Knead Doughnuts

32 Custom House St, Providence
(401) 865-6622

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Lauren Rademacher

My favorite Saturday morning ritual is going to KNEAD! Best donuts in Rhode Island. Their Vanilla Glazed Old Fashioned Donut is like no other I have ever tried. On a day where you need some happiness, you cannot go wrong with a Chocolate Chip Old Fashioned! Brioche style donuts are delicious as well!Lastly, BOLT coffee is my favorite and they serve it here :)

Ryan Avedisian

The donuts are good there but to me it isn't as spectacular as a couple of other places. Plus they are not that big.

Mar S.

Yes they taste as good as they look. Cute inside, great service, really delicious doughnuts. I hope they offer even more pastry options in the future, cuz I'll be there.


I came here for breakfast with a small group. The doughnuts were fresh and the coffee strong. A cool place that specializes in high quality doughnuts.

Ben M

These are the best donuts in Providence!!

Ben M

These are the best donuts in Providence!!

Nathaly G.

Brown butter pecan, omg this was tasty. I'm not a fan of donuts. Usually too sweet for my taste buds. But having brown butter pecan donut eaten in smaller pieces over the course of the day, definitely gave me little moments of happiness. I also had the blueberry basil don it. Didn't taste much basil, which is unfortunate Bc I really like basil. It was an ok donut. Overall, glad I tried this place out.


The doughnuts were very good! There were many varities from which to choose. However, they were so expensive. I just don't love doughnuts that much to make another visit.

Jillian Cinquantini

Recently attended a small family covod style birthday, complete with these sweet treats. They were finger licking good! Some of the words that come to mind when consuming this apparatus are delicious, delectablen, delightful, soft meets crisp & more!

Una D.

This is my first time trying a donut place in Providence. So I did a custom order box for my dad for Father's day. This location is only open during the pandemic.Here are the donuts I ordered:Passion fruit dash was excellentVegan chocolate donut was okayDouble chocolate was greatOld-fashioned chocolate chip was okBrown butter pecan was greatLemon basil with blueberry was excellentCherry jelly excellentThese aren't cheap donuts like one gets at Dunkin but they are great!! I love cake style donuts and this place got it right. Parking is on the street and it's free.service at the counter was fine no issues everyone is waiting in line 6 ft apart as per guidelines for the pandemic.Overall I would try it again.

Julie Priesing

Delish! Great service, yummy doughnuts.

Jennifer Corothers

It was decent, good quality food, but a very small variety. And is more geared towards being healthy and a more modern clientele.

Joey R

Wide variety of delicious donuts to choose from. The space also provides some quiet seating for those seeking a cafe-like environment. Can't go wrong!

Brittani Johnson

Clean place. Delicious donuts. Great coffee. Taking one star off bc of the d-bag who thought he was too good to interact with a customer. Literally couldn’t ask him anything! Thankfully the girl working with him was extremely pleasant & helpful. She stepped in & got our business before we walked out.

Maria Rodriguez

LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!! this isnt your regular donut folks! the only negative thing I would say?? its, you wont be able to make up your mind!! but their is no wrong choice...thanks Knead donuts for existing! where have u been all my life?

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