Bernie's Restaurant

1311 Bluff Rd, Columbia
(803) 256-2888

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Michael N.

True rating: 3.5. (Couldn't give a 4) Service: clearly a local favorite spot. High turnout, efficient, and food comes out fast. Food: like most people i got the 3 piece special which is 3 chicken, fries, slaw, drink, for $8.00. I don't like slaw so she let me get double fries. I subbed one chicken for a breast for $0.50 surcharge. Chicken came out hot and was juicy, breading not heavy, not light, but to me it was just "ok". Same with the French fries, no seasoned salt, basically no salt on them so u must use ketchup for sure to make them taste good. Roll, was just a regular Walmart dinner roll. Drink, sweet tea had a ton of ice, not much drink but i ate there and was able to get a refill on my way out. Tea is made with not too much sugar so that can be good or bad depending who cares. I also got a red velvet cake and it tasted like just a regular Walmart cake, meaning it was decent, but it wasn't RICH, no substance or wow factor, just a regular piece of basic cake. Good thing it was only $1.75 so i didn't feel cheated. This is an example of U get what u pay for in relations to the cake. Overall: decent place, but absolutely nothing stood out. Would i come back, yes maybe, if I'm in the area bc it is cheap and decent, but am i driving out of my way to come back? No. I'm from Charlotte so much better spots to go to in my opinion. (For those that care, this place is NOT black owned, i asked)

Levi Gadson

So Whenever I Go There, The Food is Usually Good...I Took Away Some Stars Cause This is the second Time in About 6-8 months That I've Been Here & Seen a BIG Issue...Before I Left, I Asked for a Refill...1 Of The Girls Asked Me For My Cup, Smh...I Asked For a New one, She Asked Where's Ya Cup that you Had...I Said I Want a New One, & Showed Her My Cup...She Asked For a Receipt, Which I Paid About Twenty Dollars For Me & a Friend...Thing Is, They Refill Customers Cups In the MIDDLE of a Pandemic from a Jug With a Spout...Its Not Even Cool Before That!!! You Don't Know what that Person Has!!! She Told Me, Another Cup will be a Dollar & Twenty Five Cents; When Its Obvious I Was Eating in...This is a Health Hazard, & Unexceptable!!! Theirs No Reason for this, Especially When they Go Up on the Price of these Specials...If Everyone Else Can Comply, What makes This Restaurant So Special? Me & my Peoples Have been Going Here For YEARS, & Will Stop Until They Get This Under Wraps...Trust Me, it's ALOT Of Us!!! So Until this is Handled, it's Bye Bye BerniesAlso, Calling in an Order is Almost a Joke...You Will Get there 15-20mins Later & Food Still May Not Be Ready...Then Wait another 15-20mins To get ya Order It Wasn't Even Near the Lunch Rush...Some Of the Cashiers Have Attitude issues as Well

Henry Cartwright

Get here. Eat here. It is the place for southern fried chicken and the BEST banana pudding on the planet. Everything about this place is awesome, especially the ladies running the counter.

Padma W.

I'm between 3 and. 4 stars. The chicken was juicy and the breading was good and not too heavy. It's clearly a local favorite with a large volume of sales. They turn out the orders quickly. But neither the chicken nor fries were hot. The bun was soft and fresh but tasted like a normal store bought bun. Same with coleslaw. Way too much ice in drink and very little drink. I left thirsty. A bit pricey - $8 for 3 pieces, fries, bun and ice (I mean drink). Chicken was a bit small. I liked the atmosphere and will be back.

Mz. Sophisticated Lady 83

Bernie's hands down has the best fried chicken wings. The potato salad and baked beans was delicious. I don't be in the area often but this will always be my pit stop.

Dee D

I got 3 pieces of chicken, fries, Cole slaw and a drink for $8. The chicken was as good as everyone had been talking about as well as the Cloe slaw. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. I will be back and I will bring the family next time.

Madi Hankinson

Can't comment on service as a coworker picked it up. However that coworker picked it up for our entire school students included and I must say number one everything was packaged extremely well and organized. The sweet tea was perfect. I've been looking for great fried chicken since I moved up here and Bernie's is definitely top two that I've had. The prices are unbeatable by far! Definitely reminded me of the smaller family restaurants growing up. Will absolutely be back

Milton Wiseman

Great food, great staff. Orders are made fresh and hot. Been going here for years and never been disappointed. They crush all the chain restaurants in quality and cost. Try it and find a new chicken place that serves more than chicken with a taste that sets it apart.

David Stout

Best Southern Fried Chicken in SC, as far as I know. Probably close to 500 people or more eat there at lunch, it is slammed up. They are almost as fast as Chic-Fil-A when it comes to ordering and getting your food. Seriously awesome chicken. It's near the William Bryce (Gamecocks) football stadium so if you are coming for a game, this is a must stop if you love fried chicken......

Felicia Mason

The atmosphere is welcoming but ALWAYS busy and sometimes standing room only...Call your order in ahead if you can. Their salads are good but sometimes the lettuce is too wet and it's just a mess by the time you get it. Other than that I love this place.


Need to the area just order nit even worried about the food flavor and taste based off the local customers and friendly staff. I ordered the fried fish dinner two piece. Hope I can make it home before eating! And ordered the banana pudding.

Steezy Garage

Great Chicken, Great Sweet Tea, Great Atmosphere, Great Service. What more could you ask for.

Victoria Criswell

The food is always made to order so that it is always served fresh and delicious. They try to get you in and out as fast as possible. Lunch is always super busy but they do a great job serving everyone!! The prices are very reasonable. The flavor of their fried chicken is UNMATCHED!!!!

Jennie Accor

The food was ok but the customer service was great. Everyone was very nice!

Grover R

Our kayak guide at Congaree National Park told us this was the Best Fried Chicken in South Carolina and it lived up to that claim. I loved it when we first got there because it reminded me of those local restaurants from the 1980's when I was a kid. It did not look like much had changed since that time. You order from the counter and the long line indicates that you are in for a treat. From the building to presentation of you plate, this is a no frills restaurant with all effort and energy put into the quality of the food. When you final get your plate the wait is over and it is delicious. My uncle and I both at the 2 piece plate with fries and it was great after a long paddle in Congaree NP. While I have not had all the fried chicken in SC, this was some of the best fried chicken I had ever had. If you are even in SE Columbia, SC, come to Bernie's, you will be glad you did.

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