Portofino’s Italian Restaurant Indian Land

9716 Red Stone Dr, Indian Land
(803) 547-1127

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Patrick F.

Chicken piccata is flour dredged and lightly fried. This poor excuse for an Italian place served it twice, boneless and skinless and tried to tell me I was incorrect. Look up any recipe..look up any picture...your sad boiled chicken is not piccata. Can't believe this is what passes for Italian in these parts.

Jon Matheis

It was average. Nothing special. If you're wanting authentic Italian like your mom made, this isn't it. I went in with high hopes and left with just an ok average experience. I probably wouldn't eat here again. It was not horrible, it just wasn't great.

Betsy W.

Family went Saturday night around 6pm It was crowded. Got appetizers - garlic bread with mozzarella cheese. Weird taste sent it back. Waitress did not bring us normal bread we had to ask for it. Salad that comes with meal had water in bottom of dish like they just rinsed lettuce off and house dressing was not usual. Ordered veal and it was good. Pizza was good. Ordered something I never had before Arrabbiata. It was ok only ate half and took it home. Heated up in microwave next day and it smelled terrible and I couldn't eat it. Odor lingered in microwave. We really like Portofino's in Arysley and will go back there where we never had a bad meal.

Beverly Byrum

Great place to eat. Service was very good and friendly. We will definitely go again.

paola Objio

Great Italian food, drinks are awesome, staff very friendly and professional. Family atmosphere, 100% recommended.PD: don't forget to ask for the dessert selection ?

Diahna Wynn

I love this place. The food is great and service is just as good. Reminds me of NY style Italian take out I used to get when I lived in Long Island.

Amy Baker

The wait staff is courteous, efficient and attentive. All but 1 meal that I have eaten here has been seasoned and cooked quite well. All of my experiences here have been pleasant

Alan Smith

Great lunch today.... this place never misses.. the food and service awesome.. Jeff was great..

Maria R.

I honestly don't know why people give bad reviews to this place. I have been here over 20 times and the food quality and service has always been consistent. I usually get the Veal Piccata and it is REALLY good and they give you a large portion enough for you to take home. My husband had the Osso Buco yesterday and it was REALLY good too. I have brought here my dad who lives in NYC and was very impressed as well. Not to mention their prices are very decent.

Laura A.

8 of us went to Portofino's at Redstone on Saturday and mostly had a good experience. The food was good except for the garlic bread with cheese. I chocked from the garlic salt instead of them using fresh garlic on the bread. They nicely took it off my bill. The waitress was good but the young girl who was clearing the plates was asking us to hand them to her and stack them for her. Unacceptable. Then they added 18% gratuity to each of our bills and didn't tell us. We were going to give 20% so they shorted themselves. It was dishonest and sneaky. Lastly they were short staffed so we waited too long for drinks and to pay our bill.

leadmagnet 244

Food quality I would rate 4star but boy are the portions big. A little too oily for me. Tons of capers and olives in the dish, loved that. Everyone super friendly and very clean. Definitely worth a try.

Cyndi Skierski

Super friendly staff. The food was amazing! True authentic Italian food.

Mark Nolan

Great food. Authentic Italian. Attentive service.

Michelle Doctor

Ok Italian food service was poor and they were fully staffed.

John Aziz

Very good pizza Brooklyn like the guy who makes the pies is really real nice guy to talk to pleasant place is clean I would recommend this pizza excellent not to mention I am from Brooklyn born

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Portofino’s Italian Restaurant Indian Land

9716 Red Stone Dr, Indian Land, SC 29707
(803) 547-1127