Chester Fried Chicken

2015 Bluff Rd, Columbia
(803) 799-8787

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Melissa Jedlicka

Fresh and fast! Taters and chicken tenders with Chester sauce. How do they get their sweet buttered biscuits lightly crisp on outside and soft on inside?!?? Delicious!

Shelli L

Sat in line for 45 minutes and got a cold dry burger and cold fries. Will never stop here again. Not the first time either. This place has always sucked.

Michael N.

True rating: 3.5. (Couldn't give a 4) Service: clearly a local favorite spot. High turnout, efficient, and food comes out fast. Food: like most people i got the 3 piece special which is 3 chicken, fries, slaw, drink, for $8.00. I don't like slaw so she let me get double fries. I subbed one chicken for a breast for $0.50 surcharge. Chicken came out hot and was juicy, breading not heavy, not light, but to me it was just "ok". Same with the French fries, no seasoned salt, basically no salt on them so u must use ketchup for sure to make them taste good. Roll, was just a regular Walmart dinner roll. Drink, sweet tea had a ton of ice, not much drink but i ate there and was able to get a refill on my way out. Tea is made with not too much sugar so that can be good or bad depending who cares. I also got a red velvet cake and it tasted like just a regular Walmart cake, meaning it was decent, but it wasn't RICH, no substance or wow factor, just a regular piece of basic cake. Good thing it was only $1.75 so i didn't feel cheated. This is an example of U get what u pay for in relations to the cake. Overall: decent place, but absolutely nothing stood out. Would i come back, yes maybe, if I'm in the area bc it is cheap and decent, but am i driving out of my way to come back? No. I'm from Charlotte so much better spots to go to in my opinion. (For those that care, this place is NOT black owned, i asked)

Padma W.

I'm between 3 and. 4 stars. The chicken was juicy and the breading was good and not too heavy. It's clearly a local favorite with a large volume of sales. They turn out the orders quickly. But neither the chicken nor fries were hot. The bun was soft and fresh but tasted like a normal store bought bun. Same with coleslaw. Way too much ice in drink and very little drink. I left thirsty. A bit pricey - $8 for 3 pieces, fries, bun and ice (I mean drink). Chicken was a bit small. I liked the atmosphere and will be back.


Need to the area just order nit even worried about the food flavor and taste based off the local customers and friendly staff. I ordered the fried fish dinner two piece. Hope I can make it home before eating! And ordered the banana pudding.

Mr Eric

Chicken was extremely overcooked when I asked for different I was told it was fine I left it on the counter and left.

Billy R Tucker

Chester Fried Chicken has good mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, & fried chicken. Reasonable prices. Dine in or take out.


Chicken was extremely overcooked when I asked for different I was told it was fine I left it on the counter and left.

Tracie Honeycutt

Ask for freshness when you buy. I have gotten some terrible stuff from there but Ive also had them make it fresh for me.

Chace Douglas

Place is always good staff is pleasant They chicken wings are so good

Linda Reed

Best chicken livers I've ever eaten! Fast and friendly service!

Lynda Case Cordova

Chicken was fresh. Customer service was good

Jim David

Good chicken, I like their biscuitsGo there for gizzard.

Mack Spain


Brandie Andrews

Chicken was good and mac and cheese good but mashed not so good but service was good nice lady taking orders real polite as was i

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