Pizza Hut

1724 Airport Rd, Lancaster
(803) 283-1833

Recent Reviews

Alternative Finance

One of the employees stole my food, luckily he was willing to make mine over again!

Sara Warren

Overall, great! But occasionally, not a food ordered is ready or together. Had to call back to get credit or remade. Check before u leave! But food great, staff too!

Jaquavion Moore

They are so dirty we ordered a pepperoni pizza and there was one mushroom on it we just threw it away because we didn’t kno what else could be on it , then we asked for a refund on the pizza and they said they couldn’t give it to us. Then we looked further into it and the pizza had a piece of hair on it.

#517photo Jeff

Best pizza this side of Elgin..

Gloria Campos

Hot and fresh pizza in 30 minutes when you're hungry in the middle of a work day is amazing not getting the toppings you wanted I guess it's an acceptable sacrifice for how delicious the pizza was

Jeff 558

Pizza in the south is so different but Pizza Hut pizza ? reminds me of the pizza you get up north. Loved it.

Peewee Roberts

Friendly staff and hot pizza awsome

Linda Kelley

There pizza tast better than the others.And the employees are friendly.The delivery service is fast.

James Cairnes

Good food as long as they get the order right but they do make it good if a mistake has been made.

Janice Covington

Pizza was done quick and it was fresh and hot. Staff was friendly

Samanda Lyles

Always great service & food.

Nick Mac

The Pizza Hut on Airport Road has always been great to my wife to be and I. Anytime we order food from there, it is always on time, the food looks and tastes great, and we have never received the wrong order or had a messed up order. They are the ONLY pizza place that will actually deliver to our house even though we are the same distance as some of the other places customers, so if other places won't deliver just call Pizza Hut. Their food is great, their staff is amazing, and I definitely give them five out of five in every aspect! Thank you for being great Pizza Hut!


I always Order a Large meat lover hand tossed with extra cheese & Italian sausage with 4 cuts of marnaide Sauce an I must say the pizza Taste so good that I don't want to share a taste with my four Legged family member wolfyie.An the chicken wings are so good that I make my own blue cheese sauce dip I'll walk a few doors down to Food Lion an I go straight to the cheese section an grab a container of blue cheese crumbs an mix me some chunks blue cheese dressing with the BCC an it's on try it an tell me what u think ? ?..

Atlas Galmish

I wanted to leave a review but there was no survey code on the receipt. Jim was super nice and friendly!!


Jon is an amazing employee. Every time I order from there I see him in the back working very hard to please customers. 10/10 and will forever be my go to Pizza Hut.

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