Sunshine Buffet

898 Tiger Blvd, Clemson
(864) 986-4173

Recent Reviews

Judy Swaney

This place is now Big Boy's Country Cooking. It is very good!!Wonderful salad bar!!

Andrew Holder

Great food,very friendly staff , New name it's Big Boys buffet now!!

Herbert Gulley

This site is my number one restaurant. Of all restaurants I know I prefere it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to this restaurant. when I feel like having a good supper, this is the place that comes immediately to my head. Great and all sorts of food and a rich cuisine.trained team, and agreeable vibes. Not less important, the cost is honest. I sent my friends to this spot with no hesitation.

Steph Matheson

Great southern cooking on the buffet! Fried green tomatoes, fried okra, sawmill gravy, and lots more . . . Sweet tea was fantastic!! Didn't have to add sweet & low at all! Large selection on the salad bar and dessert bar too. Friendly servers, fair prices, and clean everything. Will definitely be back!

Jamie Cannon

Not the cleanest buffet. Food was dried and needed refreshed upon our arrival. I had a steak from the menu. Ordered rare but was like it came from fridge, no heat at all. Hubby had buffet. Said it left alot to be desired. Will not return!!

Deborah Nicholson

Sunshine Buffet keeps improving each time we visit. This week was our 3rd time visiting. The fried chicken and home made meat loaf are my favorites. Right now the item that is our least favorite is the mac & cheese. I look forward to them making, good southern style mac & cheese (with top layer of cheese).

Ed O.

No server wore masks but customers had to when not eating.  When us 3 seniors went to checkout, they told us to wait til they cleared the register. 20 min later they insisted we had 4 at the table and owed for drinks marked free for the buffet on the paper menu..when we complained, the clerk screamed that she was going to call the police and then screamed  just get out of here, and said To me,  f you, lady!
Our waitress checked us out but that took another 10 minutes. I tried calling the owner, but their phone is now blocked.
I intend to report this to the BBB, and to the health dept for lack of masks.. they had them around their necks but said they pulled them down because they couldn't breathe right with them on.
We will never return to this Hellhole.. I also now wonder if their food is sanitary, with their unprofessional and sloppy and insulting demeanor.

Carolyn Finley

Sunshine Buffet was wonderful!! It is now my favorite place to eat. I love all the many foods you have to choose from. And all you can eat. And the food is so DELICIOUS!! Way to go, guys! See you again soon!!!

Knox Odonnell

First-rate environment and super friendly service. The food was fresh and delicious. Will definitely recommend this place to others. Affordable prices and generous meals. Keep up the great work.

Michael Schneider

It was great! I always did enjoy my mom's home cooking of 3 hour old, straight out of a can/box food. It made my normal regimen of tv dinners and saw dust tastes palatable again. Thanks guy's ?

Pam Stones Crowe

Sunshine Buffet was very clean, very organized & the food was very good.

Johnny R

Absolutely loved the fish!! All other was delicious. Very clean and excellent service. Very kind table servers.

Corey Gaines

Any negative review for this place, please ignore. I've noticed most of them came from the time they first opened and hadn't had time to adjust yet. This place is absolutely delicious. Me and my fiance have been there quite a few times now and every single time the food is stellar. Everything is so fresh tasting and home cooked. The staff are polite and helpful and the prices are great. We tried the buffet for the first time now that it's opened up and it didn't disappoint. We go out to eat on a regular basis and this is definitely our go to place. Don't let the negative reviews deter you from giving this local gem a chance. You won't be disappointed.

Frances Childs

Are you open. Phone says mailbox full. The food is so good! My husband and I were coming last weekend and when mailbox was full we figured closed for the 4th. I would like to eat tomorrow but I can't reach anyone so I'm assuming they are closed. If you are open let me know.

Sandy Roper

Great food and great price.

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