Wheel-In Restaurant

1751 Pageland Hwy, Lancaster
(803) 285-1483

Recent Reviews

Erica Gemini

I ordered a double cheeseburger and it was thoroughly good. The meat was actually seasoned which made my heart just happy ? The tots were good. My family ordered the hotdog all the way and the wings and they were pleased with these items as well...Food: 5/5


Very good food, only wish their menu was online.Food: 5/5

Zhee Zhee

Have been here twice when visiting SC. Both times we've not been able to go in because they only take orders curbside. (In the parking lot.) Service is good. Food is okay. Fries are more like what I consider home fries. (Cooked on a surface and not deep fried. Kinda soggy, not crispy.) Not terrible but I prefer crispy fries. But my friend loves this place so we go. ?Parking: All orders are taken in the parking lot. There is no entry into the building.

Douglas Edwards

Best burger in town! I recommend the Big Wheel and tater tots!

Stephan Wallace

Been coming here since I was a kid, great food!

Courtney Brown

I do hate they're not open on the inside but I do understand with the lack of employees. My burger was tasty and all food was prepared as asked.

Kent Lucas

Curb side pick up only and don't forget to call ahead to avoid waiting. Awesome food !

Ræ Çhïll

It is Sunday February 27th and I checked online to make sure they were open. Said open till 9pm. So I called to place Togo order cause I know that’s all they offer right now. No answer. Figured they might have been too busy which was no problem at all so I drive to the restaurant only to find that they are closed! It is not hard to keep your website updated on when your restaurant is open or closed. This is not acceptable. When the Threatts owned this restaurant, this was never an issue. I expect better!! ???

David Blumberg

Great burger and fresh fries!! Sweet waitress too.

Doug E

Great Food and Great Prices. Ingredients are always fresh and great tasting. Staff is amazing!

Shaun Hernandez

Just wanted to let everyone know they are not open for Dine in only carry out right now. Hope to be able to try them out one day. Giving it a five star based on what I have seen in reviews didn't want to give low star for something beyond their control. Just wish their Google page was up to date and showed no dine in.

Tonya Gainey

awesome cheese burgers and club sandwiches.

Lana P

I called to order 2 dinner boxes-12 Wing Boat (hot) and 12 Wing Boat (teriyaki), both with tater tots. A total of 24. When I opened the box & ready eat, I realized that each box only had 6 wings in it. I called the restaurant & let them know that my order was short. I was expecting friendly & honest people to admit their mistakes but no. I could not believe the girl's attitude on the phone. She was short and tried to accuse me of lying. She kept saying she personally packed me 12 wings. Yes, 12 wings NOT 24 like I ordered. Even national well known wing restaurants in Charlotte do not even sell 12 wings with tater tots for $34.10. No where in Charlotte, period.The girl’s attitude on the phone was unacceptable. She accused me of lying. You cheated me once not twice. Never again. Do not eat here. They do not know how to count.


Had a friend have the worst experience here and I will never go back. They were rude and bullied her due to her accent. They charged her for everything she order an only gave her half of the order. They proceeded in calling her a liar and made no attempt to correct the situation. Whatever happened to customer service. Sorry you have lost my business.

Edwina Franklin

Food was really good; service was great. The food took too long

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