Ebisu Providence

38 Pontiac Ave, Providence
(401) 270-7500

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Joy W.

We were seeking a simple dinner to end the day, not expecting much, but we were surprisingly glad to find an izakaya serving delicious ramen. Talk about exceeding expectations. $13 Miso Ramen - pork miso broth, flavored soft boiled egg, shitake mushroom, bamboo shoots, spinach, seaweed, fish cake, spices, chashu: Salty, rich flavor with thick, chewy noodles, a perfectly soft egg, and tender chashu $15 Tan Tan Men - spicy pork miso broth, ground pork, flavored soft boiled egg, shitake, fish cake, bamboo shoots, bok choy, seaweed, spices: This sure isn't tan tan mian, but the spicy broth and spicy minced pork is almost reminiscent of tan tan mian. Definitely a great place if you're having cravings for Japanese dishes. We were lucky to stumble across this find.

Stephen C.

My wife and I were craving ramen in a bad way.. This place is AMAZING! Having traveled quite a bit to Asia and lived in Hawaii and Guam, ramen houses were a staple for dinner and lunch. Ebisu brought me home again.. they're that good! The place was decorated well, and clean. The staff was extremely friendly and attentive. Prices were very reasonable and portions large. Most customers end up taking leftover ramen home, packed in spill proof containers.

Natalie F.

The restaurant itself looks like any other Asian restaurant... pleasantly surprised.. the food was amazing definitely worth trying.

Rachel A.

Everything we had was incredible. You honestly won't go wrong eating here! Our server was so nice and knowledgeable about the menu and the ingredients. (Tbh he's the 1st person to ever take my fiancé 's lactose intolerance seriously). We're definitely putting this in our regular rotation of restaurants.

Katherine Morales

Best Ramen in Rhode Island. The food is always delicious and fresh. The staff is always very pleasant and respectful. Create your own ramen is the best option. I love Ebisu Pvd!

Donna Chandler

Plenty parking..bar available.. great Japanese menu.. helpful.. genuine.. delicious..thank you!

Zee Lopez

Pork katsu ramen is super tasty. I also got the takoyaki which I love (didn’t take a picture because I finished them so fast) and I definitely recommend them. If you need a ramen and some beer.. you’ve come to the perfect place.

Patricia Ramirez

This was our first experience with authentic Ramen and it was well worth. The flavors were amazing!! Our waitress was very nice and did a great job. My oldest said this will be her go to for Ramen now that she lives in Providence for school. We all loved the food and my kids didn't have a problem eating any of it. Will be a definite place to go back to when we visit our oldest.

DeWayne Boone

2nd time going and the food was delicious and with how so many restaurants are short staff the wait wasn't long.

Krystine R.

Every. Single. Thing. I have had here has been so yummy. It definitely looks like a hole in the wall from the outside (and I love it). I'm afraid to even post this review because I love that it's not completely mobbed all the time so I can get in right away and start eating. Try the spicy honey chicken buns, they're amazing. I also love the Hakka Eggplant, the shumai, spicy tuna tostada and the tuna wonton tacos. For entrees my go-to is the seared sesame tuna (miso butter broccoli, garlic shiso fried rice, kimchee, or edamame & potato croquettes are my favorite sides so far). The spicy miso ramen or duck ramen are pretty great. The short story is there's no bad choices at this plate. Very reasonable prices as well!

Deborah O.

Providence, Rhode Island welcomed me with amazing Ramen, Pork Belly & Grape Soju. Very few things compare. If you're here for Ramen, you must get the Nagasaki Ramen. It's in a broth that was cooked for 30 hours, and you can taste it. Fantastic! It's a plus that they have sparking space beside the restaurant.

Lucas Kang

Amazing low-key place to chill out. Beef shabu shabu and chicken strips were quite good; our waiter was so helpful and attentive with our dinner without being obsessive.

Rachael Dotson

I would live here if they would let me. And build my bed out of the Honey Miso wings, and pillow my head on the ramen noodles in the 30 Hour broth. The. Best. And from the Seattle area so the bar is HIGH

Ella W.

My absolute favorite ramen place ever. Food is always amazing. Drinks are always made perfect. Staff are funny and welcoming.

R L.

My favorite Japanese restaurant. It's a wonderful place for hot pot or curry. I love the sakes they carry as well.

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