Greedy Rascals

1900 Rosewood Dr, Columbia
(803) 977-3356

Recent Reviews

Saheigh L.

The food was fantastic! The dogs were huge! Just one filled both me and my daughter ! Great service! Great Location! Four thumbs up!

Danielle P.

Review is for mural and parking only...Historic neighborhood, worth wandering around, other amazing view points and history.I dont eat hotdogs.I'm often a tourist in my own city.They have a beautiful welcome mural in their parking lot, side of a building. Only a few parking spotsThey do have seating outside with umbrellas.Mural artist: Ija Monet a self taught artist from Columbia. Im taking a class with her in a few weeks at The Venue, cant wait!

Shaunessy T.

I may have just ordered the wrong thing, but the guacamole was really bad. Maybe I'll try something different.

Marvin Boykin

They definitely have the best hotdogs around!

Crystal Myers

I was recommended Greedy Rascals by my best friend who had a positive experience, but I will NEVER patronize this establishment again. I never leave reviews, but this was too egregious not to.

Howie Scher

Innovators on Rosewood. Amazing. Occupying the old Pelican's snowball shop, they take your order outside, and bring your food to the benches near the door.

Michael Young

If you are looking for a creative meal, look no further. The hot dogs are amazing and full of flavor. The sweet chili pepper dog was covered in chili and impossible to eat without getting messy (a plus) and the waffle dog looks like something you would get from the state fair. The food definitely lives up to the hype. But I was really impressed with the Greedy Juice. It is a homemade fruit juice and not like anything I've ever tried.

Treasure Williams

Great food and phenomenal service !

Kiyanna M.

I came here on a family member's recommendation last weekend. I ordered a few different hotdogs, a chili cheeseburger and the owner convinced me to get the juice and waffle dog. EVERYTHING was excellent, including the customer service. There was a huge fan at the walk up window and they have a huge net to prevent flies from coming in the window. They bring the food out to your vehicle so you don't have to stand and wait after you have ordered. I even had a couple of my family member meet me there and they too said the food was amazing. The chili was great and my family members have been back a few times this week. I will be returning this coming week because this place is the go to for great hot dogs and drinks. There was a bit of a wait, but it is a small family establishment. It's worth the wait!

Rosie M.

As a poor college student I am doing delivery for extra cash. I had someone place an order here and I waited in a seemingly short line (that took 20 min) just to get to the front to have the only working employee yell at me saying they no longer work with the company. He was extremely rude and told me to get out of line. On top of this there were flies everywhere. Don't care to try their food if their attitude is infact

Caneshia Lomax

Very good food. Very great service. Friendly customer service . Definitely going again.

Aaron G.

We went last week for the first time, really really good food, especially for just hotdogs. I had some slaw dogs in their waffle dog which is a unique treat, I wife had a veggie dog, and then we splurged on the donuts.We are actually heading back right now to go get some more!10 min later - look at the donuts - dang!

Chloe N.

Went here for the first time the other day because I am a vegetarian and I was craving a veggie dog, which they had! They also have vegan burger substitutes as well! The customer service was excellent. Will definitely be coming back. If the veggie dog was good, the other things have to be amazing!

Zack S.

Been here a few times, had chili cheese burger, rueben, nacho and southwest dog. All of them have been great and the staff is incredibly personable

Taylor P.

Let me start off by saying I wanted to give it 5 stars. The service is EXCELLENT! However, when you have hot dog in your brand I expect a darn good one and what I got was mediocre. I'm really hoping it was just an off day. The bun was great. The toppings were good. The hot dog was like chewing rubber. I don't know if it was over cooked or what but it just wasn't good. I'll try again in a month and I will change this review or delete it if it's better.

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