Library Restaurant

6613 N Kings Hwy Unit D, Myrtle Beach
(843) 448-4527

Recent Reviews

Marcus K

First time visit with my wife and had a fantastic experience, reserved a table online and asked for a table discrete from traffic and to our surprise we got our own private room behind a book shelf. The food was also amazing the Lamb was some of the best i have ever had. Cant wait to go back again.

Kristy P.

Where do I begin...Upon 1st arrival, I obviously bypassed the dress code sign, but it was 7:30 on a Friday night. This is the beach and there was only 2 tables seated when we arrived. You should have been happy to have business. The person/greeter whomever he was, looked at me and who I was with...sized us up and down and sent someone else to seat us. The decor looked like a Browns Fan threw up in the room, the tables were overly cluttered with a bunch of unnecessary shit. Our waiters dictation of menu options were so drawn out, boring and to the point of, I just was waiting for him to "Shut Up!" Aside from his long drawn-out reiteration of the menu, he took it upon himself to comment on how Large my friend was. Not once, but several times. From the moment we walked in, because we weren't dressed the part...we were talked down to. The food overall was mediocre at BEST! It DAMN SURE WASN'T WORTH $800's for 4 people. I don't mind spending that kind of money. What I have a problem with, is spending that amount of money on what amounted to $100's worth of food, service and experience! I will NEVER REVISIT and I will make sure to never recommend your restaurant. In the future, don't judge a book by its cover. Especially when someone orders a 12 ounce, Medium Rare Filet.. send out 2 Hockey Puck medallions....that are well done and charge $65 for it.

John Brown

Outstanding fine dining, classic dishes like escargot, table side ceaser salad, or Steak Diane are all awesome. A welcome change to casual flip flop dining. Great date night place.

Paul P.

Very poor service. Ordered 12 oz Filet Med Rare. and was served 2 misshapen pieces of beef tenderloin that I assume weighed 12 ounces. Each piece was a different thickness but cooked for the same amount of time arriving at the table medium and almost medium well with a large cut where someone checked the temp. At 65+ dollars for a 12 oz steak I would expect more than what amounted to 2 scraps of tenderloin without the mushroom sauce instead of a 12 oz filet as ordered. The server seemed knowledgable, but certainly didn't seem interested in why I left the main course with little more then a small piece cut off to see that the temp was way over done. Your A+ bill was paid and you got A- tipped, but no worries I won't be back for the C- effort!!!

Mindy Steffen

The best restrant food waite staff and experience u will have if u want romantic be shure to dress nice

Jerry T.

Wow... OVERPRICED! The staff if professional and well trained is also trained to milk your wallet. The regular menus is not the money maker. The "Specials" and Chef's selections are $$$$$ . The food is good... no complaints about that. The wine is horribly a ripoff. The cocktails are ridiculously priced. If U are not considered-about price... have a good meal. Don't be surprised if your meal for two costs $300. We went for a special occasion. I expected a premium price. I was still shocked. Be prepared to pay big.

Christopher C.

Stodgy, dated, cheesy, located in a strip mall. Upon entry I was told to remove my "ball cap" before entering the dining room. It wasn't a ball cap, but a knitted, traditional head covering. I did. The Dining Room was lined with one shelf of books higher up toward the ceiling, purely decorative. A sliding bookshelf semi hid a tiny private party room. A rather vapid print of a landscape hung crookedly, over the main entry. Our table was next to a flat screen with a video on loop of a fire place, complete with crackle sounds. Really? A gas fire place, or nothing would be better imo. For a place that boasts its table service, I only saw it done for salads and desserts. Our waiter was distant, rather aloof and uninterested. We had drinks. The Negroni was uneven. The Manhattan was ok, but almost clear in color. I had Fillet Mignon, with sweet potato mash and sliced carrots. It was medium, but I'd asked for it to medium rare. Nice sauce. I passed on the garlic mash, because who needs two carbs? My companion had the trad Txgiving turkey entree, . We shared a seafood starter. No dessert. The the maitre'D visited every table except ours; there was no sommelier. An hour and a half from entry to exit. Meh! The hype doesn't hold up. It's just OK. Needs to brighten up and get over themselves.

