342 Pickens St, Columbia
(803) 779-0606

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Ive explained this story several times over the last 1 1/2 months. I'll give you the para-phrased version. This isn't the local ICON you've come to love and depend on for the greatest tasting food in all of Columbia, SC. Its under new ownership and customer service and food prep DO NOT have Diane's (Previous owner) flavor or solid customer service. Diane would ALWAYS make you feel like you were the only customer in the building. I kid you not, she was a TITAN with service. The food was, well, I've had better from the Publix Deli. Di Prato's may still look the same but the inner workings of this once TOP SHELF Columbia's best is now not as good as your local super market deli. Save your money and go to Rock-aways Athletic Club on Rosewood Drive. Di Pratos is a once was. Sad really, the way that this new owner has marginalized and in just a years time, ruined a local GIANT ICON.

L Lynn

First time eating here after looking up deli's around University of South Carolina. Seen great reviews and decided to give it a try. Good choice coming here. Two cooler displays with beautiful pies and cakes in one and assortment of pasta, potato salads. And other side dishes.I chose the Italian hoagie and wife chicken saltimbaca sandwich. Both were great choices because we agreed these were very good sandwiches.For dessert we split a apple pie. WOW.... One of the best pies I've had in a while. Try this bistro, you won't be disappointed.


Was able to get an outside table and enjoyed the delicious Saturday brunch menu. The weather was perfect, no wait, great service and wonderful menu. Really enjoyed a tasty and easy going lunch.

Heather Davidoff

Had an amazing time here today. Just super amazing service. Super amazing food. Great atmosphere. PS try the cheesecake

Deborah Dornbusch

Very busy for lunch but no problem getting a table. Our waitress was excellent and very efficient and friendly. The sandwiches were excellent and sides were too! Good for all ages.

Richard Best

My Bride and I had a good lunch today. The deli was loaded with a lot of good food alond with a fish sandwich. Soooo, we had the haddock fish sandwich and some of their famous pimento cheese.


Good Stuff - excellent sandwiches, really good desserts, friendly and helpful wait staff, affordable Bad Stuff - details, such as sticky menus and wobbly tables

Patricia Motley

Never had anything that did not taste good. Awesome food for good prices


It is still a great lunch spot, but it has a new owner. The wine menu was limited (no Chianti or Merlot) so we asked if we could if we could bring a bottle and pay a corking fee, the answer was "No, sorry" The food (so far) is still excellent, and the service was good. Not as enjoyable without a nice glass of red. They seem to be attempting to keep it the same. We came towards the end of lunch, so there wasn't a wait.

Paris Harper

Recently made a catering order for a smallish family gathering because I didn't want to cook for 10 people. The catering manager was easy to work with and answered all my questions (I did make an attempt to fill out the information online, but decided this was easier to work out over a phone call). The food was ready on time and packaged neatly so it was easy to transport. My Upstate NY Italian-American family raved about the chicken riggies and a great time was had by all!

Mike R.

Lovely place for lunch, especially when I want to be a bit fancy. Saltimboca means 'jump in your mouth' and is something I order most times I'm there. Damm that's a good sandwich!

Vuphilo Raynet Mdluli

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Sarah J.

I love DiPrato's. I've been doing here since college, and I've never had anything I didn't like. Their brunch is delicious as is their lunch. Also don't miss their pimiento cheese with house made pita chips. Chef's kiss!

Lauren T.

I planned my birthday lunch with my family (just 6 of us) at Di Prato's. We came in and there wasn't many people so we were quickly sat, but it took the server almost 10 minutes to come ask what we wanted to drink. After we eventually got our drinks maybe 15 minutes after that we ordered and the food took another 30 or more minutes, just for some sandwiches in a 1/3 full restaurant that seems like a long time to me. Everyone gets there food... except me. It was my birthday of course that's what would happen, but the server had food runners bring the food over and never came to check on our table for TWENTY minutes. I sat there with no food for that long while my family ate and the server never came by to check that we got everything. I told two good runners that walked by I was missing my food and nothing was done. She finally realizes and then tells me "whoops, I forgot to put your order in, my bad" maybe it wouldn't have been so frustrating if she noticed immediately and not 20 minutes after I'd been sitting there waiting. Not to mention, nobody at the table was satisfied at all with their food except my cousin that got the pimento cheese burger. My brothers Po boy had about 8 baby shrimp and a couple pieces of lettuce with Mayo, pretty flavorless. My mom, grandma and aunt all got the Reuben.. the saddest Reubens I've ever seen. They all looked like pancakes with having barely any meat, barely any sauce, barely any sauerkraut. Needless to say, I've liked the place for years, but under new management I will never be back. Wish I took a picture of how sad the Reubens looked!

Adam C.

Great place and definitely a different food experience. You choose your food from behind a glass case and then they cook it for you and bring it out to your table.

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