La Chalupa

775 Lancaster Bypass E, Lancaster
(803) 286-9955

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Cindy Day

It was excellent food. They had a bar but we chose to order from the menu. I got tequila chicken which was awesome and my husband had ACP which was excellent also. Huge portions and great service. Prices are higher if you pay credit instead of cash but that's because of cc surcharges4 %. Highly recommend.

Lisa Williams

My husband loved the buffet. My grandchildren some what liked what they had. I the other hand was very disappointed that I ordered a chili relleno and there was no pepper it was just meat and cheese this is the only Mexican restaurant I've ever been to that served it like this and I was not happy

Kasey Pangle

Best Mexican buffet and margaritas around! Service is always great, we are seated right away and the food is always on point! Many menu options are also available if you do not want the buffet. Party or event rooms available as well.

Renee Graves

Being from Brooklyn, NY, I love cultural, good people & food! Since recently moving to Lancaster I was surprised to find most people to be friendly & start more conservations than I do. I don't eat out much but after learning about La Chalupa's buffet, I've eaten there at least 15 times. The servers are likeable, friendly & attentive, I really like the tall & shorter one, wish remember thier names, I rate them an A in CS. However, few months ago, had unexpected issue with the attitude of a young white server who was Very disrespectful. I''m a youthful black woman of 60, treat everyone like I want to be treated. I worked CS for many years, always believe in professional customer service & is known for letting managers know,when thier employees are providing exceptional service, the same when they don't. This server argued with me about something simple & was loud. I was very upset. Although the manager was not there, I couldn't get any assistance from anyone there, no one was in charge?? So I left!! Did call several times throughout the month still no manager. Promised self won't go there anymore. However, went back few months ago & manager was there. He indicated heard about it but I felt my grievance was nit important although several othe employees verified, "I'm not a trouble maker". I don't eat out much & don't care for fast food but it's nice to go out & support the few restaurants here I had a good friend with me yesterday, I was very hungry & wanted to "treat" them especially since I still enjoyed the buffet, ok,we were in line, no problem, several servers in front, a female server offered to guide us to be seated, was not sure what she said because her demeanor was not friendly, couldn't hear what she said & she disappeared so didn't know where she went. I asked the other female server for assistance, she did indicate no seating in area we had go up stairs, no problem, we just wanted be seated & enjoy the food, music. As we walked she kept talking about we had go up stairs, I'm like, ok, we could go outside it dudn't matter. When we got in the back her voice got extremely high I had ask if could stop walking & talk to us so didn't have talk loud She was loud because other customers were looking, & I"m not a loud person but she got louder & the situation was going where it didn't need to..just to sit down like everybody else!! My guest never said anything but I was embarrassed for my guest because he was a business man & I am reserved & not loud. As we left I ask the lady @ the register about the situation, I was confused because all she said was, "that's how she talks". I don't believe she ralks that way to most the customers. Another disrespectful experience @ La Chalupa! We did find somewhere else to have a meal but very upset!! I don't have time to write reviews, especially this long. I understand places that get good biz don't really care about a few complaints. Although I don't believe "customers are always right", I do believe in treating others like you want to be treated, a business employees reflects the values & principles of the owner! It may not mean anything to the owner or some of it's employees, but this customer will let her friends know about my experiences, not to get back, but you've taken away the only restaurant I really looked forward to eating there & being new here, with very few nice retaurants offered here, you also removed yourself from my "A place to go List!!! By the way, I am a food critic & secret shopper, I love healthy cooking, gourmet cooking & foods & know many other people who believe in good Customer Service! Never underestimate your clientele. Good managers are leaders. Some things are not taught, but learned, Enough said!

Sidney Faile

I absolutely love the food here, as well as the staff. Everyone is super helpful and sweet. ?

Adrian Peavy

They do have some good food but everytime I place a Togo order the one lady in there never understands me when trying to ask for my food. It is crazy, now that she has always missed up my order, so now I try to place a order yesterday and that's when she said no that they no longer will take a order from me again, I can't help she doesn't understand English and alway missed up my order but before I have places the same order for years now but only into now that she started making my order all wrong. So no I would not recommend this place unless the owner is working or the other white lady is working, or that other one Mexican lady is working. Not the one with the long hair and can't understand English. I have called they said they would fix the problem as you can see in the comments and I thought that they did fix the problem but the lady they working tonight is really rude. If she does not understand English this just should not be working there I cannot help that she did not get the order right the first time that was not my fault if y'all want to be racist about the situation then that is on y'all I will never ever recommend this restaurant again. Y'all are wrong. They need to fire that woman, or y'all going to lose a lot of customers. She is always messing up his orders. Y'all said y'all wish to resolve the issue but when I try to order from you again the woman said no that she was not going to take my order and that we're always complaining I only complained when she messes up the order I will not recommend this restaurant at all they need to go to the other Mexican restaurant. Y'all have very disrespectful employees and I feel that it is possibly a racial problem.