Anna Y.

I went there a year ago, and it was amazing. The duck with the cherry glaze, was one of the best meals I've had, the decor also provides an uplifting atmosphere, I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a spectacular restaurant , regardless of price

Jeff D.

We had eaten at their old location about 4 years ago and were looking forward to coming back. We were extremely disappointed in the experience this time around. The food was okay but overpriced for the quality. I have no problem paying $45 for a good steak but the food didn't measure up to our experience here a few years ago. Perhaps the most disappointing thing was that our waiter was borderline unethical taking up selling to another level. He pushed only the most expensive items on the menu, almost daring us to try anything under $45. He kept opening and pouring bottles of water without asking us if we wanted anymore. He even popped out after we had ordered and asked our friend if a 10 oz cut of the steak he ordered was "ok" with him, making it sound like that was the standard. Only after we got our bill, did we find out that we were charged an extra $14 for that cut ($56!) In addition to the four liters of water ($20!) we hadn't ordered. On top of all that, they served the worst cocktails I've ever had at a restaurant at this price point. I don't mind spending money for great food and a great experience, but this was neither for us. Avoid this place unless you just like to burn money for mediocre food and poor service!

Joshua liddell

When it come to Myrtle Beach there are plenty of better restaurants to choice from. Better views, better atmosphere, better food all while being less expensive. I mean if you like $15 martinis made with cheap vodka that are put in a fancy glass this is your spot. This restaurant has had the same ?features? for ten years. From the canned crab to the pre-made shrimp and lobster cocktail that just sit around getting old. That?s exactly what this dining experience is like. Old and out dated. This place lacks life and enjoyment and you can see it and taste it when you go.

Haley Strehl

Food was delicious and the service was excellent. Dana was our waitress and did an amazing job. Overall great experience and will definitely be back.

Patty Phillips

Very good food at this fine dining establishment. It is not a family dining venue. $$$$$

Luciana Batista Kimus

Everything seemed perfect until we got at hotel and started feeling sick! My husband is now at the hospital and was diagnosed with food poisoning! We spent US$500 to feel this way!! It?s a no no no! Don?t recommend at all! And we could taste the fishy taste on the shrimp!

Luciana K.

Everything seemed perfect until we got at hotel and started feeling sick! My husband is now at the hospital and was diagnosed with food poisoning! We spent US$500 to feel this way!! It's a no no no! Don't recommend this place at all! And we could taste the fishy taste on the shrimp! We called and the owner refused to fix this huge problem!

Kaytlin M.

Tonight we had the honor of spending our night with Josh. He was absolutely amazing! His knowledge of the menu and personality was exactly what we needed. We celebrated my mom's birthday and they catered to us by putting the cake in the fridge, even serving us by he slice. This was our first time here and I can't wait to return. 10/10 recommend.

Karen L.

We went to dinner last night to celebrate our anniversary. We had a couple of drinks at the bar, very good, and the bartender was very friendly. The tables are set nicely. The service was attentive but not intrusive. Thank you to our server Brian. Now to the food...for appetizers, my husband had the escargot and they were done nicely. I had the mushroom caps with Gruyer cheese and they were delicious, served hot. For our main courses we had the special of the day, Halibut, and the twin lobster tails. Omg! The fish was fresh, cooked to perfection and the seasoning was a treat. As for me, I haven't tasted lobster that delectable in years. And we both have to comment on the carrots in brown sugar and orange sauce, so yummy and a great accompaniment to the entrees. I love when carrots aren't over cooked but still have texture. This is a fine dining restaurant, so don't expect early bird specials or two-fers, the prices reflect the service and the food. We can't wait to go again!


If I lived close enough to visit Library Restaurant more often, I would be so, so poor! Everything about the night was just fantastic. Our server Josh was super friendly and helpful. He even stopped what he was doing to open the door for us on the way out! And don't even get me started on the food. Even the dessert was great. I've been visiting Myrtle Beach for years and I wish I had known about Library Restaurant sooner. It was the best restaurant I've ever been to (so far).

