Ru Ru's Tacos & Tequila

159 E Bay St, Charleston
(843) 637-3686

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McKenna A.

Absolutely the worst Mexican food I have ever had. I've had a better dinning experience at Taco Bell.

Shane G

This restaurant was very spacious and inviting as we entered with a cool atmosphere.This location offers a 10% military discount.I rated this restaurant as a 3 Star for a few reasons, in which I will explain.First let’s talk about the positives on the visit. As mentioned above, very spacious and inviting atmosphere and we were seated immediately. The movie quote theme is awesome and creates a fun vibe. On the food, both appetizers ordered were fantastic. The Calamari was fried well and the sauces were awesome. The nachos were exactly what someone should expect. I would recommend a little more seasoning on the beef and a less salty chip. The service was very nice and courteous.Now the areas of improvement:First off, the restaurant had an awful smell upon arriving and took some time to get used to it. The smell was similar to ammonia. May have lingered in from the HVAC system. As I looked up, the ceiling air vents had a lot of black dust on them. I cannot confirm, but could be mixed with some black mold, as this is common out of HVAC systems with high ceilings.Next, once we were seated, there was long gaps in being served giving a perception of a longer than normal wait.The main entrees were bland in flavor and was disappointing. The menu stated the tacos were “Super Duper”, however; the price was $4.99 each and that stood out to me as I have had some great tacos at Mexican restaurants in California that would’ve out performed the tacos at this establishment.My kids menu taco was entered wrong and we got a cheese quesadilla instead. They did correct it.Lastly, the hostess did not refill our drinks one time. This is a big disappointment when being served at a sit down restaurant.Ownership/Management work on these things and season the tacos a little more and you will have a 4-5 star establishment.

Matt G.

If you're dunk and can't get in anywhere else downtown this is your spot. Food is meh, drinks okay, place is a little dirty.

Raven L.

Delicious! Also LOVE the names for the food options on the menu. Quick seating in an otherwise very busy area in regards to restaurants. Service was quick, waitress attentive. Queso is delicious- opt for the one with chorizo mixed in- sooooo good.

Madi R.

Stopped in for a quick lunch on a Sunday afternoon. I was seated immediately and had a drink within 5 minutes of my arrival. They were out of ginger beer so they couldn't make the cocktail that I originally ordered but my server suggested the ginger agave seltzer instead which was a great recommendation! I got the vegetarian bowl which was huge and delicious! The tofu was cooked impressively well especially for a Mexican restaurant. I'll definitely be back to try some of their vegetarian tacos soon!

Travis Eidle

Ru Ru's far exceeded my expectations. We ordered nachos with steak and added guac. They were the most well layered nachos in terms of toppings on chips that I've ever had. The steak had great flavor and was cooked perfectly. We also ordered the fried fish taco and shrimp taco which were very large and priced very fairly. I was so surprised at how good our frozen mango margarita was. It wasn't too sweet and didn't taste like any of the fake margaritas that you'd get out there. It was strong with great flavor. Only frozen margarita that I've had that's comparable is mad dog and beans in NYC. We also were seated right away and the food came very fast for a Saturday night at 7:30pm. Highly recommend.

Doc Ryan

The food here was absolutely 5/5 stars. It was absolutely delicious and came out in a timely manner. The drinks were also good and regularly priced for Charleston. The bartenders we're super friendly. The only reason I did not give it a 5/5 star was there was a 30 minute wait for a table when there were more empty tables then seated tables.

Fred G

Absolutely delicious stop if you’re downtown! The staff was awesome and super friendly, and the tacos were AMAZING. Our favorite was the “Slappin the bass”, which is great even if you’re not a seafood fan. The apps were delicious as well, and the mixed drinks were the right level of strong. We’ll definitely be back!

Victoria N.

This place was across from our hotel, and we had just landed in Charleston, so we needed a quick place to eat before dinner. The tacos were surprisingly delicious. I was not too fond of their cocktails since some were spicer and sweeter than I like. Good table service and food, so I would likely visit the place if I were ever in Charleston again.

Jenn B.

My husband and I stopped in today for lunch as most other places we had been to before had an hour+ wait. No wait here, place was cute, waitress was lovely. But I can honestly say, food and drink-wise, this was the most awful experience we have had at a restaurant since moving here. First, the dishes were named awful movie quote or title names that had nothing to do with what was in the meal which, obviously, doesn't make a meal bad, but odd. I ordered three tacos and my husband ordered a burrito. His burrito was huge but the pork in it was chewy And grey colored. My fish taco was dry and just pieces of fish on lettuce, my chicken taco had chewy chicken bits in it that I had to spit out because there were inedible pieces in it and my shrimp taco was grey and smelly and stringy. I had also ordered a margarita with mango in it and it was sour like they had put unripe fruit in it which was also not blended very well and had white chunks in it. All that to say, I have already gotten sick twice from my lunch which I could barely eat. 10/10 would not recommend. Only gave one star because the waitress was pleasant and the location was great. Otherwise, inedible.

Anna E.

Happy hour at RuRus was delightful. Tacos were delicious, and drinks were half off ! The menu has a great variety, with fun names for all of the menu items. Already thinking of the next time I go in and what I'll try then . Soo soo good

Amber G.

Down to earth cool vibe.Great happy hour deals! The bartenders were so happy and helpful on where to try next while visiting. The Guac was amazing and the hot sauce they have in house is so good!

Sophia W.

Ordered the long duck dong x3, Korea tacos. Pretty good, lil kick of spicy but quite runny and just ok. The queso and chips, bomb. House marg on the rocks was fresh and tasty too!


We arrived during the happy hour and enjoyed half price margaritas and appys. We also ordered a couple of tacos. Good food and good service. Enjoyed it.

Samantha L.

I visit RuRu's for a mid-afternoon lunch with my family. The service was quick but unfortunately we found the food very disappointing. I got the tofu & veggie rice bowl, they were out of tofu which is fine but none of the veggies were fresh and everything just had a bit of an odd taste. There was a ton of sauce in the bowl (three different kinds) and it just did not taste right - what did have flavor wasn't a very good one and I couldn't eat much of it even though I'm not normally a picky eater. Others in my party got burritos and tacos which they said were "ok". The others thought the sauce on the rice was weird as well and would've been better plain. I hate to leave a bad review but not the meal we were hoping for in Charleston.

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