Plant City - Double Zero

334 S Water St, Providence
(401) 429-2029

Recent Reviews

Mark Tyszkowski

Went to Plant City recently and it was amazing! I am not a vegan and was a little bit skeptical but the burger and nachos changed my life. The building is incredible and I love the fact that there are so many options to choose from. Soooo good. If you haven't been you need to check it out!

Callie Martin

The food is amazing. Just go you wont regret it. You have four different restaurant options - burgers, tacos, pizza/pasta, and a take out/cafe area. Everything is plant based and absolutely delicious.

Charlotte Lee

Fantastic concept. We really enjoyed being able to pick which of several vegan restaurants we wanted to enjoy without first worrying if we would eat there. The whole weekend we spent in Providence, we just picked a different restaurant in Plant City to enjoy! We love the outdoor seating for the "burger" restaurant.


Awesome plant-based option for dining out and ordering in. The Resturant has multiple sections, each with a different style. They also have a cafe and a small market. It's a must-visit for a vegetarian or vegan in providence.

Audrey E.

Went to plant city with my vegan friends (I'm not vegan/vegetarian). We went on a cold fall day so sat inside for lunch. Each section of the venu has a different menu which I found to be pretty cool. However be prepared to spend $$ on your meal and beverage. Service was okay, but the waitress kept correcting me when I used the wrong term for a food. Again, I'm not too familiar with the vegan lifestyle and she knew that. There was a little incident that occurred when we were there so the manager apologized to us and gave us free dessert which was nice of her to do. The desserts were super yummy.. I had the chocolate crossaient which I would buy the next time I visit. Also for those who would like to eat healthy at home, there is a lil mini mart inside. Again it's a vegan restaurant so don't be surprised by the prices.

Kim O.

This is the most pretentious and confusing restaurant in Providence. Ironic, right? I've tried this two too many times. It's the sparkly new restaurant everyone seems to like. Don't get me wrong, it's sparkly but the food and service are awful. Even the water had a back story.... Don't call food items by cheese or meat names when they don't come from an animal. Waiters, don't tell me it's really cheese because plants are real'. While sitting and eating my round pizza on a rectangular tray I couldn't help but think, is everyone here just to say they ate at plant city? Don't be those people. Eat good food and skip plan Update: I forgot to mention, the donuts aren't always vegan. One had a marshmallow topping containing gelatin. I had the server check.

Gloria Ribeiro

Always a great meal. Had the make-out bowls. All I can say is

Crystal G.

The desserts were amazing and very reasonably priced! Navigating the place is a bit confusing, but I think most reviews over exaggerate it. Using your brain isn't that uncomfortable to do. I will say, I enjoyed all my food! There is no denying it was delicious. I'm used to Vegan options being a bit more expensive, but a $17 dollar quesadilla with just mushrooms, onions and butternut squash queso is really pushing it. I think with the massive space/ overhead of the restaurant that they're going to ultimately need to rethink the price points to stay in business; at the very least, in just one of the restaurants. But, what do I know? Maybe they're killing it! I can totally see the vision of fine Vegan dining upstairs, and I get it. But, the Mexican menu price points might want to be rethought. I have many friends that were turned off by the prices, and would rather stick to the local Vegan classics. However, I'm excited to give the other restaurants in the food hall a try! Regardless, i'm excited to have Plant City in Providence. I love the concept.


Wonderful array of choices on the menu, great wine, and delicious food to accommodate a lot of vegan and food allergies!

Zuliya K.

