Tantric Night Club

1070 N Main St, Providence
(401) 273-1070

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Jay C.

Possibly the worst two experiences I've ever had at any club/ lounge/ bar. Twice student orgs at my college booked private events at Tantric and both were dramatic disasters because of the club's poor management and horrible leadership. The first time the woman who I think is the owner (a short white woman) popped out of no where and started screaming at me and my friends. We were waiting in line but I think I accidentally looked at her and she gets in my face and goes "WHAT WE GOT A PROBLEM?" I was pretty shy back then and I had pre-paid so I looked down and said sorry so I could still get in. Once I got to the top of the line the bouncer essentially grabs me, without warning, and is super rough on my private areas while patting me down. Once I get in the place, it was fun for about 30 minutes but they apparently hadn't hired security yet (the lounge was new at the time I think) so people were allegedly sneaking in through back doors and taking alcohol from behind the bar. Not to mention the risk to all of us as patrons from anybody off the street being able to enter the club without getting patted down, the owner somehow blamed us as patrons for them not having security. They shut the whole club down maybe 30 minutes into the night and when I asked a bouncer what happened they were super rude and said that I should "blame my little friends". Mind you, I'm a grown man and I paid to be there so no employee shoulda been talking to me like that especially after I had to prepay to go to a club that got shut down after only 30 minutes because of their own incompetence. The second time, the bouncer at the door wouldn't let me wait for my friends who were right behind me in line and pushed me into the club. This is dangerous for obvious reasons but I was eventually able to re-link with the folks I came with. Anyways, I wind up getting sick while there. I run to the bathroom and find there's no door on the men's bathroom stall. Even worse, you could see into the stall from out the bathroom door so anyone walking by woulda been able to see me in the bathroom. I find a bouncer and ask if there's a bathroom anywhere I can use and he essentially tells me that it's not his problem. After that, I've vowed to never go back to Tantric. I've been to pretty much every club in Providence and it's the only one I've had such horrible experiences at.

Nessa Lovell

Pretty chill night club, great atmosphere and a pretty good drink selection. The DJ was cool, wasn't that bad and you'll find a few attractive faces here


So far I’m a little upset I walked for 38 mins to a club that is not open it says it opens at 9 it’s 10 and there is no one here.

alexsianna walker

is this a 18+ club?

Jamila Gomes

I Love this club

ashley k

DO NOT hold an event at this space, do not rent this place. The bouncers were the absolute worst, completely rude. They were refusing to let people back in even to find their friends / get their things. Insisting that everyone was too drunk to be let back into the club, being very slow to let people in, and keeping so many guests waiting in a huge line outside the door in the FREEZING cold. Many people gave up and left before they even got into the club! Once you're inside, they kick you out if they think you're even a little drunk, without any provocation. It was honestly the most hostile place I've ever had an event, even Colosseum and Ultra are better in terms of service. Maybe this place is nice for people who are just visiting but based on how they kick people out I don't think so. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

Ting-Hsun Lee

A really bad business, seriously have no idea why the bouncers are so mean and rude ... they stopped me and my friends from going in and argued with us without any sense. Please just let them shut their business down by not going there and spread the words please. RISD and Brown friends let's teach them something called RESPECT.

Candy W.

Tantric was a mess last night. The manager denied that he was a manager to avoid speaking with us. Bouncers were rude and became physical. They can't even organize a line to enter the club. Packed on the outside but a lot more empty on the inside.

M Depina

The best place in town! Drinks were reasonably priced and the entertainment was great!!!

Prince Umukoro

Great service. Enjoyed all recommendations. Prices aren't ridiculous either

Alex W.

This place is terrible I showed up at ten, which is when Google said they open. And the door man says we aren't ready yet. Pardon my French but what the f*** do you mean your not ready yet. So I waited at another bar and came back, i saw about four people outside waiting. Who I assumed were about to go in then the same door man who was smoking pot mind you tells me, they're "promoters" though they were unlike any promoters I had seen up until this point. And judging by the rather personal language they were using they were probably just his hoodrat friends. At this point I just gave up, personally I've been to many clubs and all of them were open when they said they would be. And their employees weren't sitting on the side walk smoking weed. I can see why there's been so much trouble involving this place.

Godfrey Ainooson

Great party spot

Paul Samson

best time in a long time

Armando Medina

Its alright

Ketura Samedi

They are the worst people to do business with seriously.

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