Plant City

334 S Water St, Providence
(401) 429-2029

Recent Reviews

Jacklyn N.

Extraordinary vegan restaurant on the water in Providence. I have been more than satisfied with everything I've ate and drank here! Plant city is a must try! They did an excellent job adapting to the pandemic but I have one suggestion - paper menus are not sustainable, I suggest implementing a QSR code that gets you to an online menu, or maybe a step by step guide to access an online menu posted at the front. Disposable paper menus should be a back up option. Thanks for always providing amazing vegan options!

Tiesha S.

Writing a review since I didn't see any about the mac and cheese. As someone who's lactose intolerant, I love Plant City! You can find an earlier review I wrote to see how much I rave about it :) Unfortunately their mac and cheese isn't THE item. There just wasn't much flavor at all. Really just anti climatic :(

Neli H.

I have tried the "make out bar" and the burger bar. Both delicious but nothing mind blowing especially given the insane prices. I was surprised to not see an impossible burger on the menu yet. I will say though, my mom's friend told me she went to the Italian restaurant and had the best meatballs of her life. When I made a comment about it not being meat she was shocked! She literally had no clue that she has eaten a vegan meal, let alone at a vegan place. Too funny!

W B.

I've been going to Plant City since it opened last year, so I think now is the time for me to write a well-informed and just review. Organization: Walking through the doors, it's very disorienting. I went opening weekend and damn, it has not been organized since. First thing I noticed was how awkward it is to approach any counter. Customers are mulling around, everywhere. In and out of lines, with no one keeping it organized. Half the people walking around are groups of staff members. So much staff!!! I've yet to see staff directing flow of customers, or doing much other than talking w/ co-workers. STAFF: They are all very young, most look fresh out of high school. I got my first service job right after I graduated high school. I get the grind, I respect it. BUT, train them in customer service!!! I ordered dinner yesterday (6/20/20) and it came without my drinks. When the young woman called me about it, she was not happy that I did in fact want them to still deliver the drinks they forgot. Was I being a Karen? Nope! She was full of heavy sighs and hanging up after I said, "yeah that'd be great if you can still deliver them, thanks!" Everyone in the service industry fucks up sometimes, it's okay!! However, It's never alright to speak to customers like your speaking to your annoying sibling. This is by far not my first negative experience with staff. They expect you to know exactly how to order, where to stand, whether or not you should seat yourself. There is no direction from staff. FOOD: This part makes me the most sad. Y'all are doing vegan food a disservice, and perpetuating the idea that the only people who can enjoy vegan food are those of a certain socioeconomic status. My mushroom burger tasted like play dough. As a vegan restaurant, your veggie burgers should be perfected. There's really no excuse. It is typically one of the first things vegans are introduced to when they switch to a plant based diet. Each burger is around $15 and they come with, on average, two toppings. Some soggy lettuce and dried mushrooms mmmmm so worth my well earned money. Oh and yeah, a $20 raw lasagna is so approachable!! I'm sure this chain did not come to providence to be inclusive, so I'm not sure why I'm surprised. This is not how you spread the plant based love. Excluding entire demographics of people within their pricey, uncomfortable marketplace. Last thing, WHAT IS WITH NOT MIXING LATTES. What the fuck. Why would I want my latte to come in 3 different layers? When you receive the drink, and go to drink it, all you get is whatever is sitting at the bottom of the drink. Usually a very sweet flavoring (depending on what you drink). It's so bizarre. I'm a trained barista and I am truly shook by how they teach their staff to make coffee. Also, this is my first yelp review! I can't believe I'm using even using Yelp, a pretty backwards company. I feel so obnoxious and very much like a Karen right now. But my experience last night made me so angry!!!! I woke up still pissed that I spent so much of my money for shit food and even shittier customer service.

Stephanie and Salo

Came here for the first time, after a friend recommended it and we have to say, it exceeded our expectations.From the moment we walked in were kindly greeted. Kim the manager stepped out and informed us of the specials and even gave us what her fave food items on the menus are. She seemed to know her customers on a first name basis, which speaks volume. She didn’t stop there, she told us the background and history of the restaurant and even encouraged to watch a vegan documentary on Netflix, to help us transition. The truffle pizza is my favorite! Overall, this place is one for the books and we will most definitely be coming back, even if that means driving an hour.

K L.

