The Corner Blend

601 Main St, Columbia
(803) 386-9786

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Erica Joyner

Went in with a group of friends for my first time. The place was busy and the woman working the counter seemed overwhelmed. The only menu to look at was online or on the counter. I waited until the line died down to go to the counter to order. I was right after my friend, and the worker was rude to me saying she didn't know I was in line, she thought I had ordered (I was holding the table for my friends until the line died down).That she needed to wait on some girls standing near the window, who weren't even in line. I assumed they had already ordered online, since they weren't in the line anymore. Very disorganized. I ended up not ordering and won't be going back.

Alexandra Torres

I like the bowls; they are yummy. However…the lady at the counter was so rude and impatient with the customer in front of us. The customer had clearly never been to The Corner Blend, and she asked the employee if she had any recommendations. The employee was really dismissive and snippy and told the customer she wasn’t “playing that game” because she didn’t want the customer to be upset if she didn’t enjoy it. Then the employee told her to move so she can take our order. The girl left soon after without ordering; I’m sure she was really upset. It was uncomfortable, and I felt bad for the girl. Seems the employees prefer if you order online too..

Maria Aguilera

Delicious Smoothie bowls and Bobba tea.

Linda N

Lots of variety on the menu, delicious boba. I'm hooked. Parking is a bit of a challenge sometimes, so prepare to walk a block or two on busy traffic days.

Melissa Anthony

...Best smoothie bowls in Columbia! Ask for Jessica...she is super friendly and will memorize your name and order. Outstanding customer service.

milton mac

I wouldn’t even give them one star . If it wasn’t for my daughter I would’ve walked out . I was paying and the lady at the counter said they don’t give change just dollars that was after I gave her my cash. So you mean to tell me you are forcing me to give you my change? Who does that what kind of in ethical business is this ? Rest assured it won’t happen again. Smh

Joy Riley

Love the açaí bowls, they are delicious and so pretty!


I really liked this place and I go every time I’m in downtown Columbia (every 1-2 months). They’ve been asking me for my phone number since I started going there for free drink points. I got one free drink a couple years ago, and haven’t gotten one since. I was going to ask how many points I’d built up this last time I went, only to find out they had been asking to enter my phone number themselves, when it only counted if they prompted it to let me enter it myself. I know it’s odd to let something so simple ruin a restaurant for me, but it’s honestly really disappointing that I’ve been asking enter my phone number all this time for my points, and they’ve been doing it wrong all along. When the person at the counter told me, I was clearly disappointed and he made no effort to offer a resolution. Customer service is owning up when you make a mistake and fixing bad situations. Guess I’ll go to JJ’s from now on

Charyce O.

Love this place! I've gotten milk tea boba here several times and it's always fast service and good. I will admit I'm not a boba connoisseur so I'm not sure how it ranks in the boba world but for a girl looking for a sweet drink with good taste it's perfect.

Mamello Patient Machesa

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Kayla Placide

Every time I come to the Corner Blend it’s always a great experience and I am always happy with what I order. I just really wish they kept their large size bowl. I don’t mind paying extra for the bigger portion. The new bowl just doesn’t fill me up anymore and I can’t get as many toppings as I used to. They should’ve left it as a option for their customers. I’ll have to start making my own at home unfortunately

Alicia J.

this was my first time so I opted for the Sweet Berry Bliss. All the toppings complimented each other and I loved the added sweetness from the Nutella. They also offer the option to creat your own bowl and your own toppings. You can also order smoothies, milk tea and fruit tea with the option to add boba. It was practically empty as it was a rainy afternoon so I didn't have to wait long to get my bowl. Next time I'm downtown I'll be sure to try one of the other menu items.

S Wilson

I have always visited the corner blend in the past; however, due to the pandemic, my visits have been very limited. On Friday, my husband and I decided to visit the store to purchase two (2) of their açaí bowls. I was very disappointed in the price for the amount that was given. The bowls are very small for the price and the quality of them were terrible. The açaí and the almonds were not fresh ; however, just say no more visits there! Too pricey for the quantity. My husband I ordered first and another person was given there order before us.

Joseph Phelps

It seems that sometime in the past few months or so they decided to either shrink their portion sizes, or change the size of bowl they are serving with. Regardless of the decision, the price per serving didn't seem to change with the smaller sizes. Seems like you are now paying the same price for much less.Pictures attached show the difference between 3 months ago and now.

Jaylann Jaylene

This place is so awesome. The customer service is top notch! The manager seems like a breath of fresh air. I love making my own bowls. The ingredients taste so fresh and healthy! I love the smoothies here too I treat myself with a bowl every weekend ❤️

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