Doug McHam

This was only our 2nd time here, but both times have been excellent! Food, ambiance, service, all of it was excellent. First time we were there we had the tableside Caesar salad and I had the steak tartar, also made tableside. Outstanding! This time it was a seafood trio appetizer, rack of lamb, and the Alaskan halibut...again outstanding! We will be back and we highly, highly recommend the Library Restaurant! You can't go wrong here.

Chris Rumsey

We were served by Josh on a fairly quiet night. Everything from the starters, through salad and main course to dessert was superb. The service was both personable and consummately professional, the atmosphere is very quaint. Your wallet may not thank you, but better fine dining cannot be had in Myrtle Beach. Stands with the finest dining you can find in Charleston

Jrg Gtn

A memorable night with my wife that was complemented by amazing food, classic ambience and an amazing service by Josh. The professionalism at this restaurant begins at the door with a welcoming smile, follows with a good selection of wine(hard to find Gavi bottles nowadays) Service of five star restaurant, fresh seafood, and ends at the door again with a bigger bye smile. Highly recommended. We were welcomed in without reservation but the establishment does prefer one if possible

Jennifer Hupko

Atmosphere is wonderful and the food is superb! Everything is always so fresh and the flavors are excellent!

Dawn Moore

Amazing place! I love the decor in the new location and the food is the best in Myrtle Beach.


Upscale restaurant, relocated to North Kings Highway two years ago. Definitely prefer their new location with ample and easy parking. The Library theme decor is interesting, complete with chandelier and flat screen fireplace to set the ambiance. The wine list is nice though rather excessive in price. The ala carte list includes a variety of wines, a few of them are priced well over the bottle price for a one glass serving. The meal was above average as you would expect from a higher end landmark, starting with the seafood trio for appetizer consisting of lobster tails, shrimp and lump crab. The salads fresh and crisp with house dressing. The bread was fresh, served warm with a herbed butter. The special for the evening Scottish salmon or grouper served with crab meat and sauce accompanied with red potato and carrots was excellent. One of their standard menu items, the chicken and artichokes consists of sauteed breast meat with artichokes and mushrooms; the chicken was slightly overcooked to the point where it cut as if it had a slight crust. Dessert was a chocolate sundae and a chocolate mud pie. The service was in general good and responsive, although at times feeling a bit intrusive with the amount of attention.

Christopher S.

This was the best restaurant I have ever visited in Myrtle Beach. The staff makes you feel like a king or queen. There are not a lot of tables but the staff makes sure you are taken care of -- the food is excellent. Some of the food (steak) is cooked in front of you. Such a tasty and great experience with excellent ambiance.

Keith Oakley

Very good service and exquisite food. $$$ costs wise but worth every penny. Small warm atmosphere with very attentive staff.


what a wonderful restaurant. the food is excellent. the service is just amazing. treated me like a queen. very attentive and friendly staff. the owner made it a point to visit our table. the rack of lamp was amazing. my friend had salmon which she said was really really good. we had a very nice experience. the place is cozy and very nicely decorated. if you like fine dining you must visit the library.

Judith F.

had dinner tonight for my birthday with a good friend. from start to finish excellent service. food was outstanding. I cannot say enough about the wait staff and the owner who made it a point to come over and say hello and make sure everything was great. I had the rack of lamp. delicious. this place is a must visit if you like fine dining in a warm and friendly atmosphere. will visit again for a special occasion.

Stacy Tran

Delicious food & great waiter. Cute cozy atmosphere surrounded by books on shelves, hence Library Restaurant. Overall good experience.

Jean Maixner

I was very disappointed. The Library tries to be an upscale restaurant, but it is not. The decor falls short, especially the TV screen with the fire place picture.

Michael Lattro

One of the best restaurants in Myrtle Beach... amazing food and great service. The She crab soup is a must have, best in the world!!!

Stacy T.

