Orale Taqueria

165 Dexter St, Providence
(401) 516-8458

Recent Reviews

Jocelyne D.

This place was a real find for great Mexican in the West End. Staff is super friendly and prices are great.

chloe mendez

I honestly don’t know why this place has good reviews. I was looking for a nice place to eat and saw this place have good review so I came to see why. The service here is poorly not only they were rude but also the meat was uncooked. When I try to speak to the lady about it she gave me attitude. I did not get another taco or my money back. I would not recommend this place.

nelson bans

Very rude I ordered a burrito without beans because im allergic to beans and they put beans on my burrito good thing I checked it before eating it because if not i could've died. After i went and spoke to the lady about it to at least make me another one. They were so rude to me saying that i asked for beans and i was not going to get a refund or another burrito.

ana veras

People here are very rude. I found hair inside my taco and i spoke to them kindly about it. They gave me so much attitude and i did not get a refund or another taco.

James Concepcion

The meat was uncooked I would not reccomend this place!

star veras

Bad service lady was very rude for no reason

Manda Lee

Great food! love their tostada's!

Julie Gammino Carberry

delicious, authentic Mexican. reasonably priced. mmmmmm

Leonel C.

Wow, that's big burrito at Orale Taqueria was really good. Second time here and next time I need to try the tacos.

Soli Allen

Good authentic tacos

Angel H

Happened to come across this place looking for another taco shop but I'm glad I came here! Ordered regular tacos with carnitas and they were excellent! Made to order and the hot sauce they give is amazing! Definitely coming back for more!

Karima Robinson

Steak big burrito was 🔥🔥🔥

biamp 883

This place blew my freaking mind. I've been to a lot of taquerias all around Providence, but this one. This one right here. Go here.

Nicole Z.

Food was good but nothing impressive. We are on the hunt for the BEST tacos and three were not it. I also left annoyed bc I was with my Spanish speaking friend (the looks white) and my 2 children. We got our food at the counter,sat down and ate, like normal people. As we were finishing up the worker said to the other workers, in Spanish of course, they better not leave the table like that or they should leave a tip. First if all, we didn't have a waitress, second of all there were normal crumbs on the table as you could imagine after eating tacos....lol and third of all the ignorant waitress said nothing about the Spanish family at the other table, and fourth of all you have tables for people to eat at. Wth???? Needless to say, we will never go back. No need to be so ignorant. And fifth of all, you lost the taco contest

Whitney Galletly

Authentic & delicious. Good prices. Friendly service. The pastor meat was 👌!

Rayhan Reyes

This is definitely the place to go to for authentic tacos that will blow your taste buds away!

Yolanda Lopez

Everything is sooo good, I love it!!!

Andrew N.

My favorite tacqueria in Providence. A full variety of meats, all deliciously seasoned. The portions are very generous. An order of Nachos can be dinner for 2.

Nicole Eller

This wonderful little hole in the wall is less than a 10 minute walk from my office. This is both a blessing and a curse... We're in here once a week or so to order tacos, chips, and probably the best guac ever! Don't miss out! Recommend the barbacoa and carnitas the most!

nancy torres1970

great little place to have a taco and good prices great service


Good prices for huge Burritos 8$ I ordered a chicken one , But they have like 5 different types of meat , 3$ dollars tostada full of meat .The menu had pictures of the food as well as the prices so easy to order . Only downside to the dining lunch experience is that there are no restroom facilities or parking . Worth going back to explore other options

Ngan N.

Best tacos I've had in Providence so far! My friend from CA said this is the closest to CA tacos she had here on the east coast, so that means something. It's only $2/taco, but they really fill you up. I got three asada tacos and a verde tamale. Both were delicious and flavorful! The best thing about this place is the vibe. I came here on a 60 degrees sunny day, so we sat outside under a tent like structure. I can't explain the feeling, but it's very nostalgic and humble. It reminds you of how it's important to appreciate the smaller, hidden things in life. Echoing what others said, bring cash because there is a $1 credit card charge. You can also have them come to your parties/events!

