Captain Benjamin's Calabash Seafood Buffet

401 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach
(843) 626-9354

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I have never been as disappointed in any restaurant as I was this place !The food was overcooked, tasteless and not seasoned at all. The worst seafood I have ever tried to eat. Nothing to remember about the place except the price tag. I will not be going back and would never recommend to anyone except my worst enemies. For the price I expected, at the least, food comparable to some of the other restaurants in the area. To be on the coast this place is a joke! They apparently are riding on a name established years ago.


I researched places to eat before arriving in Myrtle Beach and online prices for this location ranged around $27 a person for the buffet but when we arrived we were quoted $46 per person. We chose to stay and eat but several people who arrived after us got up and left when the waitress told them the cost. The prices are not actually listed on their website and I should have thought to call. There is a $5 coupon online which helped a little bit. The variety of food is extensive and most things are authentic in taste. There is a decent salad bar and also a dessert bar with a variety of so-so desserts.

Justin's Fern

Decent seafood buffet. Not $50 a person good, in my opinion, but decent.No full bar service at 1pm on a Friday? Only beer and wine.

Teshia Smith

Excellent service and food! The prices were reasonable for an all you can eat seafood buffet. We definitely got our money's worth! The crab legs were cooked perfectly! We didn't try any of the desserts, but they looked great! A huge Thank You to the wonderful servers, cooks and all the staff!

Alex M.

Buffet: $46.00 per personDrink: $4 per personGroups of 8 or more have 15% gratuity added to the billGood food, good overall choices and good service. 3 stars because all the fish is fried except salmon. There's no grilled or broiled fish options otherwise. For $46.00 a person, that's not good enough for a seafood buffet. I understand the draw is the crabs for most people, but for those who don't care about unlimited crabs, this probably isn't the seafood buffet for you


Stop,No,Don’t go! An absolute terrible value. When a restaurant does not list their prices for a buffet until you are seated, it might be a warning to you. $47.99, not including drinks. You have to eat an awful lot of crab to make that work out for you. The crab legs and raw bar were fair to good while the remainder of the food was so- so at best. At those prices we should have went to a 5 star restaurant instead of packed like sardines into to this tourist trap.

Tara Hendershot

Place was absolutely amazing.. definitely well.worth almost $50 per adult.. all you can eat crab legs. (Sea food in general).. waitress was wonderful.. very clean and organized..will be going back next year..

wayne harrell

In short: best calabash I have been to, highly recommended.I love this place, some times it's to full but I understand why.The crab legs are always good and decent size.Best part is they have much more than crabs, and the other food outside crab is just as good, I love ther scallops, oysters, mussels.They have steak strips, chicken wings, prime they have more good food outside seafoodI have been to about 5 to 6 other calabash and this one has always been my favorite, this is the one I always go to now.Hey go here, go here, go here I'm confident you will enjoy the food

Keela D.

The food was awesome and way better than Captain George's. There were so many versions of shrimp to try and had a wide variety of food. The crab legs were cook to perfection. Can't wait to go back. I didn't try that much because alcohol was my appetizers and I was stuffed.

virgin n

We walked right in and sat down. Our server was great. There were plastic gloves at the buffet. All of the food was good! All you can eat buffet at a reasonable price.

Joey N.

A bit pricey but honestly what down here isnt. The buffet has a ton of delicious and flavorful options and getting to try all the different types of fish (cod, Whiting, catfish, tilapia, flounder, grouper) was just spot on! Definitely recommend trying the Crab Imperial and the coconut shrimp!

Amber M.

46.99 per person. Parking sucks. Most trays of anything they advertise were constantly empty because people act like vultures and pile their plates sky high! The desserts were generic. When we got our bill for 4, it was $246....because we sat at a table with my brother in law so for a table of so many they add gratuity because getting drinks and clearing plates equals 50 extra dollars gratuity per bill....I ate clam chowder and a couple crab legs. Noone with me ate $46.99 worth. We only went because we were invited, and we regretted every second of it. My 2 year old couldnt even eat chicken tenders because they were too hard. I can't say enough bad about this place, just NO! Whatever it is you want, go to the grocery store and make it yourself, especially if it's more than 2 people! Or just go to a nice sit down restaurant, youll spend half that for good food!

Abby W.

Loved my waitress. Someone in my party cut their pants from a nail sticking out from the chair. Our waitress brought the manager and we weren't charged for one of our meals. There is a lot of food: fried, barbecue, carved meats, salad, soup, desserts (soft serve ice cream, cakes, pudding, cookies), and more that I'm forgetting. Everyone was going after the snow crab legs, which tasted very good. They were cold and it was hard for us to get a lot of meat out because it was sticking to the shell. Sadly the majority of the other food (even the sweets) wasn't too extraordinary.


This place was great buffet was 46.99 not including the drinks it a fairly good walk from the Westgate Resort but well worth it if you like a upscale buffet this it large variety

Margo McClure

I would recommend eating here...we enjoyed the buffet very much. They do wait to let you know the price per person right before they seat you, so no grand surprise..sounds pricey at first. But once you see all that is offered and all you can eat, at that...its very comparable to other seafood restaurants...also there was quite the crowd when we got there, but it still wasn't more than a 4 or 5 minute wait to be seated. Sorry, I only took the one was delicious, though!

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Captain Benjamin's Calabash Seafood Buffet

401 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 626-9354