Waffle House

1210 Bluff Rd, Columbia
(803) 544-9685

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Phil Marlow

Waffle House has messed up my order the last THREE times I've been there. The staff didn't even know their own business hours (indoor dining is not available 24 hours per day at this location). The tables are terribly sticky and the silverware is dirty. The floors in the kitchen are so nasty that I'm sure that's where coronavirus started. I one time asked the waiter for water and he just looked at me and never brought it to me.

AquaQueen 24

I called first no answer. I come in person the cashier has a horrible attitude it’s in her voice and all over her face. I order to go and ask for a receipt and still never received it. She then says I have to wait outside and not inside….there is no one in the restaurant and no employees are wearing mask so I’m not sure what the issue with waiting for my order inside is. The cook who was outside on smoke break upon my arrival did greet me with a smile and that’s where the 2 stars come in his and only his! Customer service LASTLY when the hoodrat cashier brought my food outside she STILL had a horrible attitude and didn’t bother to say thank you when I said thank you. Management should also make her wear a hat or a hair net if she’s going to be handling food or drinks in ANY capacity, pull her hair up and clean her nails. I will NEVER give this place another shot

Seamus Fennessy

Went there this morning for the sausage, egg, and cheese hashbrown bowl. Food came.out quickly and was perfect.Staff was great! Professional and courteous. Just about everyone behind the counter made sure I was doing alright. They were engaging but not too 'in your business' which is always a wholesome experience at a restaurant.Dining area was very clean too.

Alexander Burbine

The staff there was very welcoming. And Great customer service

Megan Crawford

Manager was completely out of line when we requested assistance due to another altercation with an employee. Initial employee forgot half of our order and refused to remove it from the ticket. We requested to speak to the manager and she said how the price was up to the employee's discretion.

John Moore

Good folks and nice

David A.

Inside the store on Friday November 5th, it was freezing. It was already 43° outside and they had the AC turned way down. My eggs were literally cold by the time I got to them. The waitress who waited on me was not very attentive. The parking lot look like a tornado had run through it. I will not be back to this location

Jarvy Moe

You order, you give them your mobile number, they text when it's ready, you go back in and pick it up. Easy and efficient.

ashley conner

Fast take out. Seems to be good food. Could be more sanitary

Marta MWM

We called beforehand which the lazy staff members didn’t pick up the phone …We took a taxi (10 bucks wasted )to pop in over here to grab a waffle as it says 24 h and the rude staff “ workers” told us we can’t order anything … why they didn’t answer the phone?

Edith Harmon

Everyone welcomed customers with a warm greeting. The atmosphere was peaceful. I was served right away and was asked multiple times if I needed anything. Felt appreciated as a customer. The Staff worked together and the Manger was nice as well.

Joe Miller

I was a witness to the waitress giving a Soldier permission to leave his truck in their parking lot after they gave him the wrong order only to have it towed away and cost the Soldier $280.00 to get it back. When the Soldier returned and told the manager the waitress admitted she gave permission. The manager said that the corporate office would reimburse him but they haven’t. Also while waiting with the Soldier for the tow truck to return his truck the parking lot was empty. Wow they really needed the space. I hope military personnel take their business elsewhere. It seems Waffle House on bluff road wants them to go elsewhere as well.

Bruce Washington

Hands down. This is the best Waffle House in Columbia. Even with short staff the service was great. Dora yall did a great job.

Christina Tien

The worst waffle house possible, whoever worked on wednesday the 18th at 2am needs to be fired, what kind of service doesn’t pick up the phone 4 times and then proceeds to say “was that you calling a couple times? we are way too busyy… that is way too much” on a pick up order and hangs up. may i remind you this is your job you applied for, if you dont want to work here, then quit. I as a customer have done nothing to you but I will be reporting this individual.

Lisa B.

Food ok. Waitstaff need to clean their aprons/uniforms (especially working around food) and take more pride in customer service. .Bounce back waitstaff when constructive criticism is given.Otherwise one of the better Waffle Houses in the Columbia area.

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