9497 SC-707, Myrtle Beach
(843) 215-9850

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Katie Hause

stopped by around lunch today to get a treat. I grabbed a pumpkin cold brew, ice Carmel machiato and the last pumpkin muffin. not only was the young lady taking my order super sweet but my order was right and delicious! they made my whole day and the muffin was just perfect! I adore how kind and happy the staff was and how quick they got the order. by far the best experience I've had at a dunkin in a very long time! thank you!!!

Mary Giles

Friendly service. Coffee is always good!

Corvette RL

The store on highway 707 is our first choice! The staff is the reason and specifically Nichole. They are always friendly and efficient. Nicole adds a personal touch by trying to remember customer (regulars) names and always being friendly. We are glad we found this location!

Christian B.

Couldn't make my coffee because they broke down the espresso machine a hour and 15 minutes before closing and didn't suggest something similar or anything pretty shitty!!

Brian Marble

Very nice Polite and friendly Staff! ..Needs management to Have the Restrooms Cleaned on A daily basis There were disgusting also outdoor seating area is Disgusting and Water fountain is Full of Green Algea and litter! Very Bad way to conduct Busineess in a Upscale area!

Brittany Short

Such a great store! It’s nice to walk in and everyone be so friendly and know my order, and Nicole is amazing! When the drive thru is closed, she always makes sure I’m taken care of, being that I drive a box truck for work and am not able to go through it, so thank you for that!

Shannon Ashley

This location is constantly understaffed, and for some reason the employees are always very efficient and charismatic. I admire their strength and patience


This is the worst Dunkin I have ever been to. I went here twice and will never go again. Once, I went inside and had to wait nearly 10 minutes for a single drink while multiple people who ordered after me were served ahead of me. The other time, I went through the drive thru and the intercom was down, I had to wait 15 minutes (my own fault honestly), they gave me a half-empty drink full of ice (an iced caramel macchiato with light ice) and when I asked them to fix it, they literally just added milk. I have never had a single other Dunkin get my order wrong.I'll never place blame on the emoyees. I blame the management for paying the workers too little to care, not training them properly, and understaffing them. Horrible branch.

Pamela Strobel

Perfect place to sit down with Friends and enjoy coffee and donuts..

Emma Leigh

I absolutely love this Dunkin they are the best! very friendly atmosphere! Thank you so much for Gillette’s pup cup, she loved it!! We appreciate y’all!

Charlotte Foreman

Doughnuts were ok, drive up could use some tidying up.

Dave B

Nice clean place with very good donuts.

April Morris

Wonderful customer service nice big & busy store!!

Frank Hertkorn

I have never met a freestanding Dunkin Donuts that I did not like. This was no exception. I would definitely visit again

Melissa Gulyas

Absolute horrible dunking. Had chloe at the window and she was very rude and did not know how to speak to customers! No drive through should take 23 min to get through. Have the wrong order and then charge me to much. The manager cleared it up and was wonderful but Chloe needs an attitude adjustment or a new job!

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