Omg!!! Matthew Kenney is a genius and it shows in everything this place offers. Loved loved Plant City! Wish there were more restaurant/food hall concepts like this around the world. Located in the center of downtown Providence, this food hall is completely plant based 100%. Downstairs offers burgers and drinks with super cute vegan grocery mini store on the side and the delicious bakery that sells most scrumptious vegan baked goods and some of the best coffee drinks I ever had. Upstairs there are two restaurant concepts, Bar Verde and Double Zero. Bar Verde offers Latin flair dishes and drinks and Double Zero offers Italian American food. Both upstairs and downstairs are beautifully designed. The ambiance is elegant and hipster at the same time. We started off at the Bar Verde with some drinks and apps. Holy Guacamole!!! The nachos we ordered were out of this world. Every layer was smothered with delicious butternut squash queso, layers of cashew creama and most delectable toppings. If you are a nacho lover, I highly recommend this dish. It's da bomb. We also got some vegan carnitas tacos with mushrooms, vegan ceviche and cauliflower enchiladas. It was insanely delicious. My sister who came with me is not vegan and she even was pretty amazed how good the food was. Our drinks were strong and scrumptious too. We moved to Double Zero next. Our friendly waiter Christian recommended the Spicy Farro Pepperoni Pizza and the Heirloom Tomato Raw Lasagne. Again, both of these dishes were so good. The crust on the pizza was crispy on the bottom just how I love it. The raw lasagne was a pleasant surprise too. Every layer was a burst of flavors. We ended our night with the delicious vegan tiramisu and even picked up some baked goods to go from the bakery. I can't wait to return to Providence again very soon and bring my friends to Plant City.

Cee C.

Italian and American food are on the second floor, take out, such as salads and smoothies are on the first. I had "Italian food" very innovative.. which was expected. But I have to admit my pizza taste like a bunch of burnt leaves. The sauce was delicious and so was the vegan pepperoni. Unfortunately, I wasn't familiar with the rest of the toppings and the waiter wasn't either. He couldn't answer anything regarding the menu. Which I didn't appreciate. Nice outside area, decent parking and four restaurants to choose from. I suggest sitting next to the window, I was lucky enough to watch the sunset. I wasn't too crazy about the service. Non the less, this is a dream come true for my vegan alter ego. So I'll return.. there's much more to explore.

Tamra F.

Plant City has been opened since June and I've been here a few times since then. There were some things I didn't like about the place after visiting the first couple of times, but I attributed it to being a new place so I wanted to wait to write my review and give them some time to make improvements. Well I visited again this weekend and still feel the same way about it. Firstly, as a fellow vegan, I am so very excited to have a place like this in Providence. The concept is great and it really puts Providence on the map as one of the more veg friendly cities in the country. I really, really wanted to love this place and was so excited about it when I first heard about it and couldn't wait for it to open, but I'm finding that it's falling short of my expectations. My biggest complaints about the place (that are echoed among other reviews) are the fact that the place is confusing and expensive. Let's start with the confusing stuff - it's hard to figure out where to go for what and what is upstairs. I think there are two restaurants upstairs. I had a reservation at Double Zero (which I'll write a review for later) and went upstairs, but couldn't tell if that was Bar Verde (the other restaurant) or Double Zero and had to ask. How hard would it be to get some clear signs that will help consumers figure out where everything is? The other issue I had was with the sign price not matching what the cashier charged me. I bought a chocolate croissant downstairs. The sign said it was $4, but when the cashier rang me up, it was charged as being $5. I told the cashier this and he just replied "it's $5". Ok, I get it says $5 on your register, but if you walk a few steps over and look at the sign that's in front of it, it clearly says $4 so I found that to be a bit annoying.. Additionally, the signs do not clearly tell you what pastries are behind the glass so you are left guessing what is what. There were two different pop tarts there and I couldn't figure out which was which because the sign that was there just listed all the pastries that are available in no particular order which I think is really silly. It's such a simple solution to just put the name of each pastry right in front of the pastry itself. I told the cashier I wanted the apple one (which I thought was on the bottom), but it turns out that was a different flavor. It was the other cashier next to him that had to tell me this. Makes no sense to me at all. After so many reviews written about these issues with signage or (or lack of), you'd think management would do something about it especially since it would be a simple fix. Blows my mind that they would not listen to all these reviews and correct the problem. If it weren't for this, I'd easily give the place 4 stars instead of 3. Finally, this place is wayyy overpriced in my opinion. I've travelled all around the country to so many veg friendly cities including the vegan strip mall in Portland and I have to say that in comparison to other veg places, Plant City is too expensive and not worth the price you pay. I understand that a business needs to make money and that it isn't cheap to run a business, but I also think this is backfiring on them and they are losing money by overcharging on everything. If they would lower their prices a bit, then I think more people like myself would visit much more often thus bringing in more revenue. With the prices being so high, it leads me to think their target customers are those who are upper class which isn't cool because it makes it harder for lower and middle class people (aka the majority of the population) to enjoy some vegan food at a reasonable price. I also think that lowering their prices would allow more people to give plant based foods a chance instead of turning around the minute they see some of these prices. So yeah, I'm really turned off by those two things I mentioned. If it were

