Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

2103 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach
(843) 448-2231

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Sharon Ransome

I visited Diary Queens while in Mrtyle Beach still the same. Delicious ice cream. Service was fast. Prices a little high but it's expected.Food: 5/5

Bobby Lupo

Drive through is very argumentative, I asked at the speaker if they could do a strawberry dipped soft serve and she told me “yah I can do that”. I drove up and the kid at the window gave me a cherry blizzard so I said I asked for a strawberry dipped soft serve and he said “ we don’t have dipped soft serve” completely trying to cover up his mistake but anyhow the manager came to the window and said oh you said strawberry you meant to say cherry and I said yes but the receipt says blizzard. They took the wrong order which is fine but the kid was argumentative with an attitude, not the first time this location gave attitude, if you don’t like your job find something else.


Ice cream is fantastic. Staff was so nice and on top of their game. What’s not to love about Dairy Queen. Store was very clean with seating outside.

Donna S

Stopped in after playing mini-golf next door. It seemed like too many people were behind the counter & they had a rough time getting orders right. We finally got our order but it took a while-wouldn't go back.

Lynnae Fisher

We had a horrible experience with management being extremely rude to the customers and her employees too! She would help them make blizzards and make mean comments I am done helping you all and the way she responded to the customers questions was downright rude! The manager at 5:00 pm Wednesday September 14th. Should not be in management position with an attitude like hers. I know people have bad days but I feel sorry with anyone having to work with her because I was able to leave when I wanted they were stuck with her!You responded and I am not giving my information out for points and rewards. The issues and embarrassment is your management at this location being very mean and rude. I didn’t write the review for points or or anything. Something needs to be done with your management

Felicia cooper

What a delight to be served by happy smiling people. I ordered a bacon double cheeseburger with extra pickles combo with a strawberry milk shake. It was hot, fresh, and delicious. If you haven't been yet you should go now ! Yummy, yummy, yummy I got love in my tummy ?Parking: Plenty of parking space.

Ed Schirle

Just ok as far as Dairy Queen goes. The ice cream was made well on two of the three blizzards. None of the blizzards were filled sufficiently. We went there three times during our vacation and it was the same way every time. When you’re being charged $5.89 for a medium it should at least be filled to the same level that other DQ’s do.

Kate Butterworth

Ordered a box of Buster Bars.Tasted fine but about half of them were squashed. Lots of chrysallization on both the bars and wrappers. Tasted fine but they need to do a better job of rotating their stock.

Colin Williams

Better DQ experience at this exact location then any other I have ever been too. We went at closing at the staff was still very nice. Got our entire order right, and that’s all that matters.


Overcooked burger, cold fries, and service was S-L-O-W. At least the employees looked like they were having fun hanging out. And if you want a side of BBQ sauce it will cost you $1.10.

Robert Lakey

Food was good,staff were great.menu bored needs to be relocated,brought foward,forward, is very hard to see and hard on the eyes. Prices are a bit much for the type of food served..

Brandon Hester

Gotten too expensive... blizzard's are no where near as creamy as they used to be... more like a frozen dessert than ice cream... with dairy in the name, I expected better product.

Tequila D.

7/22 My family went for ice cream and smoothies. The smoothie was a bit watery so we called and the manager agreed to give us another one on 7/23. 7/23 we went for the smoothie, the order taker was extremely rude not allowing us to complete explaining why we were there. Interrupting by sternly stating "pull around to the front" Once we received the replacement smoothie we left and noticed there was hair blended into the smoothie. We returned and at this point asking for a refund. The manager (Yully) stated she couldn't refund due to it already being replaced. I asked for the DM, he (Ahmed) who reiterated the same thing. Neither manager apologized ever. Ahmed provided the Franchise owners info (Rammy). Ive called multiple times, left multiple voicemails and have had one call back during my work hours that I clearly stated on the voicemail. The DQ is disgusting. Disgusting from its service to its serving a smoothie with thick hair curled inside and not apologizing not once. Ahmed made us drive back to the hotel to find the receipt and once I returned and explained the level of disappointment and disgust I felt and the extent of complaining I would be going through to make sure everyone was aware of the disgust, negligence, disrespect etc that I was shown.

Richard D.

I stopped at this Dairy Queen and purchased a parfait for my son, and asked for a glass of water. They said, sorry if you wanna glass of water you have to pay for a Coke. You would think, that when you were buying a parfait for over seven dollars, they could give you a glass of water.

Paul H.

Ordered some blizzards and Misty slushes. Staff were very friendly and made treats according to DQ standards.

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