, Providence reminds me of the Old Harvard Square. Just a wonderful place to walk and take it all in. Great coffee. With a wide selection of roasts and specialties. I had the Cafe Au Lait with whole milk and medium roast. They actually ask which roast you want!!! Great cookies, muffins and pastries for the adult palette, such as Rose Water Pistachio Bunt Cake.... delicate, bold and delicious! Great staff, friendly and reachable. Parking is on the street, meter run Monday through Saturday. Tip well... they deserve it!

Raleigh M.

Good place to stay warm on a rainy afternoon. The space is very cute and quiet, great for studying. Chocolate chip sea salt cookie was delicious, as was my honey latte.

Khurram Hassan

Fantastic coffee spot in the city. Really well designed interior with more space than you might expect. Cozy but comfy. Very clean and well maintained. The lines move quickly and the staff are very helpful. Unexpectedly great food for a small coffee spot. Convenient to get to on your way to or from work or in the middle of the day. Very diverse and friendly crowd.

Leslie S.

We came here primarily for the coffee milk since we have never had it. It was good, although I had hoped for a stronger coffee flavor. We also ordered the coffee milk latte which was sweet, creamy, and delicious. We ate the egg & cheese sandwiches on English muffins. They were simple and tasted good, but needed something extra for more flavor. The egg sandwich seemed to be slightly overpriced at $5 per egg sandwich. We enjoyed Dave's coffee because it was cute and peaceful inside and was prefect for a quick breakfast.


With coffee roasted at another location but locally, this coffee is strong and flavorful. They have their own homemade flavoring offerings like, lavender and vanilla. Quaint shop with places to sit with family or friends or to study. The baked goods are to die for, in particular the muffins, which switch up the flavors every day.

Austin B.

tl;dr a rustic neighborhood coffeehouse offering thoughtful java brews Dave's Coffee has risen to prominence in Rhode Island by reinventing the wheel, so to speak. Specifically, this cafe home-brews its own syrup to use in an upscale rendition of the RI state drink: coffee milk. Dave's coffee milk tastes like coffee ice cream with the consistency of chocolate milk. But, for about $4 a pop, realize that your RI classic winds up a tad pricey at Dave's. The decor is distinctly industrial, channeling concrete floors and metal stools. The sleek plank walls look like the interior of a packing crate, and little shelving units built into the wood house antique culinary knick-knacks. The space is a bit cramped, as the seating is packed tightly to maximize workspace. Toward the back of the cafe is a mezzanine, lined by a wooden bench and personal cast-iron tables. A soft background of coffeehouse jazz blends with the low hum of chatter. Close in proximity to Brown, expect a large population of students to be around. Moreover, during the winter, the space is just warm enough to feel uncomfortable for long periods. Outlets are few and far between at the communal tables, so come equipped with a pre-charged device. Overall, Dave's is a mainstay for the Providence coffee scene, but is not the most conducive place to grind out work.