Gary Goldberg

What an amazing experience! The multi level restaurant, take out bar and education center is beautiful. The crew were friendly and helpful and happy and the food was wonderful. Welcome to Providence !

Pamela N.

Wow! I've been eager to try this super sized place since I read a review on Facebook. My husband is a steak and pasta guy, but he reluctantly went in as he's been in the doghouse for weeks! Well he tried the "hamburger" and immediately knew he would be satisfied with his meal AND be allowed out of the doghouse at home! I had the tuna with chick peas on a wrap. No waste at this place! Oh joy!!! No plastic wear, not a plastic straw to be found. Lots of menu items! Employees were helpful and place was spotless. Also wonderful to see an old mill repurposed. I'll be back Plant City. A bit pricey but.... certainly affordable

Felicia S.

For more casual food, stay on the main floor & for the two more upscale options (one Mexican, the other, Italian), head upstairs. This will save some confusion, for the dim witted, like myself. We ate @ the Italian place called Double Zero. Share so you can try a lot! A taste sensation from salads to "meat"balls to pizza and wine.

Neil B.

I had learned from my plant based nephew about his new favorite restaurant, Plant City, so last night I was happy when my aunt hosted a family dinner there. From having eaten at Garden Grill in Providence and Jalsa Grill and Gravy in Brooklyn, two restaurants I rated as 5-star, I learned that vegetarian and vegan dishes no longer need to be tasteless and Plant City did not disappoint. We began with cocktails and "mocktails" that were well made but with perhaps a bit too much ice. Then from the Double Zero menu we ordered meat(sic)balls that sort of tasted like meat and were covered with a delicious not too heavy tomato sauce. We then shared three different pizzas - truffles, spicy "pepperoni and magherita. What stood out about all three was the thin, perfectly crafted crust. We also ordered pizzaiola, a delicious roasted cauliflower dish and artichoke conserva which is made with beans and celery. All were tasty. The restaurant is very well designed with indoor and outdoor dining. Our server was knowledgeable and friendly. She even asked them to turn down the volume of the music so we could hear each other talk. Her assistant, however, should be taught not to put his thumb on the inside of the plates when giving them to customers (something I learned many years ago waiting tables at the University Club :-). So overall Plant City lived up to my nephew's recommendation. 4.5 stars!

Zeenat S.

Obsessed with place recently and can't get enough! I tried the Mexican, breakfast, and Italian pizza! Mexican- the nachos are so yummy! The churros are amazing! The only thing that bothered me was that the avocado in the guacamole was slightly going bad that day. I'm the only one that noticed out of everyone. But otherwise food was amazing. Pizza- I got the pepperoni one and it was soo good! The ricotta tasted just like ricotta and it had a meat sort of taste. It is weird with no actual cheese but it's seasoned very nicely. Coffee- the coffee is so good especially with the oh so creamy cashew milk. And I think they make theee best homemade pop tarts! I used to eat them as a child and them found out they have gelatin and my childhood heart was crushed because I try not to (Muslim things). But now this pop tart came into my life and it's amazing! Worth it! Also the macadamian nut cookie was sooo good! Yummm! The pastries are great!

Jessica F.

