Firehouse Subs Usc-Columbia

633 Main St, Columbia
(803) 733-9836

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casey carback

The meatball sub was great, the staff was friendly, and the bathrooms were clean

Hunter Reed

I work a 5 minute walk away from firehouse and this place has been a weekly staple for me and my coworkers. AMAZING food and sandwiches. 10/10 would recommend the hook n ladder all day everyday. Best place for a sandwich in Columbia. Did I mentioned it tastes phenomenal?

Frank Smith

It's firehouse. It's reliably average. wouldn't go here on a date, but it's definitely better than gas station sushi..

Sheridon Boler

I used to work at firehouse (not this one specifically) and am well versed I many of their subs and the secret combos there are. I haven't been since I quit but, I happened to be visiting the hotel literally right next door and thought to stop by, I got a turkey bacon ranch (sub the turkey for chicken for a better sandwich) and genuinely enjoy it. I then ended up going out later that night and got lost on my way back to my hotel. Conveniently enough the firehouse was right there, so it even helped me find my hotel. I'll say one of the best firehouse subs I've seen in my year of working for the company.

Sydney Miller

I went for lunch at 12:10. When I got there, there were people waiting for the lunch and was told it would be a “15 minute” wait. I ordered & ended up waiting 40 minutes to receive my sandwich. There were only 2 workers there for lunch rush hour- around 12:30 another worker came in and immediately started picking up the slack. I know there is a worker shortage but it was extremely slow service. This is one of my favorite places to eat but now I am just extremely disappointed in service.

Adam C

It took 3 employees nearly 20 minutes to make one of the smallest sandwiches I have ever seen. Then when it was made they just left it sitting behind the counter even though they knew I was waiting on it.

tzjz 06

I went to this place and ordered two engineer subs, fully involved and with a pickle on the side as always, last week. There were not many people dining there at lunchtime, not like the lunchtime before the Covid pandemic. There was 3~4 staff working behind the counter. Waited for ~9 mins for the subs. After came back to my office and opened the package, I noticed that the pickle was not there for both subs. A big disappointment!

Michael Waddell

I always love Firehouse Subs. This location is very convenient if you live on campus, or work near the state house. The staff here is excellent and they are always nice. They are also quick to make sandwiches and they keep everything pretty clean. If you've ever had Firehouse Subs, you know what to expect.

Brooks Robinson

Great place to stop and get food for USC students. Only issue is they'll often not apply the daily discount.

Jason Cantrell

Good sandwich and very nice staff.


i literally got dumped here. i know it's not their fault but im taking it out on them right now. i still like your turkey bacon ranch sandwich tho, plus im gonna eat the cookie later when im sad. can i get free food pls

Dustin Melvin

Hook & Ladder and Engineer sandwiches were hot and yummy! Cookies and brownies tasted great!

Manoli S.

I got there well before closing yet the staff had locked the door and started shutting down. One lady inside saw me at the door and didn't even acknowledge me, just ignored me. I hope whoever owns this location knows that their staff is closing early and costing them money.I don't like to complain, but frankly it is ridiculous.


I liked it. I think they raised prices up a little bit. But everything was good.

Satya Jvala

The people working are incredibly nice! Highly recommend.

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Firehouse Subs Usc-Columbia

633 Main St, Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 733-9836