WG's Wings

736 St Andrews Rd H, Columbia
(803) 772-1489

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shaun flowers

Menu is chicken wings, chicken strips or salad as the cook couldn't get the grill started! Were brought our sides as an appetizer and couldn't get a refill on drinks. The plain tenders were just soaked in grease and the bbq tenders I ordered came out completely swimming in the most disgusting honey mustard sauce. When I told her I was given the wrong sauce she handed me the check. We ended up going to wendy's when we left. Save your time and money and go anywhere else!


Good food. The wings are great. The prices are fair. Will visit again to try something else on the menu.

Katreic Plunkett

Always good! The only thing that disappoints me is when I take the time to ask for not so big wings and they turn right around and give me Ginormous wings???‍♀️

Allan Flowers

Food was awful and when they messed up our order they still made us pay even though we didn't eat. Will never go back.

Chuck Ard

Unfreindly staff, worn down building. Buffalo wild wings is way better.

Tracy McGill

I actually love this restaurant the food is always delicious

Collin Caomhánach

This place rocks, great food and a great atmosphere

Edy S.

Used to be very good. Went there today bought 2 ten piece wing baskets, raw fries with blue cheese dressing. Ended up with a $27 and change bill and wings that looked like they came off of baby chickens, 1/2 order of raw fries and ranch dressing. Everything was to go, I trusted them because of past experiences not again. The waiter was the best part of the entire experience and was tipped well in cash. Cheers y'all !

Julian Tolson

Always awesome wings great flavors and good atmosphere?????


Nasty food cooks be drunk and the serve is rude and always on her phone..no heat spoiled tea and rotten celery tomatoes and lettuce


Friendliest staff and the food (wings & tots) was all cooked to perfection. I had the garlic-parmesan, what flavor!


Smallest wings I ever saw. Try another place for good wings. We only went due to convenience. We were in the area for the dollar theater for the grandkids. Also a bit pricy for just average food.

Jason Marsh

Ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich with raw fries to go. Chicken was dried out to the point of nearly being inedible and the raw fries were burnt. Shoulda checked my order before I left. Lesson learned.

Dalton T.

I used to enjoy going to WG's for their wings or picking up a to-go order. Those feelings have changed in the past few months. I'm not sure if this is because new ownership or what, but the overall service has been absolutely pathetic. Every time I call, the phone rings for minutes with no answer. The one time an employee on the other end picks up, they greet you with an attitude as if ordering their food is an inconvenience. I called a few weeks ago to pick up food for a NFL playoff game. I had to call 5 times to even get an answer. When they picked up, they told me it would be a 45 minute wait which I was fine with. When I said I was okay with the wait, the employee seemed upset that I wanted to order. The funny surprise is that when I go to pick up my food, they did not look busy whatsoever. My order was the only one being prepared and the restaurant was completely empty outside of two employees. If you don't want to work, then why even open a business? Sell the place to somebody who actually wants to earn a dollar.

Teresa Kowalewski

Wings were tiny. Raw fries seemed to be reheated. No alcohol anymore. Waitress was nice & very friendly.

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