5/5 for ambiance, location and decor 3.5/5 for the food (although only tried the burger concept and would love to try the Italian but they were fully booked) While I'm not a vegetarian or vegan, I do love to try new foods and experiment with different plant based foods, and try to embrace flexitarianism whenever I can. I think it's awesome that vegan food is becoming more and more accessible! Go plant city for helping continue to spark that and make it trendy and fun! The service was great and the decor was spot on. I was really impressed with the scale of the place and how many different types of areas, bar, to go counter, restaurant, coffee shop etc there was going all at once. The place was packed! I do think however that the food is a tad bit overpriced for what it is. My group all tried either the truffle or barbecue burger, and definitely it was clear that the truffle was the winner- you could taste the chargrill and the mushroom flavor while the bbq one fell a little flat. Also, pretty bizarre that the side of lettuce was just plain lettuce. Literally no additions or even dressing. For $14-$16 a burger, there should definitely have been a side of fries. It's all vegan, plant food! Doesn't plant food cost less than meat not more? It honestly didn't feel much higher quality than the beyond meat burgers which I make at home often enough for 1/3 the price. We also ordered $10 chili cheese fries since there was no side. They were delicious and the gooey chili cashew cheese made me not miss regular cheese at all. However, again the portion was kind of small for the price charged. No one liked the "homemade beet ketchup" that was offered. Is ketchup not vegan? Can there be normal ketchup in addition to strange beet ketchup? Overall, we were full and pleased, but I don't know if we experienced anything so foodgasmic that it warranted a $50 bill for two burgers, cider, fries. That could get really pricey really fast for really just a standard (but somehow vegan means it isn't?) meal.

Mario Purro

If you love pizza, you need to eat at Double Zero. Its the perfect spot for a get together with good friends over really good food. Shareable food. A couple pizzas, a pasta, salad maybe a bottle of organic wine or some hand crafted cocktails... This place knows how to do it right.

richard cabral

Place is awesome, staff is always super nice. All the food that I have tried there so far is delish. Love the layout of the place. Outside seating very nice. I hope you all get to experience the same that I have when I got to Plant City. Oh almost forgot there little store love it

Alyssa C.

Visited with a friend for lunch on a Sunday and it was so packed! Luckily we found a seat on the patio for a bit and went indoors to eat. I loved the decor, relaxed atmosphere, and vibes. There's a ton of different areas to sit on the patio, bar area, or upstairs. I think each area has a different menu and then there is an actual section where you can shop around and also gluten free macaroons! I had the guilded sage cocktail and my friend got a punch cocktail. Both were super tasty. Mine had gin, blackberries, rose water, and sage. I had the guacamole burger and the bartender suggested the gluten free bun which was basically a wrap and I was so happy with my choice. It was tasty but also super light. My friend had the Mac n cheese made with butternut squash. It still looked so creamy and delicious. I'd love to go back to try some other things on the menu and maybe eat upstairs. Parking is a little difficult on a weekend as the lot is small. Great service. Definitely recommend.

Pranoy Paul

I loved the place, the host served us was friendly and gave precise suggestions. Nice decor and lovely place to handout! If i visit providence again will surely go. Location wise as well is just right!

Chanhong L.

Awesome concept, okay food, and inefficient customer service 1. My favorite part was the mini grocery store with all the vegan goodies inside. However, you can get these goodies elsewhere for cheaper prices. 2. My boyfriend and I split a tiny burger split into two and put into two big containers (see picture). I thought that was kind of wasteful, but luckily we were on a road trip with no tupperware so we were able to reuse them. The individual components of the burger were fine, but put together, the burger kind of tasted like cardboard, as stated by another reviewer. 3. We weren't really sure which restaurant was which and whether they were sit-down restaurants or order & go. Luckily, it wasn't too busy so we were able to ask, but I can imagine how confusing it would be if I were a newcomer with no one to guide me. Clearer signs would easily solve this issue. All in all, Plant City has a lot of potential to be something great with a few tweaks to the food for a more cohesive flavor profile and explicit signage for a more streamlined customer experience.

Patricia M.

Great addition to Providence. My friend and I went for lunch a bit ago. It was a beautiful day so parking/walking wasn't an issue. The space is beautiful and chaotic. First timers like us were trying to get the gist of things. Most of the staff were very friendly. The bartender was stressed as they seemed short staffed but he did a great job with our drinks. We walked around first to see options even though we knew we wanted to sit outside. The upstairs restaurants were tempting. The marketplace area is very nice. They have some products you do not find anywhere else. We opted for burgers. I could not easily see anywhere what it was made of but it was very good. Bit of crisp on the outside. Very good. And not small. I could not finish it. The fries were great as well and the beet ketchup is outstanding. We bought macarons on the way out that I would not buy again but everything else was worth repeating.