Matt L.

The most affordable tacos I've had on the east coast ($2!). They give lots of meat on their tacos and It's so well-seasoned. Also got their quesadilla, which was a good portion of food for $5. Bring cash ($1 charge on credit cards otherwise).

Nick DeCamp

Authentic , delicious, flavorful and easy!

test Austin bro

Good prices for huge Burritos 8$ I ordered a chicken one , But they have like 5 different types of meat , 3$ dollars tostada full of meat .The menu had pictures of the food as well as the prices so easy to order . Only downside to the dining lunch experience is that there are no restroom facilities or parking . Worth going back to explore other options

Ellis P.

Orale was my first tacos experience since moving to Providence, and it didn't disappoint! My partner and I started with the guacamole and chips (the guacamole was super tangy and really good), and tried the pastor, barbacoa, orejita, chourico, and azada tacos. Everything was really delicious, including the green tomatillo salsa Orale offers (we'll have to try the red salsa next time). It was my first time trying orejita (braised pig ear) and I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and texture. The barbacoa was in a black peppery stew that was a really nice contrast with the lime and green sauce. Above all, the taco al pastor was the highlight - grilled onions poked out of the corn tortilla at either end and the pork was perfectly seasoned with the pineapple. The staff are friendly, the food was quick, and I think the extension off the truck that provides a covered space to sit at a table and eat is a stroke of genius. This place is also very inexpensive -- the above tacos cost us $2 each. I can't wait to go back and try the lengua and carnitas. There's a vegetarian option for tacos too!

miguel delgado

The best in town


delicious taquitos

Angeles Martinez

They are amazing!! I wish they were my neighbors. They have great service and also excellent food.

Ineida Rocha

Poor Hygiene. the Lady that usually works there, doesn't have good customer service. i usually order to pick up until one day i went there. she doesn't wash the utensils with soap just pick up out of the sink and rinse, never seen her washing her hands after touching phone or money.

Caroline S.

The best tacos in Providence! And we love the service and ambiance too. The Al Pastor tacos are our favorites, but everything is reliably tasty and affordable too.

Amber M.

I've had several items here and have found them to be so-so. For some reason their food just feels heavier than other taquerias (La Lupita, Emmanuel's) and not as fresh. They do have a diverse selection of meats and cuts, and I have to give them credit for a very tasty Barbacoa (goat). They give you a quart of jamaica (hibiscus) for only $5 so that's awesome.

Veronika Klubnika

Very poor experience. I really don't know how this place have such good reviews. We ordered 4 simple pork tacos and we got... 2 "special" tacos instead. By "special" they mean dumping a table spoon of sourcream on top of it. I hate sourcream. If we had time, we would have returned it. What a let down! Pork was dry and completely bland. My husband speaks fluent Spanish so language barrier was not an option. They just serve whatever I guess.

Meghan Peterson

Soooo good. We tried the vegetarian huarache, chorizo tacos, and mango agua fresca. Everything tasted fresh and well seasoned and service was super friendly. Tons of menu options and most things can be made vegetarian. They have an outside tent area where you can eat your food but for cold/rainy days I'd recommend calling ahead.

david paula

Great food and great prices!!

Kerri R.

Love these tacos!!! Best taco in Providence and you can fill up for $6 with 3 tacos. They are cash only and seem sketchy but worth it 100% of the time.

Losifer Yang

great authentic mexican food for a great price

LOsifer Y.

Very impressed , authentic tacos, burritos ect...,, great quality,, fair prices and its close by,,,


Authentic. Good atmosphere. Friendly staff. Fresh food. And good prices. What more could one want?

Juank P.

Don't judge a book by its cover doesn't look fancy but a lot of times the ones that don't are better been there a few times so far nothing wrong the drinks are good the food fresh people cool it's better then Taco Bell that's a fact will be going back