Domino's Pizza

1706 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach
(843) 626-7666

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Veronica Kisor

Fast delivery! Hot food! No complaints really!1 star taken away because pizza was requested to be half cheese, half pepperoni and there were only 2 slices that were completely all cheese.

Shane Brown

1706 South King's Highway Domino's - The pizza was awesome! Delivered fast at just the right temperature. 2 of us almost ate 2 pizzas in one night. The thin crust was just right. It was so good we'll finish it for breakfast. The employee taking the order and the delivery driver were super nice!


Great pizza. Quick and good customer service. Had an issue of having a 15% tip added to my online order, but they made it right.Just be careful ordering online. It automatically defaults to stuff like rounding up, donations, tips, etc. It was kind of tricky, and that was my only issue. I'll tip, donate, and round up. It just doesn't seem right to automatically default it to something that people get tricked into.

Jen Qualls

Went in to order and waited. Kitchen is small and seemed a bit cluttered and not as well kept as many others. The tall young blonde at the make line was on her phone then went back to pizzas without washing her hands.

shardashia hall

Me and my family really enjoyed ourselves for my sons birthday! It’s very fun for the kids . You can take pictures with the decor and meet a live dinosaur!they even song happy birthday.. Will most definitely be back!

Jill Bandy

Glad they were open!! Enjoying our pizza watching the Buckeyes game!????

Freddy Savage

Ordered on the app. If no drivers are available, they cook your food and let it set in “quality check” until the driver gets back. Which means my food sits for roughly 30 mins before it even leaves the store. So by the time it gets to me it’s lukewarm and disgusting. Will never order from dominos again.

Cathy Mc

Used the app for carry-out order - 2 for 6.99 each. The two pizzas, pan with pepperoni and hand-thrown with chicken, spinach, feta, garlic parmesan sauce, were done perfectly and ready within 1/2 hour. Only issue was the app. The price for the pizzas were higher than $6.99 each. The standard pizza with only one extra topping was $9. While I expected my custom pizza to be higher, it appears to charge for sauce and cheese substitution. Domino's needs to provide a priced menu and pricing details of the order. App was not updating status line or sending texts which made me wonder if my order was happening. Still, the pizzas were delicious, better than I remembered, and worth the app bugs and mystery upcharges. Will definitely be ordering again.

Ellen Horton

Absolutely horrible we ordered two pizzas they text saying on the way and it took them 45 minutes to deliver it when it said driver on the way and then boxes were squished and pizza wasn’t hot and we cannot get ahold of them on the number we’ve been on hold for an hour

Scott Gillespie

Very dry. Asked for extra sauce on both pizzas and there were next to no sauce on them. The tall slim guy that took the order, was not friendly at all. A frozen pizza would have been better at more than half the cost. ???? Three days since publishing review and not one word from the franchise owner or corporate. Pathetic. I love Dominos, but will NEVER order from this location again.

Lourdes Nunez

I ordered a pizza and some chicken wings, the delivery person called me 2 hours later asking me if we still wanted the pizza, I did not hesitate to ask why they took so long, then he said they were super busy. I told him the person I spoked to when I ordered the pizza told me 30 min. and then he cursed and hung up. As you suppose we never got our order. Bunch of dam loosers. Do not order from here!!!!!!!!

Sabrina Aguilar-Retana

DONT GO TO THIS PIZZA SHOP! ITS THE WORST EVER! The workers are rude, mean and disrespectful. They never answer the phone nor updated your mobile order. There lazy, we ordered our pizza at 9 and the mobile app didn’t show that the pizza was being made so we decided to walk to dominos because they wouldn’t even pick up there phone and when we got there our pizza wasn’t even made, by this time it was 11. The delivery person wasn’t even there. We didn’t get a refund for our delivery. Our soda fell too b/c he failed to double bag our soda and then refused to give us another soda. The worker wanted us buy a new one. ITS NOT SANITARY. The floor is all dirty. I REPEAT DONT GO TO THIS DOMINOS

Megan B.

I love dominos, but this location is something else. The service is never good.We love to get a current pizza, which we get everytime we go.. and this location refuses to put ranch on top of a our pizza. Anytime we ever go to another domino's we tell them about it, because why should that be an issue? It honestly blows my mind. But unfortunately this is the closest dominos near us lol. Also we always go and pick it up because if you get take out, it will take well over an hour & a half

Lyndoll Escamila

I placed a order for my child’s dinner when we got back from the pools. Order email was sent to me at 11:08. Tracks has said the same thing since 11:24 that’s it’s been checked for Quality! It’s now 12:31am. I have called multiple times and no answer. So now my 4 children are sitting here with no dinner!

Genee Wyckoff Davis

I placed an order @ 2:02. It is now after 4pm. I have been on hold for 44 minutes. I purchased pizza for our condo complex workers for working on the 4th of July. They won’t answer their phones so you have no way to cancel or follow up. It said 94-104 min when order was placed. I tried to cancel (I wasn’t aware until AFTER order placed and I received the email confirmation with timeframe) & could not reach anyone. They DO NOT answer their phones!!! Now I have 3 pizzas & bread sticks and the workers are off and leaving for the day. What a horrible way to do business!!! At least have a cancel button if you’re not going to answer your calls. I should be able to cancel prior to starting my order, which is way past 94-104 min delivery.

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