Laura D.

3.5/5 Not overly crowded around 12:30PM on a Saturday. Pros: -Some parking available -Vegan haven -Gorgeous food (especially the tacos at Bar Verde) -Beautiful space Cons: -Expensive -3/4 restaurants are sit down, so you can't just grab and go and have a massive taste test easily -Women's bathroom is small (2 stalls) and I think only on one floor. -Limited non-bar seating at Bar Verde -Some of the restaurants serve the same food, which is a little confusing. For example, you can get the T-BLAT at Make Out instead of at new.burger if you want to grab and go. The baked goods are the same at Make Out and at the Marketplace, which are only a few feet away from each other. I wouldn't go out of my way, but I'd consider returning to Double Zero or Make Out if I was in the area. -- Double Zero: 4/5 Staff rec: Pepperoni or Cacio e Pepe Margherita Pizza ($17.00) Small pizza (maybe 11", size of a Blaze/Oath pizza) with a sweet tomato sauce, a few dollops of cashew mozzarella, and basil. The crust was thin and crispy. This cashew mozzarella was the first vegan cheese that I enjoyed! It was super rich, so I was glad that it was in dollop form instead of a full coating. We'd get this again. - Bar Verde: 2/5 Staff rec: Wild Mushroom Carnitas or Cremini Mushroom & Caramelized Onion Quesadilla Wild Mushroom Carnitas ($14.00) 3 small tacos on a corn(?) shell. These tacos, while beautiful, tasted bland to me except for some spice from the fresno chile on top. I would definitely not order these again. - new.burger: 3/5 Classic Burger ($13.00) Potato bun was super soft. The patty was falling apart a bit which made the whole thing feel a bit mushy. The sunflower cheddar was very melty and tasted kind of like butter--I wasn't a fan. I strongly prefer the by CHLOE guacamole burger to this and wouldn't order again. - Make Out: 4/5 T-BLAT ($13.00?) The bread was awesome. The tempeh bacon was good--kind of sweet, but the Chipotle sauce provided some spice to balance out the sweetness. My only criticism is that there was probably an entire avocado on this sandwich, which was way too much. I'd get this again. - Marketplace: 3/5 Good selection of baked goods, but I wouldn't get any of these again. Chocolate Croissant ($5.00) I think this was my first vegan croissant and it was pretty good! I was surprised at how rich and buttery it tasted. It had the standard croissant texture of flaky outside and soft inside, with a small line of chocolate. It was slightly oily, but probably still my favorite out of all of the dessert we tried. Chocolate Chip Cookie ($2.00) Soft cookie with a lot of mini chocolate chips. Didn't have a very strong flavor. GF Chocolate Cake Donut ($3.00) Definitely not a donut--more like a cake in the shape of a donut with a little bit of chocolate icing. This didn't have any flavor, but I kind of liked the texture. It was super moist though a bit gelatinous. Cinnamon Bun ($5.00) The flavor was good, but the dough was too chewy and a bit dry. S'Mores Donut ($4.00) Yeast(?) donut with chocolate icing, marshmallows and chocolate chips on top. The dough was super chewy and oily.

David S.

Right off of downtown Providence sits Plant City, a very well established vegan restaurant. Our visit was greeted by a door holder, and a hostess who broke it down for us. There is a lot to choose from. Three different food vendors. The bar area for burgers, upstairs for pizza, and a build your own to go bowl. We sat at the bar to get a burger, the chili cheese fries, and a couple drinks. Server was friendly, she was busy. Our food was delicious. The barbecue with cheddar and caramelized onions. Put that back with a side of cheese fries. Everything was good and plant based. Nothing too processed. I enjoyed the meal and took a tour. It's a spacious venue. There's also a little market section. A whole lot going on here so many reasons to come in. Every vegan curious or veg friendly person in the area should pay this place a good visit. Maybe more than one! Cheers.

Shel D.

