Home Team BBQ

126 Williman St, Charleston
(843) 225-7427

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Hannah S.

Came here on a Sunday afternoon. There was 20 minute wait which we expected. No big deal. We had to stay outside to wait. After about an hour, my husband and I went to check on our spot. (We were first on the wait list at the time we checked in). The host said she texted me multiple times and I never replied or showed up for my table so they deleted my spot in line. She states all This while my husband watches her delete our reservation before showing me the screen on her iPad. This was very upsetting and we will not be returning here which is upsetting since I was really exited to try some of their things on the menu. But on the other hand Rodney Scott's was really yummy as an alternative.

Gregg A.

Omg  this place is a must for the dry rub wings with death relish and Alabama white sauce    Amazing!!!!  The pulled chicken and Mac and cheese all great! Bun was soaked a bit, but the meat was not wet...

A must go to

Diana G.

This is not my first time to come to this place usually is great but I had to write about this experience.

We got to Home Team and waited 25 min to be seated for 3 people (which is acceptable on new years eve) however we sit, ordered drinks, and the first thing the server says is : "By the way, I think you guys should order now because we're running out of protein".

Keeping in mind this is a BBQ place and their main food is protein (not only protein but brisket, pork or ribs) the server said that the only protein they had was chicken served in different ways. We felt deceived coming to a bbq joint to get chicken. who comes here to get just chicken!? We're here for the ribs and especially the brisket.

They should have stated that before the customer gets inside after waiting 25 min outside.  It is obvious that people come to home team to eat pork, ribs or brisket and not letting people know that they are out of that before entering.

Morgan F.

Great BBQ spot. Highly recommend the frozen Irish coffee; it tastes like a chocolate milkshake

Liam English

BBQ and service at this spot is excellent. i should have took a photo of the food but it was too good to interrupt. the staff was very helpful and observant. the bill was fair for the quality of food. this place has good reviews for a reason.

Taylor L.

Ah Home team. A frequented location among my friends and a place we have spent a good amount of cash on mainly due to the cocktails.

If Home team didn't have gamechangers and frozen Irish coffees, they would not be sought after with Lewis and Rodney Scott's and other BBQ joints nearby. The frozen drinks are dangerous and very tasty. Always get a large because it is fiscally responsible compared to the small price point or split with a willing friend. They are 10 and 11 bucks but they are quite delicious and worth it on a hot summer day. Very happy I don't know the nutrition facts on these bad boys.

For food, my go to is the nachos. Pro tip- ask to add or sub the cheese for queso. No additional charge and everybody loves ooey gooey cheese. Wings are delicious and if needing a snack, the tacos are tasty. Also Home team is great with having a ton of sauce options. My favorite are the Hot sauce, Hot Red and Mustard.

The atmosphere is cool. Open spaces and outside seats are usually sought after. Sometimes they have live music and there's always football and sports on their TVs. It's ima Georgia fan bar so avoid those game times if you don't want a crowd. Service is hit and miss probably along with how crowded they are. I've had great service before and okay service as well.

Get a gamechanger and nachos at Home team!

Josephs Boy

1st time visiting Charleston & this place didn't disappoint. I really enjoyed the food, meat was tender as well as flavorful & the sides were just as satisfying. The weather made the outside area the perfect place to eat.

Nicholas P Pinelli

BEWARE: this is the best mac & cheese you can get your hands on. Their dry rub wings are bigger than any other wings you’ve gotten anywhere else and the Alabama White sauce sets the standard for its class. Their online reservation system is fantastic and easy to use, so you’ll never wait to be seated. Show up and have a Game Changer— you’ll soon realize why Hometeam is always packed.

Jamie Rogers

Good Barbeque, really liked the hash and rice. Brisket was very nice, three slices on the l e a n side, too little sauce for me. But i would definitely go back. Great ambiance.

Steven Worthy

Went here for the brisket as I thought another place nearby was closed that night. Brisket bead fantastic and wish I had more. When back in Charleston, I'm from NC, I'll definitely come back for that and try the barbeque!

Romas R

Nice place. Clean. Tasty food

Andrea Christine Daring

Mary Grace was the best server! She was very attentive and friendly and took great care of us. The food and drinks were also SO good! Thank you Honeteam!!

Jerry Koebel

Great food. Great service.


This is maybe my 5th attempt at trying to go to this Hometeam downtown and the guy that greats you is horrendous. He is not hospitable whatsoever. Makes you feel like you and your party are a complete inconvenience to the restaurant and makes it seem like it’s such a trouble to seat you because of Covid. If people want to come to Hometeam I’m pretty sure they’re way more relaxed about Covid than this guy. Hometeam, I’m a fan but none of the regulars want to come because of this guy. I’ll find another place to watch the UGA games

Jesi Lynn Kanapaux

Great brisket! Great service!

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