I had the best experience today sitting outside in their outdoor seating. The service was spectacular, each portion of the food was given in a recyclable compostable container, every server was polite and focused on proper "mask" adequate. The "chicken sandwich" French fries with beet ketchup, strawberry basil mojito and of course the nachos were amazing! The kitchen even separated the nachos into three individual containers for us to NOT have to share. The nitro pop tart (New addition) was unique and tasty! Basically best experience as my first restaurant out to eat since COVID. It was refreshing!!! Oh and the Iced golden latte with an added espresso shot was a perfect way to end the dining experience.

Jordan D.

The food is awesome and I've never been disappointed with the service. Docking a star because it's so unbelievably expensive, though. Ordered two burgers, two fries, and 1 lemonade - with tip came to ~$60 for takeout. Luxury prices that I can't validate for simple meals like that on a regular basis. Glad they exist, wish I could afford em more often

Emma M.

Ok, we are all quarantined but let me tell you they are working their booties off at this place! I have ordered from plant city twice in the past two weeks and each time it came in 20 minutes or less and the food was still hot!! It's also just delicious plant based food which is a huge plus for me. Thank you all for working so hard! (I ordered the bbq burger, buffalo burger, Cacio E Pepe, French fries, chili cheese fries, and fried chicken burger, 10/10 for everything.

Stafford A Lackey Jr.

awesome place worth the drive from mass.

Jackie K.

I've been to all PC restaurants now, and they're just incredible. I thought bar verde was my fave, but I just had the Buffalo blue cheese chick'n sandwich from new.burger and it may have been the best thing I've ever had in my life I always say.. people who say they don't like tofu, just haven't had good (REAL) tofu! Yes, only downside is it's expensive but the prices aren't unjust. Everything is so unique, fresh, complex, and from my understanding made in-house. Treat yourself!

Megan Iaciofano

Love it! Went for the first time yesterday. I ordered a Golden Milk Latte, Buffalo “Chicken” Wrap and Chili Cheese Fries. Everything was delicious & I will definitely be back. I’ve wanted to try Plant City since they opened & the food didn’t disappoint. Highly recommend!

Tiesha N.

My wife and I really enjoyed our food and service from Plant City. We placed an online order of a buffalo chicken (fried tofu patties!) sandwich and a fried chicken sandwich with a side of chili cheese fries. We live in East Providence, honestly like 5 minutes from the restaurant over the bridge but still, from placing the order to delivery, our food came in 20 minutes! It was 3pm so not a high peak time anyways. They sent a text when they arrived and left the food on our porch while I grabbed it soon after. The food was amazing! The bun of that sandwich is perfect in every way. The crispness and thickness of the fried tofu was great. The chili cheese fries have a great smokiness flavor from the tomato. Everything exceeded my expectations. Definitely recommend.

Marita R.

Recently discovered Plant City and can now say I'm addicted! Everything is so delicious, staff is so pleasant and ready so quick! You can't go wrong with anything you order but the cacio e Pepe is the stuff dreams are made of and the pop tarts are huge, delicious, and you literally can't stop eating them! I can't wait to come here post-corona and get the full experience! Thank you for all the delicious food, hard work, and smiles from the staff!

Laura Barlow

AMAZING!!! I loved them since day 1. The food is phenomenal. The upstairs dining rooms are elegant and classy. Since we have been in quarantine, I’ve been ordering delivery and it is amazing!!! They offer generous portions, healthy ingredients and amazing taste. The food and service is the next level. I can’t wait to dine in house but for now the delivery is awesome. I love Plant City and I cannot recommend them enough!! Cheers!

Ibrahim Azzeh

A great place to to have your 3 meals!

Jan R.

I have been wanting to come here for quite some time after reading the reviews on Yelp and we had the opportunity one day as we had gone to a sandwich store around the corner. They had a delightful mix of foods and a nice bar and prepared foods as well as ingredients that you could purchase. And they had a coffee bar which I was really in the mood for. So I went to the coffee bar and I ordered an absolutely delicious coffee that was a special for that day and it was amazing. They seem to put a great deal of thought into their flavors and the appeal to the customer. I was torn between several of their coffees and as much as I like fancy coffees I really enjoy a nice coffee flavor and they certainly have that. We didn't get a chance to try the food because we had just bought sandwiches as I said around the corner but we look forward to going back someday when all is well and trying out some of the foods they are because they certainly were eclectic and interesting

Ronald Polanco

I've been going here for the past 8 months or so and I absolutely love it. Very attentive to their customers and their allergies. I have a dairy allergy myself and I feel totally safe eating anything off the menu. New Burger is fantastic and they also do have a pizza restaurant and Tex Mex restaurant upstairs... All plant based. If you want a delicious morning beverage, they have a cafe as well. Their golden milk latte was absolutely heavenly.