Went to Bar Verde and it was "okay". Still love the place and what they offer but the Mexican was on the very top end of fine. I found it lacked depth and spice. We added salt and lime to the guacamole. The hot sauce choices were not hot at all and sriracha doesn't go well with Mexican (IMO). The other 2 had some flavor but no heat at all. (Reference: I use sriracha and tabasco regularly. And pukka sauce too). Others at the table felt the same. It was as if everything just fell short in the spices department. Freshness, presentation, service, all top notch. Or perhaps the Italian set my bar too high! haha. But seriously Plant City, kick up the hot sauce temp please! Time to save up for place 3! Cheers!

Sally Mangham

Great selection of vegan food. Everything we ate was delicious. The upstairs hostesses were incredibly rude! We are visiting and we just had a few questions about how the restaurant worked and they didn't want to be bothered. There is a Mexican & Italian restaurant upstairs. The downstairs is more casual and the wait staff were willing and helpful! This is why they get a three star.

Bruno Cunha

Double ZERO flavor! Ordered two dishes and got absolutely no flavor out of either of them. Had to ask the table next to me for their pepper flakes to get anything out of the dish. Vegetables are supposed to have flavor! The service was particularly exceptional which led to the score of this review

Solomon Masala

Ok, if you think vegan food is just salad and just for alternative health nuts, think again. This place will blow you away with it's sumptuous, savory, and incredibly delicious menu of evolved Italian and Burger Bar offerings. Everything on the menu is delicious...and you'll have a hard time remembering it's vegan, rich flavors, captivating entrees. The decor is chic and cool, and the service is world class too notch - classy without being stiff. You'll leave feeling satisfied with the extra spring in your step because it's healthy! You owe it to yourself to meet friends and family for breakfast, lunch or dinner at this place, you'll love it!

Fabiola Almazan Olivar

Absolutely loved it. Friendly staff and quick service. We tried the pepperoni pizza, the pasta bolognese, a salad, chocolate scone, chocolate cookie and iced latte. It's a little bit pricey but definitely worth it.

Brandi M.

Hearing of an all plant based multiple restaurant concept, I'm over excited and nightly anticipated checking this out. When I knew a girlfriend and I were going to have lunch there one day, the day before I just started walls in the area to swing by and check it out. That evening I left to go from the café , grain bowl. And ask questions and look at the menus and got the lay of the land, for the following day we would be having lunch. My first experience was a little confusing. Father was a hostess at the front to answer questions to lay out his self created a little bit of confusion. There just needs to be a little bit more instruction and signage to guide you in the right direction. I didn't see on the menu for the café posted, where it told you how many toppings you could get or they would be an extra charge or whatever. So I'm building my grain bowl I get to the toppings and she says "OK you have one more topping." But there is no signage posted on the menu i started in the line that told you about procedure. The grain bowl very good I enjoyed it quite well, fresh ingredients cooked very well. So the next day for lunch, my friend and I entered the building and I went immediately to the hostess at the front to make sure I was clear on what the procedure was from the menu ordering downstairs. It's not clear where you can sit and order from what menus. She said, after we stayed we wanted to sit outside, that we could order from two of the menus. Well half of one of the menus and another of the whole menus. Which is kind of ridiculous. So I ordered from the burger menu my friend got something from the café. I received a transponder that would vibrate when my burger was ready. My friends tree was carried out by her employee to an outside table that we chose. We were waiting for my burger to be ready, and employee came over and informed us that the area we were sitting in was for certain menu ordering and table service area only that we would have to move to the other area of tables outside. My friend was already sitting eating her meal, and we were asked to move. Which I responded we were told by the hostess inside if you wanted to sit outside we need to order from one of those menus, which I did. It was not given as a specific instruction that we want to sit in that certain table area we had to order with a server. I didn't noticed there was a very small sign to the right of the door, which was not the way we entered the location that stated that. If this is the case, I believe better signage needs to be used. Even on each individual table. To inform your guests of that specific seating procedure. Hey this to say we weren't moving because we were already enjoying our lunch. And it was quite ridiculous for someone to ask us to move. Asked for my burger goes, I was quite disappointed. I got the original or classic burger on the menu, which said it came with a beat catsup, as I went to pick up my order on the tray I looked out the burger with wilted lettuce two very miserable pieces of lettuce on the top of the bun, and looks for the catch-up on the burger itself. I looked under the patio and no catch up. So when I asked for the catch-up, employee instructed me that it was under the patio and I said "well no it's not , I looked can I get some catch-up". The bun was also very rubbery not fresh at all. Quite disappointing for $14 veggie burger with a side of very lightly dressed greens, it comes with wilted lettuce and not all of the ingredients as listed on the menu. I want to love this place being a plant-based person myself, I was quite disappointed with our lunch experience, with the rudeness of the server outdoors that asked us to move which is unacceptable, and the Quality our meals. I hope the kinks get worked out as I would love to revisit and have my expectations met. The potential for this concept is there but some improvements in signage and a clear path for guests is definitely needed.

