901 Hwy 9 Bypass W, Lancaster
(803) 283-3232

Recent Reviews

Steven C.

Waffle fries tasted like they cooked them the day before and left them sitting out on the counter. Service very slow

Tim Reart

As usual…Tremendous service with a smile. Not sure what else special going on tonight but was a great atmosphere.


The lady in the line took my order wrong. So to make sure it was right I asked her again. She said ugh now I have to delete the whole order and start over. She didn't seem like she wanted to wait for me to say anything else so I didn't ask for sauce. When I got to the window I asked for sauce and the lady at the window basically screamed at me that she needs to keep the line moving and told me to go park. By the time she brought it to the window I could go because the drive way wasn't blocked.

Christina P.

Service is always quick and pleasant! Food is yummy!!! The double lane drive thru is always wrapped around the building this reason.

C’mor Love

My weekly go to spot! Service is most always great! Night before last I realized I’d let my debit card once I got to the drive thru window. I left and was gone for 30+ minus, can you believe they literally gave me that order which was VERY cold! The girl casually told me as if it were ok.

Brittany Lowery

Consistently the worst Chick-fil-A I’ve ever been too. Not only is the wait 20-25 minutes to get your food, but half the time your order is completely wrong, which sucks to figure out once you get it home! #nuggetless #ithoughtthiswasGodschicken

Terry Erb

Been here a couple of times in the past week and each time the drive thru takes more than 20 minutes and orders are consistently inaccurate. Staff is nice but clearly not trained well.

Channy b

I go to CFA more than any other fast food place and I will be stopping. Their Polynesian sauce has been OLD for weeks and I even called the other week to tell them and they said they would check on it but it hasn’t changed. I just got nuggets and I have no sauce to eat them with after waiting an hour bc no one is working.

Tamara Campbell

I don't personally eat Chick Fillet I was picking up food for my mother but the lady at the first window was friendly now kid at the next window acted like he might have been a little lost when I asked about ranch dressing

Doug E

Always great, friendly, helping staff. The food is always great. Quick Service.

Stacey Lynn

this is the worst chick-fil-a i’ve ever been to, and always has been. there’s a line 6 cars deep. You can VISIBLY see multiple employees sitting in the dining room, we’ve been sitting here for atleast 15 mins, kinda ridiculous.


Wonderful service, friendly staff. Delivered our meal to the table with condiments!Clean facility. Play area discretionary for children! Order was correct and food was fresh and deliciousKid-friendliness: Discretionary play areaWheelchair accessibility: Close to door parking Dietary restrictions: Lower sugar options, delicious lemonade and fresh unsweetened tea.

Stephanie Sowell

Always 1 of my favorites. Lemonade is my absolute favorite drinks tea is My son's favorite treats. Even when we don't get food we skirt in there for drinks


Sometimes I ride out of my way to this location to enjoy the time on the road. Always worth it, another excellent location like the others.


Worse chic-Fila ever. Always out of products. Food is sometimes stale. The lines always move at a slow pace. I never experienced a bad visit at Chick-fil-A until I come to this location.

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