Pizza Inn

1107 North Main Street, Lancaster
(803) 283-3357

Recent Reviews

Justin Prosser

Still one of the great local places you can go with your family and have a good time and a great meal.Food: 5/5

Tammy Kirk

Always my favorite place to get pizza when I'm in Lancaster. Staff was friendly and fast.Food: 5/5

stephanie chappelear

How does a buffet not have enough pizza to keep people happy. One pizza at a time when u got 20 people trying to eat all at once. Never coming back.

hanna walters

12/6/22Two girls were playing the WHOLE time. only got checked on once. our table also got talked about while eating. we were sitting on the first table on the wall. the we’re playing the whole time also didn’t ask us if you wanted to order a pizza. i didn’t catch there name because everytime i look up they talk about our table. so i wouldn’t even give this a 1 star. poor customer service/care.

Timothy L

Great like all other Pizza Inns!

Crissy Hovanec

This place has been in Lancaster forever, I love that they will make any pizza you ask for & add it to the buffet, and for larger groups, they will bring the whole pizza to the table!

Mark Scott

Average Pizza I think I'd prefer Domino's better but it was a place to eat and we tried it out

Bernie M.

Have been to this Pizza Inn several times now and have always been extremely satisfied with their pizza and their service. They do an excellent job of keeping the buffet and salad bar stocked. They generally put out 6-8 pizzas, a couple of calzones and a dessert pizza. Wednesday is senior day and and kids eat free on Monday.

Matt E

DOUBLE CHECK YOUR RECEIPT! I have never had a business steal from their customers and then have no willingness to even look into the situation. Even without my receipt, the business has the capability to review transactions based on time frame or amount. Based on the fact that the Manger comes across as too lazy to help investigate, Please keep in mind, until today I ate here weekly. I belive this was intentional instead of a mistake. Probably because she was the one that did the transaction. Is this this a cover up? Enbesselment? Or just an untrustworthy person on a power trip taking advantage of trusting people. I miss the days days when all you needed was a handshake. Brandy, I'm sorry that your boss made you loose faithful customers. You have always been a gem. I hope I am able to locate my receipt to force them to make it right.

Bernie Markley

Excellent pizza buffet. Great Pizza selection along w/ well- stocked salad bar. Senior night on Wednesdays at a reduced price, kids under 12 eat free on Mondays

justin moseley

Everytime we order the food is amazing and the people are just so nice and kind we have been going since we were kids and now we take ours best pizza in town. The only thing is try not to use the pickup window its kinda low

Sharon Cauthen

We had the buffet and it was great. Our waitress was Hannah she was the best we have every had when eating at Pizza Inn.

Ruth Martin

I'll have to say I'm very disappointed in pizza inn. Service was bad girls were arguing up front. I had to ask for silverware and then I had to go to counter and ask a second time after waiting 15 mins for my sweet and low because waitress and girls were loud and arguing. Our waitess says it happens all the time. they argue every day and it was loud. I let them know I didn't appreciate the drama. And the bathroom smells. Restaurant had pee smell not a clean salad bar. Overall a bad place

Ricky Huskey

Got there set there for 30 mins and 3 pizzas came out 2 of which was requested by other waiting customers of 20 mins or better had the Manger come out and speak to me she totally dismissed our concern about food being on buffet well didn't you get asked what kind you wanted it's a buffet came for variety could get order pizza anytime anywhere finally bout hour in they put pizzas out because more tables got people then went to pay Manger name Donna said we got you something to eat yeah I say but never once apologized or offer a discount or any solution so sad it was my favorite pizza place to eat not no more the pasta sauce was so old it had turned black the salad bar was a complete train wreck

Stephanie Balasco

Was in tonight for an early dinner. Shared the dining with 4 other tables. Everyone waiting on their pizzas to come out. A buffet means fresh pizza rather you order it or not. This place use to be awesome. The sauce on the bar is old and yucky. We sittin here with hungry kids and no food. The manager i formed us they only put out food when the dining room is full. So it's only a buffet when there's more than 4 tables. Just a fyi

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