Delicious food with great waiter. Very eclectic surrounding by books on shelves,hence Library restaurant. Great service with nice doorman too.

Jared H.

Very weird ambiance (dark and cold). Not a good place for young adults. Food is probably good but we did not stay to eat.

Patricia S

This location is wonderful. In the first place, there is parking. After our first visit, at the old location, and having to walk a block, we have not been back since. That being said, a few of our friends visited the new location and raved about the food, service, the atmosphere, the bar area and all in all a GREAT experience. Brian, our server was very attentive, as well as the other people walking around asking about the food and drinks without being annoying while we were eating and conversing. We are looking forward to our next visit.


This was our first time at The Libraryâ??s new location and our dinner for my wifeâ??s 75th birthday was just as wonderful as our anniversary dinner at the old location several years ago. The escargot and Caesar salads prepared at table side, my wifeâ??s lamb entree, my 8 ounce filet feature and the cherries jubilee, prepared at table side, were all delicious. Our server Robert was excellent, making great recommendations for every course and providing the level of service consistent with this first class restaurant. Although not an inexpensive place to dine, the food quality and service certainly merits the cost.

Kyndall N.

Our first visit to The Library was about a year ago to the day, and my husband and I were blown away by the service, atmosphere, and meal. We both ordered the fresh catch which was salmon for me, and halibut for him. Both topped with a crab and shrimp topping. Bananas foster for dessert. We left feeling satisfied with everything and really could not wait to come back. Flash forward to this year's visit, and boy it was a let down. I'm not sure what changed within the year, but the service was sub-par, the entrees arrived looking very pre-made and plated until use(duck for me-2/5) and the halibut(2/5) for my husband. His plate looked old, as in the entree was sitting for awhile. My duck was rather tasteless. The bananas foster this go round was a hot mess. Our waiter couldn't get the rum to light and just kept adding more and more until he finally poured rum onto the open flame. Basically we ended up with hot bananas in a soupy, citrus liquid because there wasn't anywhere near enough brown sugar to caramelize. The atmosphere was also different. Patrons were more on the casual side of business casual, there were children in tshirts and gym shorts, and everything was loud. After that experience we left feeling like The Library tried to be a fine dining experience but it fell short and settled for whatever they could get in the door.

Stacy Logsdon

Best steak Iâ??ve ever had. We will be back every time we come to the beach! Our waiter (Brian) was outstanding!


Dinner was fabulous...our waiter Mark was a great waiter, very nice place! The food is pricey..but worth it. Even though it was a fancy place..the people were down to earth and not stuffy.

Gina Isaacs

My husbands golf trips always include a dinner here.He is a big guy and says the portions are great.Best steaks in town!


I have done many Myrtle Beach Restaurant reviews some great, some critical, and some with special circumstances...the Library falls in the latter. Lots of great positives: Exceptional Service, Attentive onsite ownership, outstanding atmosphere for a quiet special meal., extensive wine list and some unique entrees. Their she-crab soup is amazing and different. Overall food quality was good. From a comparison stand point to other higher level places in MB...the above items put it high on the great list. You do pay for it somewhat. The 'house wines' are high quality though at $12 a glass, the amount you get is less then most other places. The menu is somewhat limited which is understandable for a smaller place. Steak is a focus which we did not try. Entree prices are a mix. Some prices match mid tier restaurants, others are near the higher end. We had two non-steak entrees, both were 'different and unique', though overall quality, was great but not wow like the she crab soup. So overall: A rare unique long term Myrlte Beach restaurant deserving of a visit. Quiet, romantic, good food, wine, and service. They have $10-$20 off coupons around, in the Ritz Book, etc. that help with the pricing. The one recommendation I have for the wonderful team at the Library would be to increase your wine glass portion size for price you charge. Otherwise, great place.


The Library never fails to disappoint and is always at the top of our list, when visiting Myrtle Beach. Perfect Caesar salad with homemade dressing, Excellent selection of entreeâ??s including: table side steak Diane, filet mignon and fresh fish selections. If you are looking for a special occasion venue or simply a fantastic dinner look no further.