Molly S.

I could write a book on all the good things I could say about this place. Cannot believe how long I went without knowing it existed! After doing some research on Matthew Kenney and his Vegan restaurant empire, I discovered this place was just a little over an hour away from me. I'm from cape cod where we have no fully vegan establishments so Plant city quickly became my pot of gold. PC is truly such an experience from the moment you walk in. It's a little confusing at first as it is a full on dining hall but you have so many options from American, Mexican and Italian cuisine. Build your own bowl bar, coffee counter, pastry counter, marketplace, monthly events.. Does it get any better than that?! Not to mention there is many options for Gluten Free and Nut free as well! I've come bi-weekly since December now, and it is always worth the drive. (also open 7am-11pm) The best part about it, is EVERYTHING in the establishment is vegan. And no Palm oil! Even in the brands they sell in their market place. My go to is the Tofu chicken sandwich in New Burger, and nachos in Bar Verde! and don't even get me started on the latte's and PB&J pop tart.. I'm so impressed with everything i've tried and so happy there's a place I'm comfortable bringing my non vegan friends, knowing there is something that they'll like! Cannot wait to see this place grow even further.

Merideth M.

Came here for dinner on a weeknight with a friend. No reservation was made but we were seated immediately after deciding on bar verde. It's the Mexican-style section of Plant City. To start I ordered a passionfruit margarita. The other flavor option was blood orange. The passionfruit was good. Sweet but not too sweet, wasn't watered down, and had a cute presentation. Appetizer: Nachos - comes on a tray, and a pretty large portion. Was almost too much for 2 people. There are toppings like guacamole, jalapeños, black beans, and then there's the cashew cream (sour cream alternative) and the best part: the butternut queso. It's the perfect consistency, and has such good flavor. It's the best vegan alternative to queso I think I've ever had. Main course: Farro chorizo tacos - comes with three tacos, all of them with a huge pile of filling. I actually had to eat some with a fork first! They're good tacos, but personally I probably could've done this myself at home. Dessert: Tres Leches - shared this with my friend. Pretty good! The flavor was good, the consistency wasn't perfect but still amazed me regardless. A good way to end the night. Overall, service was great and everything came out in a timely order. The place itself is also very pretty. I enjoyed myself and the only real downside was just the tacos being something average that I could make myself. Other than that, I recommend this place and I'm interested in going back and trying out the other sections.

Sheila Kamath

If your vegan, vegetarian or just eat food, you need to go here. It can be overwhelming for a first timer, but everyone who works here is incredibly helpful. Our server, Christopher, was the best server Ive ever had. He was awesome, helpful, knowledgable and just fantastic. The food is in a league of its own. It's delicious, creative and just amazing. One tip, get here early or make reservations (at one of the two restaurants upstairs) because we went at 4 on a Saturday and it was already packed. But just go!

Atalanta Pendragon

I've plant-based on and off for years now. I'm pescetarian, but sometimes I deep dive into vegan. This place is amazing. It was a bit crowded when we went around 4pm on Saturday, but that's to be expected for a gem like this in a city like Providence. My sister and I enjoyed the atmosphere, the service, and the food. Especially the little marketplace! Brought home vegan snacks and cheese! FYI, for newcomers, the entrance is on the side of the building where the patio area is, not the front of the building/street side!

k e

Nice choices to meet everyone’s needs. Sadly our food was not as warm as it could have been in the Mexican restaurant but the staff made up for it

Derek Anglace

Great atmosphere and vibe. The food is delicious and theres a huge selection. There's also a great selection of convenience store items you can't really find anywhere which is great for vegans.

Cathy Z.

I love Providence but it's not always easy to find the cutting edge of meat / dairy alternatives here. That all changes with Plant City! It's kind of hard to tell what's happening when you first walk in. There's a lot going on! Upstairs are 2 of the 3 sit-down restaurants: Bar Verde (Mexican-inspired) and Double Zero (pizza). The first floor has the marketplace, a coffee bar, the 3rd sit-down restaurant (burgers), and Make Out cafe, which can be take out or dine in. So far I've only been to the Make Out cafe because it's open all day and easy to order from. The breakfast sandwich is so tasty! It comes with tofu scramble, tempeh bacon, and butternut squash-based cheese sauce on a croissant. Definitely not the healthiest option available, but it was the perfect plant-based hangover cure! I never would've thought that a vegan croissant could be so flaky! I really love the sitting area on the first floor. There's a beautiful view of the river and lots of natural light streaming in. I would definitely take advantage of the free wifi next time and get some work done. The marketplace area is also a shining jewel! They have any sort of vegan / health food product you could possibly want or imagine, from nondairy ice cream to fish-free tuna. I definitely want to come back and try out all the different restaurants. Plant City will be a rare treat for me because the prices are a bit high, but I want to support this amazing business!

