Portofino’s Italian Restaurant Indian Land

9716 Red Stone Dr, Indian Land
(803) 547-1127

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Dena Earhart

We went in with high hopes, but left a little disappointed. The price was too high and the service was too show for lunch. The calamari appetizer was good, but the rest of the meal was not great. It wasn't bad, but it certainly didn't leave us wanting to go back for more.

Karen Gosch

Good food, fast and friendly service, and prices are decent.


This used to be my go to place for italian food it was the best. But the past 5 times in a row the food was horrendous pasta overcooked, sauce having little flavor, meat tasting like it was cooked with no seasoning. It is a crying shame I will check back in a month or 2 to see if it has gotten better I hope it does.I usually get it to go a little after lunch time.

Tee Wayne

I ordered 2 large pizza's and 1 medium pizza total was 72 dollars way too much. There was barely any pizza sauce at all. I don't mind paying top dollar for good pizza but this was absolutely horrible will not be coming back here ever...

Jolottie Stepp

Waited for two hours for our food. Never got it. Was told there was four managers on the floor plus there was a group of servers that stood by our table the entire time and nothing. We're all full of bread and tea now. If you want to eat bread and tea, this is the place to go? Personally, I won't be back. Unfortunate that this was my first time going and ended up having this kind of experience. Happy Mother's Day, I guess.

Stephanie C

I tried this for the first time with some friends this past week and was disappointed. The prices are outlandish (18 dollars for a lunch portion of salmon piccata!!) and the flavors weren’t to match or justify them. The Alfredo was missing on my chicken fettuccine Alfredo…not sure the chefs knew what they were doing. The portions were enormous, especially for lunch- so if that’s what you are looking for this is your place! The lasagna plate was at least a 6-7 inch x 4 inch slice!! We had to asked for breadsticks, and they were the dried out “Italian bread” kind, similar to a chain pizza place initials PJ. None of it was worth the price, and I would recommend some additional wait staff training as we had to prompt each next step. Won’t go back- it wasn’t worth it.


Staff is friendly and accommodating. There is little bit of a wait sometimes but with the current situation everyone is understaffed everywhere hence the wait. It's worth it IMHO. Nice to see the pizza being made while you wait. Don't see the pizza being twirled in the air anymore a most places. You can tell they are Italians because you can hear them speaking it. Food is prepared the way you ask it. No sauces are premade. Bread is baked fresh daily and smells so good. Their house dressing is the best dressing around. Calamari is made fresh, not frozen. We have had the Eggplant parm, delicious but I had to take home leftovers. (not a bad thing). Chicken parmigiana is amazing, soft and delicious! Zuppa di pesce is definitely the plate to try if you love seafood! Hearty marinara with garlic compliments the seafood perfectly. A really nice selection of wines to enjoy too. Having visited Italy several times this place definitely reminds me of being back there enjoying good food and wine. Will definitely try the pizza soon. Right now we are ordering each plate down the menu and trust me each has been better than the previous one! Hands down the best meat sauce around.!

Ani uxka

Great Italian food. Excellent service.Steve really made the experience great! Well recommended.

Cotton McCulloch

Delicious food, my wife is obsessed with the chicken piccata. Traditional Italian


My wife took me here for my birthday. The experience was somewhat disappointing. Our server was friendly enough and accommodating, but I didn't care to be served by someone in a T-shirt. We started off with a hot antipasti that was generous to a fault, leaving little room for the entree. The salad was decent, but the creamy tomato basil dressing was bland and almost tasteless. Next was eggplant Parmigiana, again generously portioned to a fault. I requested it crispy, but it was soggy. Finally came dessert: canoli. Esquisito! Lastly, a word about the ambiance: missing. It was like eating in a factory cafeteria. The noise level was totally too loud. Big portions, big price, small satisfaction. Sorry, but I won't be back

Robert D

Portofino's missed expectations. I have dined at other locations with a good to great experience. Our meal started with excellent calamari. The entree's that followed had my wife and I questioning who was in the kitchen. My wife's chicken parm was average while my veal saltimbocca was unrecognizable and nearly inedible. It was loaded with tons of garlic and was very lemony acidic versus traditional with earthy sage, salty prosciutto, and acidic white wine. Dessert consisted of a nice cannoli drenched in Hershey's chocolate syrup (not good). The waitstaff were very nice and attentive deserving much more out of the kitchen. As a huge Italian foodie, I will be passing this one by,,,the hits don't outweigh the misses.

Kate Collins

Get there by 6pm or you'll have a long wait on a Saturday! The dinner plates are really too big. Non meat eaters, the eggplant parmesan is good!

Hank Richert

Great food, served hot and with a smile! We had the calamari for an appetizer, and beware the serving is big enough for 4! Will definitely visit here again!

Rhett Stuart

Our waiter was really good and attentive ,when we first walked in the tables were kinda dirty so we asked them to wipe them down which they promptly did. ( catering background in Palm Beach)Food was good except the seafood salad.My Brother n law wasn't feeling that good later.He blames the olives.

Jonathan Kevin Rice

Friendly staff. Nice atmosphere. Relaxed. Fantastic food. One of Charlotte's finest Italian restaurants.

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Portofino’s Italian Restaurant Indian Land

9716 Red Stone Dr, Indian Land, SC 29707
(803) 547-1127