The Grandma's House Cafe

2704 Flat Creek Rd, Lancaster
(803) 283-4485

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Tabitha Geiger

Food is good here. A little pricey. The service is always excellent though it gets a little slower when its busy. Everything is very clean here and makes a more comfortable dining experience. Recommend!Food: 4/5

Marissa García

We decided to stop by on the way to the beach. Very kind and attentive service! Had the chicken cajun pasta and some coconut cake. We had Laura as our waitress and look forward to seeing her again next time !Kid-friendliness: Todas son de $8usd. Hay hamburguesa, platitos de pollo, y pastas pequeñas. Incluye papas fritas y una bebida pequeña de fuente

Ed Komasara

Eclectic menu and it was hard to decide what to get because everything sounded so good! I had the steak bowl and it was delicious! My wife had the ranch burrito and she liked it a lot.I want to go back and try some dinner offerings, they sound so good!Service was fast and friendly.Oh, and the prices were very fair and the portions were generous.Make the trip!

Anna Petrovna

The city has been talking about this place. The photos and reviews made us try it. I ordered takeout tonight.The hefty burrito is no joke and delicious! It's massive!The kids scarfed down the chicken strips and fries. Fries were so crunchy n yummy.The philly yummy(could use more cheese but maybe that's just me)Don't let the exterior fool you. This place did not dissapoint and we will be back!

Jeffrey G.

TL:DR Uptown Hilton cuisine at Waffle House pricing. This restaurant seemingly doesn't belong in the SC countryside. I've been stopping here occasionally now for over a year and every time I am just wowed. Last time it was the Steak and Eggs breakfast, today was the combo(taste if everything.) The restaurant itself is in a small strip commercial building in the middle of nowhere. Looks to be an old auto service center. Parking enough for 30 cars. The decor is country craft store the seating is Waffle house. Super friendly family service, mom, daughters and maybe brothers in the kitchen? These folks care about their business and their customers. The menu is a bit convoluted with some ameri, mexi, louisiana dishes kinda crossing over. But everything has realy flavor and looks the part too. Strawberry slices and powered sugar on a thin, light perfect pancake. Homefries with some pepper kick, steak cooked properly and of decent size and quality for a breakfast. This food would be the the goal for in lobby restaurant at the Hilton Uptown. But not with the Hilton prices. Look this is a place that needs to be added as a destination if your planning a day trip south east out of CLT. Take the local roads and hit Grandmas on the way out of town. Take a few pics to prove they got some chops out in the sticks. NOTE: 1 star remove simply because of the self seating and table types, the food and service are 5's.

Sarah Brubaker

We came for dinner. Everything on the menu is overpriced, considering the quality of the food, the type of business, and the service provided. The sandwiches were the cheapest thing on the menu. Some of them are specified as a burger. The others are called subs on the menu. I ordered one that was called a sub. Our food took a long time to arrive. But when it did, my sandwich was not in fact a sub. It was the sandwich on a burger bun. Very disappointed, as I specifically was expecting a sub sandwich. The cheese was fake cheese, and not the real cheese as described on the menu. Another thing - they use ketchup, mayo, and mustard packets. We had to ask twice for more, and it still wasn't enough and decided not to ask a third time for more, as we were embarrassed to ask for any more. The music played was also definitely not "grandma-esque". It was alternative rock music. Which is fine...but definitely way off brand...and some of the music they played, grandma would not approve!

Marsha Sims

The food is always yummy. Hefty Burrito in picture, it is huge so be hungry..2 people could share it.Parking: Plenty of parkingWheelchair accessibility: Easy assemble..

Nancy Noel

The food was really good! The salad dressings were really tasty, and I suspect home made. We ordered the 4 cheese pasta, chicken fajitas, and the club sandwich, so we were all over the board. Everything tasted good and fresh. I know the ambiance is a little seedy, but the food makes up for it. I highly recommend trying it. I'm planning to go back for breakfast soon; I'll update this when I do.

Sheridan Hawkins

I could go on for DAYS about how GREAT the food is. I have had their breakfast, lunch, and other items and each time I was nothing less than impressed and satisfied. The prices are amazing for the food you are getting. Not to mention the portions are HUGE. This is a true southern cafe. Whoever is back there in that kitchen is throwing down!!

Winter D.

This hidden gem has the BEST food in Lancaster and some of the best Italian food that I've had in the Carolina's. The food is flavorful, fresh and the portions are well worth the price! I've been here at least 5 times within the past 2 months and each time the food and service has been consistently exceptional! If you weren't looking for it you would pass it. The building that it is located in is a little dated but I'm sure within time the space will not be able to hold the amount of patrons eating here and they will eventually move closer in town to a central location that the food and staff deserve! The Lobster ravioli is the best that I've had and I've had some from various "upscale" restaurants around Charlotte. The chicken Parm is my go to now and the Salmon penne is divine!

Kim H.

This little cafe is easy to miss. Its beside a glass place and has no signage around the door. We stopped in for a late lunch and there were a lot if good things about this place. Pros: Good staff Clean We ordered three meals and some dessert. The opinions on the food were mixed. The mixed vegetables were good and so were the fries but they weren't the correct temperature. The waitress quickly fixed this and the cook sent out fresh fries that were good. The blackened chicken sandwich didnt have much seasoning so it was kind of bland which is the opposite of what you'd think when you order it. The fried chicken was good. Overall, we had a mixed experience but we would try again and order different menu items. The staff was efficient and friendly.


I LOVED IT! The outside initially threw me off a little bit but as soon as we sat down I quickly changed my mind. The service was AMAZING! I didn’t catch the name of our server but she was younger girl in a pink sweatshirt. She was very attentive, quick, nice, and answered all questions we asked. We got our food maybe 10 or 15 minutes after ordering and it was delicious!I got the chicken bacon ranch wrap with fries and it was literally so good. It’s also family owned and I love supporting small businesses! My new favorite hole in the wall

nefertiti karismaida

I love the sweet cheese bread! I also love the burger buns they use on their sandwiches because of how buttery those are.

David D.

My wife brought to my attention this past week that there was a restaurant that she wanted to try. It was called "Grandmas House Cafe". Now I live in a town that is totally bereft of mediocre much less elevated cuisine. I have lived here for 35 years and the best restaurant experience thus far has been Applebees which has suffered from incompetent wait staff and mediocre but high cost fare. And for the entirety of that period of time, we have always had to drive to Charlotte to find anything that was cooked to perfection, was nicely seasoned or was something that we hoped to try and replicate in our home kitchen. Let me tell you, Grandma's fills the bill. The first night it was Italian. What a pleasure! For me, the Quattro Formaggi dish was incredible. My wife had the Carbonara and both dishes were well presented and more than we could handle (Next day's lunch!). Today, I went for lunch and had the Reuben Sandwich. Keep in mind that I grew up in NY and have had hundreds of Reubens. This one was fantastic! I could tell that they did not use pre-packaged corned beef but cooked it themselves. Again, the volume of the dish was more than I could handle, but the taste... Unbelievable! There are tons of more dishes on their menus (and I look forward to trying them all). For a foodie that considers Lancaster SC to be culinarily deficient, I am glad to find a place, be it a "hole in the wall", that caters to excellence in all aspects and does not require a mortgage refi to go there.

Paige Ackerman Johnson

The food looked and tasted amazing. My husband had shrimp scampi and I had the Cajun salmon. I usually hesitate to order salmon when we go out because most places overcook it. I took a chance tonight, and so glad I did. It was perfectly cooked and seasoned and came with a nice sized salad, grilled vegetables and rice. The menu is expansive with something for everyone. Highly recommend!

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