MDB West

Everything from start to finish was bursting in flavor. Unbelievablely delicious...want to go back tomorrow and the next day and the next day...loved everything about my evening here. Our server Joe was so wonderful and personable. He made great recommendations.

Jayro Catlin

Staff was busy but attentive. Our server was doing her best!!! Still hungry. Hotness was satisfied. Our server was great with timing Drinks light to be light on the ice? Fail. Pizza was flavorful and dough was mere perfection. Sauce was grand. Hotness got the vegan lasagna was very pretty, very summer fresh. Nice lunch for Newport dinner prices.

Eric Vasallo

Great place ambiance and food but charging a $1.00 extra for less ice in the coffee is just petty. It’s not like you aren’t making enough money with your overpriced vegetables w some seasoning. Do you give credit when people ask for more ice? Coffee isn’t that expensive and when you’re paying $5 for a cup of 30% coffee and the rest ice you should not be penalized for wanting less ice. Clearly compassion is dead and greed is America’s new Religion. Get over yourselves. This is just wrong.

Monica F.

What a breath of fresh air and how creative to have 3 options under the same roof. I had heard about this place from others and I was very curious. My next time in Providence I made sure I went. My friend made reservations for brunch: the only confusing part was not knowing the lay of the land in terms of menus to choose the right place. We needed up upstairs and as we are both gluten-free, we had the heirloom tomato and zucchini lasagna, which was out of this world. I also enjoyed my coffee with almond milk (and I could have had hemp or oat milk too!) and the service was extremely attentive. Next time in the area, I will make sure I stop by again.

Gail A.

Yummy nachos and friendly service. Delightful atmosphere to spend time with friends. They make a Great hot chocolate.

Mary K.

Amazing food and atmosphere. I am happy to announce my children loved the food as well. We went two nights in a row. The first Night we had Mexican food and it was delicious, the second night we tried the Italian.

Morgan C.

I FINALLY got the chance to try Plant City yesterday while in Providence, and I have to say that I am surprised it took me this long! Chef Matthew Kenney brings his brand of unique vegan cooking to PVD in the form of this veggie-friendly food hall, which serves up creative takes on Mexican, Italian, and classic American cuisine, plus a cafe with coffee, tea, salads, and prepared foods. True to the name, everything here is plant based, and it takes a real culinary mastermind to deftly handle multiple menus while avoiding animal products as ingredients. Even before I stepped inside the spacious and sun-drenched building, I must admit that was pretty impressive. Plant City is located right on South Main Street, just a short walk away from downtown Providence. It has a great view of the water, and in warmer months, diners can sit comfortably on wicker chairs under Instagram-friendly twinkle lights, and nosh on favorites like vegan burgers and homemade pop tarts. Sounds good to me. The space is bursting with natural light, and the airy, sunny atmosphere makes for a wonderful respite from the dull dreariness of a New England winter. Plant City is divided into four sections: New Burger, on the first floor, which serves up meatless burgers, fries, salads, and even a few desserts; Bar Verde and Double Zero, on the second floor, the Mexican and pizza restaurants respectively (these two are sit down affairs, so reservations on OpenTable are recommended); and Make Out, which is on the first floor, and serves as a coffee cafe as well as a high end make your own salad bar. They also have a Marketplace section, which sells local plant based products, cookbooks, and other merchandise so that you can shop to your heart's content before or after your meal. I visited for a quick midday lunch, so I tried the Make Out cafe's bourgeois salad bar option. It was very similar to Sweetgreen in that customers line up and choose from a variety of salad fixings and toppings scooped and tossed by an attendant, and then pay for it at the end. However, the offerings here were quite different, and they had everything from a purple potato salad to vegan Kale Caesar with house made dressing, which served as the base for my salad bowl. I also got broccolini, roasted cauliflower, quinoa, and brussels sprouts, and drizzled vegan sriracha mayo on top. The sprouts and the broccolini were a little bitter for my taste, but the roasted cauliflower was PHENOMENAL. I think next time I'll just get a bowl of that with the vegan spicy mayo. The one minus with the Make Out salad bar was that the salads and toppings weren't labeled, so I had to ask the attendant what everything was - after asking about the third item, I kind of started to feel bad. If the offerings were labeled, that would be awesome! However, the salad was a huge and filling portion, and for the size, I thought it was reasonably priced. I washed it down with a Spindrift Half and Half seltzer, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they carry pretty much every flavor! Yum! While I only got a chance to visit the most casual of the four restaurants offered at Plant City, I definitely look forward to a return visit soon. Next on my list? Double Zero, the plant based pizza joint. Stay tuned!