marla beaver

Had to get my own menu. Waitress to busy on her phone to take my order. Had to get up and go ask for everything. Worst Mexican food I’ve ever had. Taste like it came from a can

Markimus Crashimus

Always great. The atmosphere is not too claustrophobic and the food on point. The service is for the most part very solid. Can't reccomend enough if you are staying in town.

Angela Perciful

OMGWhere has this place been all my life. This amazing quaint place has a Mexican buffet with all of the necessary items that make the meal. The staff is friendly and takes care of their guests. The buffet is sanitary and gloves are provided for the health and safety of patrons. You have got to plan a date to try out this diamond in the rough!!!!!!!!!

Meka Cairnes

It's Always Been A Very Great Family Favorite of Ours The Kids Also Love it Very Much It has Great Food Friendly Service We've Been Going There Since they First Ever Opened I Know the Owners Very Well They Have Seen All 3 of Our Kids grow up seriously from babies to now a 21yr old 15yr old and 12 & 1/2yr old So think it speaks for itself

Robin Guertin

I would highly recommend this delicious place. Can't wait to go. Our granddaughters lives up there . IT is worth the drive. Sorry I did not get any pictures. I will next time. Waitor was really nice and very helpful.There buffet was out- standing. So much to choose from. The only thing on the buffet that was confusing . they put the sour cream right next to the banana pudding. People were thinking it was whip cream. Yes my husband found out that way ?. Although it was indeed a laughable moment tho. We did meantion it to the waitor tho. You use one gloves on your hand I like that myself. I will update as soon as I go again for I live 2hrs away.

Shreeta M.

This place is the absolute worse Mexican restaurant I've EVER eaten at and will NEVER go back and would NEVER recommend this place to nobody, not even a stray dog. Where do I start. 1). The door greeter who seats everyone was not friendly. 2). The waitress (Brooke B) was worse than the door greeter. I asked if we could get the table cleaned since it still had dried food stains on it from the last guests and instantly the look on her face switched to being annoyed. Since this was our very first time there I asked if I could see the buffet to decide whether we wanted it or order from the menu. After seeing that the buffet had alot of meat that I didn't eat my husband and I decided to just order from the menu and the kids decided to eat from the buffet. 3). I had to find Brooke to let her know we were ready to order from the menu. 4). My husband's food was fine, but my enchiladas were room temperature as soon as it got to our table and the shrimp on my salad didn't look completely done at all. 5). After finding pieces of beef and chicken mixed in with my shrimp salad and informing them of it then discovering that the cook obviously didn't clean or just change skillets in between cooking other meals (like you're suppose to in the food business) they decided to take the price down rather than just taking the entire salad off of our bill like it wasn't that important while the entire time I'm thinking what if I were allergic to any of thoses meats. 6). To top it all off, all 3 of my children have been throwing up everything they ate from that disgusting buffet, and after checking reviews for this business once home, I realized I would have NEVER EVER convinced my family to try out this restaurant. Normally I always check the reviews for any spots we haven't eaten at but I didn't this time and don't know how or why I didn't think to do it this time. F me for that. Please please please DO NOT TAKE YOUR FAMILY TO THIS RESTAURANT! I realized later, after the kids began eating their food, my husband and I started looking around and realized how nasty and unsanitary this place was (1st red flag). No one was wearing gloves, no masks, no hairnets. Not appealing looking at all!! I should have convinced my family to leave then. This business needs to be shut down asap!

Richard B.

Great brisket, Mac and cheese, shrimp, and toast. Didn't care for the greenbean casserole or bbq beans. Ribs were too tuff. Would not get those again. Service and atmosphere were great. Will be back for the brisket.

Seth Headley

Never been to a Mexican restaurant with a small little buffet. I got to say that was pretty awesome.. unfortunately I give 4 stars because the buffet doesn’t offer vegetarian options or fish it’s just beef And such. I did get a 13 dollar shrimp ? fajita which was really good. They did have a vegetarian options on the menu. I definitely will be back.

Allison Wano

Food is always amazing and the buffet is great with lots of delicious options

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