Waffle House

4390 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Beech Island
(803) 593-0463

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Dead Eye

Went to the Waffle House in Clearwater sc which is a beechisland address but this is the 4th time they are closed are not doing anything but take out are don’t have a cook there yet I have never complain until t the parking lot it’s 5:10 this morning and they tell us there only doing take out because they don’t have enough servers and that would be ok if the didn’t have two servers two cooks and supposedly a dish washer the lady said her manager told her don’t open if they only have two servers so we had to leave and go to Aiken on Richland avenue where they only have one server and a cook and they are all way open for dine in but the point is this is starting to happen a lot and the place is really starting to go down hill I truly hope the district manager see this because I was informed this morning when we try to go in and eat that the manager said for them to only do to go orders if they only have two not one but two servers well they had two servers two cooks and a dishwasher in the back doing nothing and if you only doing to go orders why do you need to cooks two servers and a dishwasher there are no dishes to wash because you want let people come in to eat so if you want a good Waffle House to eat at and see how it is supposed to be run go to Richland avenue in Aiken

Javon Barmore

Worst Waffle House Ever! The manager is so disrespectful. Awful customer service. Just rude in general. The entire staff acted as if they didn’t want to serve anyone. Very disappointed.

Michele Mohon

Everything was great! You should go in and see Jackie she is wonderful

Kenneth Laws

Well for some reason the people in South Carolina, seem to be more polite then the ones here in GA. I can go there anytime day are night and always get good service. But the ones in Augusta are always rude and nasty mouth if you ask them for anything. Maybe they need help in Augusta under standing the customer is what gives them there jobs. Wake up people.Kid-friendliness: The young lady working there was very polite and took her time to serve my daughter extra care. A great waitress.

Mary Clifford

Lately the food is just nasty. The grits are so dry and taste old. The eggs had a shell in themFood: 2/5

mel Randall

Like this location, but not going anywhere that I get charges almost $4 for TWO TO GO PLATES. Absolute robbery. Don't care about 10% tip on to go, but 10% supply charge (like it costs you over $1 a plate) for a total of 20% added to all to go orders is horrible business practices. Just raise prices don't rob unsuspecting customers.Food: 4/5

Shelle Holley

Tasha and Kisha were excellent and the cook made my food to perfection.Food: 5/5

Elaine Favreau

Ita the Waffle House, thwre os nothing else to say. They are here for us 24 hours of every single day of the year! With delicious food cooked to order!Food that even the late, GREAT Anthony Bourdain became a fan of when he tried it. That is "chef's kisses", literally.Amazing, delicious and best of all, always here for me in my time of Patty Melt, WITH some scattered, covered, chunked, diced and capped hash browns.Chef's kisses!!!???Thats my review ?❤?

Spencer Goodwin

Never had any issues with the restaurant. It is crowded from time to time but nothing that the company can do about it.Food: 5/5

Brianna Merritt

The manager who is on duty was rude the night before they burnt my sister food she came back to explain he said he couldn’t help just called corporate she left called to explain again and he literally hung up the phone yelling I told you what you can do you can call corporate called again and a lady just kept said ma’am living near the area made this experience a disappointment knowing you can’t get great service never going back

kimberley bloomer (mizz pimpin)

Again everyone loves this icon the waffle house is always there with a friendly smile as sometimes wish to as friendly smiles moved a little quicker but other than that you can't be the food the cooks are awesomeAgain everyone loves this icon the waffle house is always there with a friendly smile as sometimes wish to as friendly smiles moved a little quicker but other than that you can't be the food the cooks are awesome

Candy Windsor

The worst Waffle House that I’ve ever been to. They always get my order wrong and the food is terrible. Yesterday they got my order wrong and the steak was freezer burns and my scrambled eggs were RAW. I called greater than 70 times and no one answered my call. Called the next day and they refused to replace it or give me my money back because I didn’t have the plate of rotten food 24 hours later. Im very disappointed and will never go back.

Sharon Gutermuth

This was much better than last time I was here. Last time I said I would never come back and it's been way over a year since then. Decided to give it a try again and was very pleased with the difference. Very friendly staff this time. Whole different atmosphere...Food: 5/5

sharon oglesby

Good food. Good service. Staff worked together nicely. Air wasn’t as cold at this Waffle House like in most. I usually freeze but I was comfortable.

Ben Langdale

They almost always leave the phone off the hook or deliberately don’t answer bc they don’t want to make to go orders. Just lazy and sorry… you’d think they’d want the business…

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