1209 North Main Street, Lancaster
(803) 286-1365

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Megan Ocker

Good food, everything was in the bag but I had a mobile order that I set for curbside and ended up waiting 15 minutes until eventually going through the drive thru and waiting another 15 in the line anyway.

Jay Robinson

Solid establishment, staff are generally friendly and helpful. When it’s busy service is fast as it can be, never had any issues with food quality or service!

Sue Cook

Worker was mad bcoz we ordered 20pc meal at 9pm. We came bk from a funeral. When I ask y is it a problem she had nothing to sayFood: 3/5

Tammy Lynn

For some reason it all depends on who's cooking if the chicken is spicy they don't do mild chicken anymore so I guess I can't eat there anymoreFood: 2/5

Michael Manwarren

I was shocked by terrible smell inside and then I was ignored for 10 min. This is a brand new building so I dont understand the smell and lack of cleanliness. I know the food tastes good as I usually do drive through.Food: 4/5

Jorge J.

I love the bojangle food, but PLEASE!!!!! Teach them to get more customer service, is incredible that not body said hello or you welcome, them need to give a little respect for customer.

Seth Harden

So I have a family of 6. 3 boys 3 girls. The boys like bojangles while the girls like kfc. My youngest daughter and I eat out every Monday because she has swim lessons. This has become a tradition, a daddy daughter thing. Today she chose bojangles, I was like yeah I finally brought her ro my side. Let me tell you, the chicken strips today were unedible. Look at the pictures they were so dry! Looks like they have been sitting all day. So dry it was down right nasty. I think they have now brought me to the kfc side. Very dissapointed!!!

Needle Lag

Best Bojangles hands down but if you want a biscuit on Saturday morning be prepared for a wait it is also was packed but the staff will move quickly just be patient and don't let the line wrapped around the building scare you awayFood: 4/5

Christie Boulware

I have spent this much money in the last month my fries always refried or under the light too long never fresh. My strips and never fresh and so hard you can't bite them. My biscuits be so hard you can't even bite them. Doesn't matter what time of the day it's all awful.

Ed Cox

This place brought back a flood of Americana to me. The old days where people weren't zombies only worried about conversing with fellow employees. These people were well trained and executed flawlessly. The food was the best. The biscuit makers were iconic. Love the window to watch. The best bojangles experience ihave ever had. Forget the ghetto bojangles in Kershaw. They suck.

Brittany Cauthen

When i went there a few days ago there wasn't many people in the drive through line so i decided to go in and there was one lady infront of me and she said she waiting for 10 minutes and i had been waiting for 7 and no one would wait on us and the employees were just standing around talking doing nothing and when the assistant manager went up an told this one woman you have people to wait on and she said i will in a minute my feet hurt so i just walked out all i was wonting was 2 biscuits but i couldn't get them worst experience at Bojangles ever next time i will just go to indian land because at least they wait on there customers unlike lancaster apparently wont be back.

Louise Summey (Weezy)

We were given a very friendly greeting when we entered the restaurant. My husband and I both love the fried chicken sandwich! The chicken is spiced just right, it is very moist and juicy...As we sat in the clean dining area, many locals where also dining. The staff knew many of the people that came in and you could tell they had developed relationships. So it made for a casual and friendly environment.

Linsey Harbac

This bojangles is one of the best. Everytime I come here they are courteous, and on time. My order is correct everytime I come here. They are very nice, and helpful. If something is not right with anything here they fix it right then and there. They keep it clean.

Phil Rogers

Overall pretty good..had the cajun chicken biscuit combo with fries and sweet only complaint is the fries were over salted to the extreme so the fries were basically ruined..back off the salt folks!!

Tamara Campbell

The service was fine staff was friendly can't really comment on the food as I was picking it up for someone else..

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