Stacy Love Cameron

Everything was amazing - great food, drinks and staff! Cannot wait to visit again

Tal Anouk

Choices for anyone! Excellent service, great ambiance.

Linda Bessette

Wonderful food! Great atmosphere! Staff are amazing. Every thing imaginable from Italian to Mexican to wraps to doughnuts! Love it!

Alan Lafontaine

It was the first time I stopped by today with my friend who is vegan. It was a fantastic experience. I wish I had remembered the server's name because I would like to give her props as well. The food was fantastic and the service was great, the atmosphere was comfortable and the multiple options of restaurant Styles and the market are very intriguing. I look forward to experiencing the rest of it in the near future.

Anna Liik

Waitstaff were nice. The food was terrible. $22 for a 2 inch slice of cauliflower. The ice tea had a smoked chickpea flavor to it. The staff made a cup of tea to try for themselves and completely agreed with us. Asked for a club soda or seltzer and was told that they have seltzer with the air taken out.... kind of sounds like water to me. No one in our party of 6 had a decent meal and we were all still hungry. Not our kind of food.

Stephen Benjamin

I really, really, really wanted to like this place. I do not like leaving negative reviews of vegan establishments but I have to be honest. Iâ??ve now been to both Double Zero and Bar Verde as well as the market downstairs.

Andrew M.

Came here to see what all the hype was about... still some kinks that need to be worked out, but I'll give them an A for effort. This place is separated into 4 different venues-- Coffee shop, Burgers, Mexican, and Italian. There is also a super market and kinda like a "wellness breakfast bowl" place as well. I went to the Mexican restaurant upstairs and sat at the bar. I ordered the jackfruit tacos and they were sooooo good (could have been a tad more spicy) and I can't wait to try more of their options. The interior is chic. The staff is friendly. I have a feeling I'll update this to 5 stars once the kinks get worked out. The staff really had no idea how to explain the concept of this place to me and I also had no idea where to go or how to order on the first floor. I kind of wandered around and asked 3 or 4 people and then realized it on my own.

Mike G.

First things first: I found almost everything about this place wildly baffling ...... the hype machine made it sound like Plant City would be a vegan oasis skippered by a famous chef. I imagined inventive and amazing food, as well as speciality groceries .... what they deliver is, well, anything but .... Let me start with the positives: the staff were all pretty nice and friendly. The coffee came in a gigantic cup and tasted great. Now, here's where the strings come in: the grocery store was tiny and mirrored the stock you will find at every Whole Foods .... yet marked up a bit. As for the food, we ordered tofu scrambles on bagels with bacon. For $8 each, I expected something worthwhile; instead, some type of prepackaged tempeh/seitan hybrid served as the "bacon," and the scramble was bland(a little nutritional yeast and pepper seemed to be the extent of spices). Here's another baffling part: they refused, nicely, to serve our son a plain bagel. "Oh, we can't do that," they said. They were nice, sure, but it was still incredibly odd!! They had piles right on the counter ..... Maybe other aspects of this place are great, like the upstairs restaurant or the bar; I really can't speak to those. What I can say, though, is that this place comes off like a very lazy con job: jump on the "plant-based" trend and push overpriced schlock onto an unassuming public. In the immortal words of John Lydon: "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"