Seagull's Grill

1305 Hwy 9 Bypass W, Lancaster
(803) 285-8046

Recent Reviews

Timothy Hodges

Owner of this place has a poor attitude. When questioned about his so called country fried steak (pork substitute) he became rude and proceeded to tell me that no where country fried steak is steak. When explained that he was wrong he proceeded to be even more defensive. He doesn’t belong in the restaurant business if he doesn’t know what he is talking about or treating customers as if they were ignorant. This has to be the worst restaurant and service in Lancaster County.

Marcella L.

The waitress was amazing! Friendly and very informative on the menu. The food was so good !!! Loves it all will be back

Carl Cady

Great find on our travel through the area. Wonderful hush puppies and mouthwatering seafood can be found here. Staff was great and kept us up on drink refills and any extra puppies. Plenty of seating and parking to be had. If you're going thru this area, it would be a shame to skip a chance to eat here.Food: 5/5

Abu Nurrain ibn Matchett

Apparently they have been affected by the many price increases. This has really affected the quality of service. Still one of my favorite places to eat.Food: 3/5

Paula Ivey

My experience was nothing but hidious! I called my order in and waited my 30 to go pick up got there and had to Wait another hour and 30 min walk INS were going and coming with similar orders to mine and was paying and leaving it took me 2,hours to get cold food and they wouldn't give me my money back so needless to say they will never get another $80 dollars from me !!!!!


Great food and friendly service with reasonable prices. What more could you ask for?

Celia Gray

First time to eat at this restaurant in Lancaster. The fried catfish was very good. My husband enjoyed his gyro. Restaurant is old, but clean. I enjoyed the staff and service. Portions are impressive, Our waitress Emily advised us that the fried clams and shrimp servings were very large. We were concerned, because we saw huge plates of food. Free hot hush puppies while we waited. Too full for dessert. Good value for those on a budget.

Chris L.

Asked for hot wings, came out bbq. Asked for ranch got blue cheese. My wife's shrimp was undercooked and when we asked what was wrong the Greek owner said we didn't order correctly. Zero stars

Ember Blythe Estridge

Not a place to eat if you have food allergies!!!I took the time to explain to the waitress what I couldn't have prior to ordering. Only to find it on my plate still. Don't know if it was a waitress or kitchen error. With no apologies or understanding. Luckily I just have mild allergies. But I worry for people who have worse allergies.This is a beloved place for my friends and family who swear by it, but again I advise people with severe food allergies against eating here.

Dawn Voglewede

It was our first, and last, visit to this restaurant. While waiting for our table we saw a dead roach on the floor. The rest of our party decided to stay because they had been told the food was really good. The food was okayish. For the price point it was an extremely large amount of food. The server was not a selling point for the restaurant. While she was fairly pleasant when speaking, she did not bring drink refills or anything else needed once the food was brought. I understand being busy, or perhaps shorthanded, but the other servers seemed to manage their tables very well.

Debbie L. Evans Evans

The food is very good. Good price and the service was great. I will go back.

Alan Privette

We will not be going there again. I ordered grill jumbo shrimp, a loaded bake potato and a salad. At most places that know what they are doing grill the shrimp over hot coals instead of on a flat steel plate. Plus they don’t burn one side and not cook the other side. In addition, They got tough. The loaded bake potato had a big glob of melded cheese and bacon bits which came off. What a mess. The salad had no taste at all.On the plus side, the hush puppies and iced tea were good. Plus the wait staff were nice.

Nadine Marks

We’ve been in Carolina for a week, every restaurant we’ve been to the food wasn’t so good.. we decided to pop into this restaurant and was very much pleased the service that was given was over the top amazing and the food matched.we will be back couldn’t remember the waitress name I know it starts with a M she is the best

Courtney Brown

I'm trying to give fair and consistent reviews but it is hard in our current climate. It's hard to tell in the few issues noted are due to being short on help or another issue. My country style was delicious as well as another's of my party. However, the seafood lasagna was extremely fishy. It was almost like it was missing something to of set the other flavors. Overall, it was a good experience and we will go back

karen wilkinson

I just got back from this restaurant and am very displeased. When it first opened they actually gave their customers an amount of food that would fill them up and was actually satisfying, Not anymore. There is barely enough food to please a child and the prices are so high that this place is no longer worth the drive,

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