Yama Fuji

1190 N Main St, Providence
(401) 228-7805

Recent Reviews

Zito Medeiros

Had great rolls with akai rice which is ver high in fiber and can actually lower your blood sugar. This akai rice allows me to have sushi without worrying about sugar spikes of regular rice. They had Dogfish 60 for an IPA and St. Pauli Girl for non alcoholic beer. The staff was friendly and service was quick. There is off street parking to the left of the building.

Josh V

Good food, very tasty overall. The boneless spare ribs were good but a little fatty. Portions were okay for combination plates.

WalkDeadMan (Walk_Dead_Man)

Great place to go for a quiet night out. The staff is polite and on time. Food is great they have a seafood bar where you can watch the cook make your meal

Edward Catanzaro

Excellent and delicious. Always fresh and authentic.


Took 45 minutes to bring out our roll, had to bag it as we stood at the counter paying since they didn't bring it out as an appetizer.. they also made a huge sushi boat for a couple before ours came out. Have ordered food online before but won't be again and won't be going back unfortunately.

Alicia Dean

Portions are a bit small for entrée meals. That was disappointing. However Sushi was good. Salmon had a great texture. Flavor of everything was awesome except for the miso. Tasted like water very bland. All in all just ok.

John Q Taxpayer

I don’t like leaving less than 5 stars. The waitress/bartender was fantastic! The food I didn’t find up to par.

MB Dempsey

Fresh food and great service every time I have visited.

Jose Solares

This place has very good sushi. I eat at several locations and it's one of my favorites

Madeline Hernandez

Well I had an interesting first experience here. When I called to ask if their dining room was opened, the person sounded miserable on the phone. That was the first red flag. Then when we entered, we were quickly seated, weren’t asked if we wanted anything to drink, waited a moment before we saw our waitress. That would be the second Red flag. Then after we got our order in and our drinks, our waitress was helping out their next guest. She was being amazing with them (as she was with us once she got to us). And someone either in management or the owner (?) yelled at her for helping them get the best deal. Those guests left, my friend and I were awkwardly waiting for our food while listening to this poor girl get yelled at. That manager/ owner didn’t try to accommodate for the other folks.. and said “good” when they said they were leaving. And then our waitress got my friend a refill, took off her apron and excused herself. She left after letting someone she worked with know that she was leaving. As she was leaving she said “this was only my second day… I don’t need this. I shouldn’t be getting yelled at”. And on top of that, my food was not the greatest. So that should be red flag three and four.

Kelsea Hindley

Finally a great Chinese place with an affordable menu and great food. I ordered pick up, it was ready and hot when I got there. The portions were amazing, the food was delicious. I will be recommending this place.

Michael Jackson

Fantastic dan dan noodles. Excellent twice cooked pork belly. Skip the rest of the menu and go right to the last page.

armande moore

Good mix of Asian foodReally good scorpion bowls and appetizers


Food was not too bad but it was not great. It was most definitely not worth the price. The menu didn’t have the right prices either. The soda was water down a lot and tasted like dirt. Honestly I would not recommend this place to anyone it would better to go buy McDonald’s.

Liz Thompson

We wanted to try a new place for chinese food and wow, we are so happy we did! The food is excellent! This will be my new go-to for sure!

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