Lexy A.

Been wanting to check this place out and glad I did! Warm cute atmosphere got some drinks and food everything was good! So much variety between the coffee shop, American burger menu and the Italian and Mexican food menu up stairs! For drinks I got a Marigold Tonic and the Guided Sage then for food I got the buff "chicken" with chili fires was full and happy:)

Jillian C.

I really liked that this place has Mexican, Italian, French... and other sorts of vegan cuisine. On the first floor they sell various brands of vegan dressings, ice cream, tempeh, jerky, peanut butter, chocolate... you name it. The one downside is that the setup makes it difficult to truly have a sit down dinner. My friend and I were seated at the bar and it was extremely difficult to catch anyone's attention to order our food. The food itself was amazing. We got the nachos, jackfruit tacos, and tres leches cake. It was very good, but I'd recommend that people get reservations.

Jacqui London

Plant City is a fantastic food hall type place opened recently by vegan chef Matthew Kenney. We visited the New Burger part, which mainly serves burgers although there are a few other things on the menu; and you can also order from the other restaurants in the building. Outdoor seating to the side of the restaurant is charmingly lit up at night and surprisingly atmospheric given that it’s bordered on two sides by a road and car park. We liked the place so much we went back for breakfast.

christian torres

I LOVE PLANTCITY! Best Plant-based/Vegan restaurant in providence. The food it’s amazing, drinks are botanically delicious and the bake goods are out of this world! Three restaurants in one, Mexican, Italian, and a American comfort food burger bar. In addition to that, they got a market place and coffee bar :P

James Fitzpatrick

New Burger Review: Great draft list and friendly staff. Unfortunately food did not match up. BBQ burger was super thin and dry with a thick bun. It was barely saved by dipping with ketchup. Gigante bean chili started off good, but eats very sweet. Thought it was just the butternut squash "cheese" but ended up being the actual chili. Still need to try out the other 2 spots, but probably wouldn't return for burgers.

Whitney S.

Why haven't you been here yet? This place is SO good! My husband whose a carnivore said this is the best meal we've had since moving to New England. I just wish they did gluten free pasta. Gf donut- wonderful French Macaroons- also good Truffle gf pizza! So yummy My favorite was the jackfruit tacos though from barr verde.

Taylor P.

Wow! Ate at Double Zero (The Italian place upstairs) Our server Max was exclelent and very helpful with recommendations and acccobinating my nut allergy. Many of the menu items contain nuts so my options were limited. We started off with cocktails and mocktails. The passion fruit margarita was good. The limeade and lemonade were very sour and tasted sugar free. The plant city soda was very unique and tasted like soda water with balsamic vinegar. The Pizzas were large with thin crust. The Squash blossom pizza was nut free and the perfect amount of sweet and salty. The pastas were AMAZING. The Cacio e pepe was delightful and tasted just like creamy cheesy pasta. The Pasta Bolognese was even better. Better than any Federal Hill Bolognese. Overall I am 100% coming back and bringing more friends to show them how great vegan food can be!!

Caitlyn Z.

I loved the drInks, I loved the food and I loved the service! A small group of us went and sat at the bar at Bar Verdi upstairs. We went early afternoon on a Friday and it was busy. Our waitress Jen was awesome, served us up some awesome drinks and made bomb recommendations. The spicy, blood orange and passion fruit margaritas were awesome!! We all split the nachos, elote, fajita bowl and plantain chips. I am still thinking about the food. The nachos queso is out of this world and was my favorite. The elote aka street corn I wouldn't order again. The fajita bowl was delicious but I would go with more toppings instead of rice, I felt there was a little to much. And the plantain chips we ordered two batches and would have ordered more. The mole with the plantain chips was sooooo good. I have food allergies and this location offers a great allergen free menu, I highly recommend.


I just tried Double Zero and loved it! Food is a bit overpriced but fresh and delicious, portions are bigger than expected. Get the raw lasagne!